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Let the Book Blogger’s Appreciation Week Party Begin!

September 14th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


Come on people!  Let’s get this party started!

I’ve been so excited about BBAW since I first saw it I believe on Twitter.  First off I want to say thank you to Amy at My Friend Amyfor putting this all together.  She has worked so hard and also was quick to reply to any questions (and yes criticisms) regarding this event.  In fact, the very next day after I have posted some wonderings about how the blog awards was judged she put up this great FAQ and also listed the huge number of people who served as panelists and put in many hours of work.  Please join me in thanking everyone for all their work in bringing this event together as well as congratulating all bloggers on their hard work put into each and every blog.

Check by each day this week for a new BBAW posting and also visit the other blogs participating in each day’s topics.  Today’s topic is supposed to be a chance to honor those blogs we loved that didn’t make the shortlists.  I follow almost 200 blogs in my Google Reader and of course I must enjoy them all to make it worth the time to get through the list so I’m sorry I can’t list you all.  Here are a just a few I would have loved to see make the short lists:

Best YA Blog

Most Ecletic Taste

Best Published Author Blog

Best Name (all three of these blog names totally applies to me and books)

Best Community Builder (for this it was hard for me to judge solely based on blogs because there is also a huge book blogging community of Twitter that I also factored in. Was glad to see My Friend Amy & J. Kaye’s Book Blog nominated!)

  • GalleySmith (I think Michelle was one of the first people to really make me feel welcome on Twitter in the book blogging community
  • J. Kaye’s Book Blog was nominated but I just wanted to give an extra shout out to her for answering my questions early on in my blogging endeavors

Wasn’t sure where to fit these in:

  • Windowpane Memoirs -Michelle-yes another Michele-was the first blogger to contact me on the side to really chat and arrange a book exchange
  • I’m Booking It and Laura and Pam are fellow Bay Area bloggers and always have something nice to say and provide support on Twitter.

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16 Responses

  1. Bluestocking

    I haven’t heard of a number of these either. Here is mine

  2. L. Diane Wolfe

    You gotta list J. Kaye’s – her blog rocks and she does so much for the community!

    I’d scheduled an author visit today at my blog, so my thoughts on great blogs will appear this Friday instead. I did do the interview swap and I’m looking forward to that tomorrow!

  3. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    great list of bloggers…yipee!

  4. Sstephanie

    Great list. Many of those blogs are new to me so I’ll have fun perusing them later.

  5. Kathy

    I just found your blog through Galleysmith and I can see why she spotlighted you!

  6. dsuzuki

    Thanks Kathy! Glad you made your way here. GalleySmith is awesome too!

  7. Literary Feline

    What a great list of blogs! Several of them are new to me and I look forward to exploring them further. You’ve also mentioned a few of my favorites which is always nice to see.

  8. Falling Off The Shelf

    Wow! I haven’t made a I’m a slacker! I’m pretty sure my list would include just about half of these bloggers..the other half I didn’t even know of! I’ve added them to my follow list, because they look wonderful.

  9. Shawna Lewis

    [email protected]

    What a wonderful thing to do for Readers & blogger alike!!! I want to say thank you for all the hard work you have done and what a wonderful blog you have I love to come on & just loose myself in your book reviews & interviews. Thanks, Thanks, THANK YOU!!!!

    Keep on Keeping ON!!! SMILES ;o.) Shawna

  10. Wendy

    Love J.Kaye’s blog! There’s a few others I read too and the ones I don’t know I’ll be checking out! :)


  11. Llehn

    I am enjoying BBAW so far! So many great book bloggers! Wheee ……

  12. Llehn

    Oops … forgot to tag on #BBAW to my above comment.

  13. Michelle


    Thank you for being so kind and including me in your list!

    I just added a whole bunch of new blogs to my reader from your list. Many I already subscribe to (you know since we’re so similar in our likes/dislikes, haha) so I was glad to see them here too!

  14. dsuzuki

    Michelle-I know, I had most of yours on my list too :) Great minds think alike? LOL.

  15. MarthaE

    This is a very thorough list! I have only been blogging 2 months so I was too new to really know blogs to list for this Monday excersize! Hopefully I will do better next year! #BBAW

  16. Alessandra


    You listed some interested blogs I didn’t know about. Now I’m off checking them out!


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