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BBAW Wrap Up and Thank Yous!

September 21st, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


It’s the start of a new week and BBAW is now done.    I had so much fun visiting everyone’s blogs and reading all the posts.  Not to mention my Google Reader has grown and is sure to keep growing as I’m still not done visiting all the blogs I wanted to.  My TBR pile is also bursting now and I am ecstatic over some of the new books I added to my wish list.

I know there has been some negative posts and comments about this event but honestly I had a great time and nothing is ever perfect.  I say if you are going to complain try to be constructive and help out next year. I certainly hope to be able to do something for the next BBAW.   I didn’t realize was just how many people put a lot of time and effort into putting together BBAW.  Here is a list of some of them and again let me say thank you for all your hard work!  If I missed anyone I’m sorry but thank you too!

Michelle of Galleysmith
Tami Erwin (avid reader)
Patrick Carman (author)
Drew Ferguson (author)
Beth Naylor (avid reader)
Kathleen McCleary (author)
Bethany Canfield of Dreadlock Girl Reads
Gail of Ticket to Anywhere
Jill of FizzyThoughts
Susan of Color Online
Lenore of Presenting Lenore
Ann Bonwill (author)
Jenn of Jenn’s Bookshelves
Nicole of Books and Bards
Michael Kindness of Books on the Nightstand and publishing professional
Ann Kingman of Books on the Nightstand and publishing professional
Natalie (avid reader)
Sheri of A Novel Menagerie
Kristina of Kristina’s Favorites
Dar of Peeking Between the Pages
Amy of My Friend Amy
Natasha of Maw Books
Shelly of Write for a Reader
Trish of Hey Lady!  Whatcha’ Readin’?
Kate of Babbling About Books
Ana of Things Mean a Lot
Erin Deedy (publishing professional)
Beth of Beth Fish Reads
Jennie Nash (author)
Julie of Booking Mama
Jen Forbus of Jen’s Book Thoughts
Mitali Perkins (author)
Swapna of S.Krishna’s Books
Rel of Relz Reviewz
Ana of Book Smugglers
Wendy of Caribou’s Mom
Jackie of Literary Escapism
Doug of Sci-Fi Guy
Raych of Books I Done Read
Dawn of She Is Too Fond of Books
Don Linn (publishing professional)
Stephanie of Confessions of a Book-a-holic
Alea of Pop Culture Junkie
Thea of Book Smugglers
Steph of Reviewer X
Robert formerly of Fantasy Book Critic
Sandy of You’ve GOTTA Read This
Rebecca of The Book Lady’s Blog
Meghan of Medieval Bookworm
Adam of Letters on Pages
Kristi of The Story Siren
Elizabeth of As Usual, I Need More Bookshelves
Kathy of Bermuda Onion
Khy of The Frenetic Reader
Lu of Regular Ruminations
Nicole of Linus’s Blanket
Jennifer of Literate Housewife
Stephanie of Stephanie’s Written Word
Lesa of Lesa’s Book Critiques
Melanie of Melanie’s Musings
Hannah of Wordlily
Tyler Reed (publishing professional)
Beth Kephart (author)
Jennifer Donovan of 5 Minutes for Books
Jill of The Well Read Child
Serena of Savvy Verse and Wit
SuziQoregon of Whimpulsive
Florinda of the 3rs Blog
Becky of Becky’s Book Reviews
Jen of Devourer of Books
Anna of Diary of an Eccentric
Marie of the Boston Bibliophile
Marcia of The Printed Page
Memory of Stella Matutina
Kailana of The Written World
Wendy of Musings of a Bookish Kitty
Melissa Sarno (avid reader)
Jill of Rhapsody in Books
Sarah McG (publishing professional)
Heather of The Capricious Reader:  A High and Hidden Place
Eva of A Striped Armchair
Eliza of Violet Crush
Care of Care’s Book Club
Deborah of Books, Movies, Chinese Food
Trish of Trish’s Reading Nook
Alyce of At Home With Books

An extra big thanks to Amy of My Friend Amy for putting this all together and dealing with all the drama!

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3 Responses

  1. L. Diane Wolfe

    That’s quite a list!

    I had a great time participating this year.

  2. Llehn

    It’s been a blast this week Debbie! I had so much fun!

  3. Michelle

    BBAW was exhausting but so much fun wasn’t it? I’ve met some great new people, subscribed to some fabulous new blogs (several at your reccomendation) and have gotten the opportunity to see an event like this from the inside.

    HUGE kudos got to Amy for all her hard work and to everyone who participated at every level. It was a great time!

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