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Survivor: Samoa Premiere September 17

September 17th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


Alright everybody!  It’s that time again.  Survivor: Samoa premiered today.  Since this blog has become primarily a book blog I will only be recapping two shows this season, Survivor and Amazing Race.  I may or may not do a separate TV blog for the other shows I’m watching.  So let’s get started.

The competitors are paddling in on rafts and already have their buffs so the tribes must already be determined.  Let me say, Wow!, they got some amazing shots to start off the show.  Purple tribe is called Galu and the yellow tribe is called Foa Foa.  As they get to the beach they all have to vote who they think should be their tribe leaders.  OMG, on Galu there is a woman named Shambo (Shannon + Rambo).  It’s close between Shambo and Russell but Russell ends up being voted the leader.  For Foa Foa it’s Mick.  One of the other members, Ben, says he’s surprised he wasn’t voted the leader but he looks like a jerk.

So the two leaders has to pick who they think from their tribe is their best swimmer.  Mick picks Jaison who turns out was a water polo player.  Russell chooses Jon (John?).  Next they have to choose the strongest member, then agile member and then the smartest person.  Now those people are going to compete.  The swimmer swims out and brings back a key, the strongest person has to unlock these block things and carry them to an obstacle, the most agile member has to go through the obstacle and the smartest person then has to solve a puzzle.

Ok, glad to know I wasn’t the only one who fell for the stereotype that African Americans aren’t usually the swimmers (at least from what I’ve seen on past Survivors) but Jaison totally kicked butt!  Purple tribe is catching up on the block carry but Russell on Foa Foa finishes first.  Now they have to navigate a balance beam while untangling keys around a rope wrapped around the beam.  Foa Foa finishes first again but Galo caught up a lot.  Both tribes’ members are working on the puzzle.  Shambo for Galu is blazing but Liz wins for Foa Foa!  They win reward-fire and a map to their own home.

At the Foa Foa camp Ben starts telling everyone what to do.  Mick figures to let him go and dig his own grave.  Russell is already scheming and wants to try and build an alliance with the women or as he phrased it “dumb girls”.  He names it his “dumb as girls alliance”.  Talk about a jerk!  Oh and then he pulls in his “old lady” who at least he admits is smarter than his “dumb girl alliance”.  Luckily Betsy (old lady) is leery of him.

At Galu Russell does take charge and get people working on their shelter. LOL.  I can’t believe there is a rocket scientist on the tribe (John).  Shambo is getting irritated with all his planning and talking but no action.  Oh and now the guys are tired before even doing much.  I will say this though, John is very cute!  Shambo is getting ticked off that the tribe is now playing around instead of working.

Russell on Foa Foa is making up a story about him being in Katrina and being a fireman and neither is true.  Then when everyone else is sleeping he pours out all the water, burns someone’s sock and doing these little things to make the rest of his tribe upset.  Apparently he thinks if he controls how they feel he can control how they think and win the game.  The rest of the tribe discovers the empty canteens and Jaison can’t find his socks and Russell is smirking up a storm.  And the bickering begins while Russell is cackling off to the side.

Immunity Challenge

They arrive at immunity challenge. 6 members will race across an obstacle course carrying 3 coils of rope and\will pull a crate to a platform then the last 4 members disassemble the crate and assemble a puzzle.  Galu is off to a huge lead.  The later pyramids are proving more difficult to climb over since there isn’t enough space to get a running start.  Galu gets over the 3 pyramids first and are working on tying their ropes and pulling their crates.  Foa Foa look like they caught up at the rope pull.   Galu is falling behind on the puzzle.  Foa Foa started off fast but now Galu is jamming through it.  Wow, I don’t know what happened by Galu all of a sudden blazed through the puzzle to win immunity!  They also get fire.

The 60-something year old guy is trying to convince people to vote off the physically weakest person and that Ashley should go.  Russell starts talking to Marisa and thinks she is “threatening” him so then he goes around telling people they should vote her out.  Betsey is telling one of the blondes that she wouldn’t trust Russell but no one else besides Betsey and Marisa seem to even suspect him of anything.

Tribal Council

So one question Jeff asks Betsey is who is the weakest link and she names Ashley.  Ashley of course is insulted.  Russell goes after Marisa and one of the other guys apparently dislikes Marisa as well.  Voting starts off for the first tribal council of the season.

The Votes

Marissa, Marissa, Ashley, Ashley, Marisa, Ashley, Marissa, Marissa, Marisa.  Marisa (Marissa?) is the first person voted out.  Wow, guess it doesn’t pay to cross Russell.

My First Impressions

So Russell on Foa Foa is a jerk but looks like he does have people dancing to his tune.  John is cute but seems a little useless.  Jaison is an awesome swimmer.  Russell on Galu seems like a nice guy.  Betsey on Foa Foa seems pretty sharp but is going to have to be careful around Russell.  Not sure yet how this is going to fall out.

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4 Responses

  1. Heidi V.

    Russell burning the socks and draining the water really annoyed me! I already don’t care for him but he is going to make it an interesting season and I’m going to stand up and clap when he is voted off.

  2. dsuzuki

    He irks me so bad too but he will certainly add some interesting twists to the game.

  3. Michelle

    OMG! I seriously don’t know how long I’ll be able to watch with annoying Russell pulling the strings. It’s not so much that he’s evil personified really just that he’s so completely obnoxious about it. I know I’ll only be able to handle another couple of episodes if I have to listen to that all the time! haha

    It will take me a few more weeks to really get into the game and see who my favorites are (and learn everyone’s name) but I do like the lady cop. She seems to be on to Russell’s game and is willing to let him do all the dirty work and take the blame so she can get through. I kinda like that.

  4. dsuzuki

    I know! Russell is so irritating and yet you know the show will want him on for the drama factor.

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