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Musing Mondays August 31

August 30th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books



Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post from Just One More Page is about books for children…

Do you buy books as gifts for children – either your own or those of friends or family? Would you buy books for all children, or only children who are already practiced readers?

I buy books for my daughter all the time not really as gifts but just because I love reading and I want to try and instill that love in her as well.  She’s only two so I don’t know yet whether she will be a book lover or not.  As for my friends I haven’t really bought books for their kids as gifts.  For my daughter’s birthday I did buy books for her day care class instead of a goodie bag.

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  1. The Book Resort

    I love the idea of buying books for your daughter’s class, Debbie! Gr8 idea 4 when I am blessed w/ children.

    Here’s mine:

  2. L. Diane Wolfe

    I do not have children and neither do most of my friends. However, I wish I’d gotten more books for my nephews when they were younger, as neither likes to read now.

  3. caite

    I think if a parent is a book lover, and most importantly, there are books around the house, there is a very good chance the child will grow up to love books.
    and that is a great thing.

  4. MushaMommy

    Likewise! I try to buy him what he chooses.. no better time than now to start loving to read..

  5. gautami tripathy

    I buy books for everyone, kids, adults, myself!

    Mondays: What’s up?

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