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Who Would You Pick?-The Hunger Games

September 15th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

I started this idea last week just to add a little bit of fun.

I just started noticing lately that a lot of the books I’m reading involve love triangles and quite a number of them aren’t clearly black or white on who the heroine should choose.    Both guys all have their good points and are not totally bad.  So how about a series of who would you pick if you had the two guys fighting over you and why?  Last week was the guys from the Vampire Diaries.  This week is:

teamgale VS.


(Thanks to Michelle at GalleySmith for the awesome buttons above!)

I know there are some of you with strong feelings about this one :-)  If your comments contain any spoilers from Catching Fire please put “SPOILERS” at the beginning of your comment.

So this one is not as clear cut for me as the Vampire Diaries choice.  I feel even after Catching Fire I did not get enough Gale time to make up my mind about him.  My gut initially has me favoring Gale.  Not sure why.  Maybe it’s because I tend to go for the darker guy instead of the “golden boy”.   What else?

  • Peeta is a baker’s son which is great since I love me some fresh bread but Gale is a hunter and gotta admire those skills
  • Both guys have taken care of the girl they loved in whatever way they can (Peeta gave Katniss that bread in HG and got beaten for it and Gale helped teach her how to hunt and promised to look after her family if she didn’t return from the HG)
  • Gale is from the other side of the tracks if there even is such a thing in their district.  He is the poorer of the two and has all those siblings and mother to provide for.  Peeta’s family is probably considered one of the wealthier families in their district.
  • Both guys are smart

Gee, is there any wonder I can’t make up my mind?  What about you?  Who would you pick?  Any pros or cons for either?

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30 Responses

  1. BookLady

    This is a tough question! I like both of them really! I guess if I had to pick I’d choose Peeta because he’s just so darn sweet and self-sacrificing! Tough decision!

  2. NotNessie

    TEAM PEETA forever.

    Seriously, if Katniss ends up with Gale I will probably end up throwing things. It won’t be pretty.

    Peeta is literally willing to die for Katniss. He would do anything to protect her, and that gives me the warm fuzzies.

  3. Laura @ ImBookingIt

    If I was picking for me? It would be Team Peeta all the way.

    But if I’m rooting for the right partner for Katniss? I’m not so sure.

    If all the events in the books hadn’t happened, I think Gale would be the right one for her. However, I think that Katniss and Peeta have been through so much together, that I’m not sure either of them will be able to successfully build and maintain a relationship with anyone else.

    We’ll have to see how all three of them come out of the last book! I’m afraid Suzanne Collins will kill off one of the two, more likely Gale, making it a non-issue.

  4. dsuzuki

    No, she can’t kill off Gale! :( I would be so sad and then it would seem like Katniss is with Peeta by default.
    NotNessie-I’ll be sure to duck if she ends up with Gale :)

  5. MIchelle

    Ok, I don’t have the appropriate amount of time to profess my love for Team Peeta. I’m running off to a meeting in a few….


    I’ll be coming back to share my ardor with you all. :)

  6. Michelle

    I think Gale is a great guy and I will love to know more about him as a character but I’m Team Petta forever. Great post Debbie.


  7. Page

    I haven’t read Catching Fire, so I’m not sure if something would sway my thoughts. But for the moment I would completely choose Petta. As someone else said he’s self-sacrificing. And he’s been in love with her for so long. Granted it’s possible Gale is too, but I just don’t feel it.

  8. Stephanie

    I am Team Peeta, just because they have been through so much together, I don’t think they could handle being away from each other.

  9. Sara L

    I’ve only read the HUnger Games, and so far I’m team Peeta, but I do have a thing for bad boys.. ;)

  10. Sarah-greenbeanteenqueen

    I am totally Team Peeta and I have been since day one. He cares for Katniss, but he’d also let her go and be with Gale if that was what she truely wanted. He’s smart, he’s a good communicator-which I like-and he’s just so darn cute! I hope Katniss ends up with him in the end. I think she loves Gale,but it’s more of a childhood crush/brother thing and Peeta is who she should be with. Although I have read an interesting case for a third party-Finnick!:)

  11. Sarah-greenbeanteenqueen

    And I agree with Laura that most likely one will have to die in the end. It’ll make the third book an interesting read, but if it doesn’t go my way I will through it across the room.

  12. Jenny

    I vote for Peeta. He has a stupid name, but I am addicted to bread. And as you say, I just haven’t seen enough of Gale to decide that I want Katniss to spend her life with him. (Actually, I think she should be a radical and not marry, like Queen Elizabeth.)

  13. dsuzuki

    Jenny-glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Peeta’s name!

  14. Shakespeare's Muse

    AH! I am SO TEAM GALE!!! I LOVE that boy! I’m like you and I tend toward the darker, more mysterious male figures than the “perfect” and honorable ones. I love Peeta, truly I do, but…there’s just something off about him, something I don’t trust in the flawless way he gives everything to Katsa, in the way he won’t leave her alone. Sure, he loves her, but their love, to me, isn’t RIGHT. He loved her when he didn’t know her, and she didn’t love him. I really think her attraction to him is a result of the pressure and the Hunger Games, not her actual feelings. Whereas with Gale, things are inevitable, easy. Right.

    I respect all the Team Peeta members, because I like Peeta. But I think he should hook up with Madge. :-)

  15. dsuzuki

    I think if I had to choose between them myself I would be more attracted to Gale. For Katniss it’s so hard to decide.

  16. Shakespeare's Muse

    Oh, and PS – I agree with whoever said that Peeta’s name is stupid. It’s like Pita Bread — Oh, what a coincidence.Sigh…

  17. Kailana

    I can’t decide. I am horrible at stuff like this! I will probably wait for the third book and decide then… I don’t think we have seen enough Gale to really make a fair judgement.

  18. Llehn

    I haven’t read CF yet, so I am a little bias and will have to go with Peeta simply because he is so terribly sweet and resourceful and self sacrificing. I would love a man like that in my life any day without hesitation.

  19. Llehn

    Oops … forgot to tag on #BBAW to my above comment.

  20. Michelle

    Peeta’s name may sound like bread but that only means he’s so much more delicious than Gale!

    I agree with Sarah (Greenbeanteenqueen) Peeta love’s Katniss so deeply that he’s willing to not only die for her but let her go if she really wants to be Gale. I doubt that Gale would do that in return. Hell look at what’s been done at the end of Catching Fire as far as Gale is concerned. That smacked of self-interest far more than anything Peeta has done.

    I’ll be interested to see the dynamic in the third book (**cries that we have to wait a year**) because in the end I imagine one will have to win out. Either that or they’ll both be gone for good if y’all follow me what I’m sayin’.

  21. dsuzuki

    See I could see both guys letting her go to be happy but again we need to see more of Gale for me to really get a good grasp on his personality. Sigh, one whole year!!! Torture.

  22. Deanna/ibeeeg

    I just finished reading Catching Fire and well…I am so unsure of everything and bit let down…(Did I just say that??)

    I am torn but I lean more towards Peeta.
    I agree though, I need more Gale time to really have a strong opinoin. Frankly, though, I think Katniss leans towards Peeta even if she does not truly know this as of yet. Katniss really does lean on Peeta more for her emotional needs as is evident when she has nightmares.

    Again…I am torn because there is a good bit of me that likes Gale.
    The third book had better not let me down. I want Katniss to wise up with her emotions.


  23. dsuzuki

    Deanna-that’s a bummer you were let down. I really wants to see more Gale in teh next book.

  24. Isalys Blackwell

    I haven’t read Catching Fire yet :( so I’m not sure how the relationship between Katniss and Gale is going to evolve, but right now I’m Team Peeta. This is another tough one!

  25. Isalys Blackwell

    (PS: For some reason, the sad face moved itself into a weird spot…it wasn’t supposed to be there so please disregard how odd it looks! lol)

  26. dsuzuki

    I wish we got more Gale in CF so it’s still hard to decide.

  27. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    I’m still on the fence in this triangle because you don’t see enough of gale to make a proper decision

  28. dsuzuki

    I know! We need to see more Gale.

  29. Pam

    I need to see more Gale, I am leaning towards him because I think Peeta can be a major political player in the next book. Gale stayed and fed her family while she was in the games and Katniss’ games keep hurting him over and over. I need to know more about him though. He maybe can be possessive and jealous.

  30. dsuzuki

    Pam-I agree he shows signs he may be the jealous/possessive type but we’ll have to wait and see.

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