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Richelle Mead & Lili St. Crow book signing

August 30th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

Last Thursday I was so excited to go see Richelle Mead and Lili St. Crow at Books Inc. in Palo Alto.  I had seen Richelle Mead not too long ago at Kepler’s book store but that was before Blood Promise came out.  I read Blood Promise in one night and was excited to hear what she would be talking about.

When I went to Kepler’s signing it was pretty empty so I was shocked at the large turn out at Books Inc.  When I got there it was already packed and the audience was really excited.   They said some people were there two hours before the signing to get a good seat and there was some complaining about how some people got there early but other people managed to get in line first once the signing started.

Both authors read a section from their books, Blood Promise and Strange Angels.  I haven’t had a chance to read Strange Angels yet so it was my first exposure.  For Blood Promise Richelle read the section where Rose meads the alchemyst for the first time.

I was tucked into a corner so it was hard to get good pictures, especially of Lili since I was on the opposite side but here is Richelle Mead doing her reading.


They also did about 20 minutes of Q&A.  The dynamic between the two authors was great and I loved how funny they were.  A fed tidbits from Richelle Mead is that she confirmed there are 6 books in the Vampire Academy series and there will be a spin off series.  Ugh, there was one other thing I told myself I needed to remember because it really interested me but of course I waited to long to write my follow up post so I can’t remember now.  I did find it funny how into Dmitri the crowd was.  I love him but every time Richelle mentioned his name there were screams and sighs from the crowd.

My husband went MIA having to chase our daughter around so I didn’t get a picture with Lili as they kept the line moving pretty quickly.  But the lady behind me did snap this picture for me with Richelle.


It was a lot of fun and some exciting news was announced.  Kristin Cashore, author of Fire and Graceling, will be signing there on October 7.  I’ve been really wanting to read Graceling so I better get to it so I have it done before then.  PC & Kristin Cast will also be there for a Halloween Ball on October 30 and then on November 13 Sara Zarr, Barry Lyga, Andrew Smith, LK Madigan and Allen Zadoff will be at the San Francisco location.

ETA: I remember the other thing that I thought was interesting was the old covers of the Vampire Academy books.  Richelle said the girl on I think it was the first book didn’t even know she was on the cover of Vampire Academy.  Apparently it was just a stock photo that was purchased to be used on the cover.  Now that Vampire Academy has hit it big time they actually hired a model to be on the new covers.  Funny that you can be on a book cover and not even know it.  The whole book cover process is a mysterious world that I find quite interesting.

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    I’m going to Richelle’s book signing on Thursday!

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