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Survivor September 24

September 24th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


Today’s episode opens up with Russell telling Betsy that she made a bad move going against him and voting for Ashley instead of Marisa.  So I think he is basically threatening her now.  LOL, Yasmin is complaining and moaning about who in the world came up with loving the outdoors.  Whine, whine, whine.  Now Russell is trying to get Jaison on his side.  He tells hims he thinks there is a hidden immunity idol at their camp and wants to find it even without a clue.  Ugh!  They are roasting lizards at Foa Foa.  OMG, Russell actually found the immunity idol!  And he did it in front of everyone’s face without them noticing.  He does tell Jaison that he found it so they seal the deal that they have an alliance although on the side he says that he would not give it to Jaison even if he needed it.

Betsy and Mike go to get tree mail and while they are gone the rest of the tribe discuss that the next elimination will be either Betsy or Mike since they are physically the weakest.  Tree mail-sounds like the teams are going to a rumble.  Mike knows he needs to prove himself at this competition.


3 members will battle to retrieve 3 balls and pass those balls to 3 more members on a platform and they will try to toss those into the opposite tribes basket. Then swap positions after each point. First tribe to score 3 points wins immunity and reward.  The winner gets fishing gear and there will be one more twist to be revealed after the challenge.  Galu needs to sit out a woman.  Monica sits out.  The men go at it first.  They are tossing people about and smashing into each other.  Foa Foa scores first.  John scores for Galu.  Jeff pauses and warns them they are on the line of illegal shots.  He says no more warnings.  If people cross that line they are out of the challenge.  Ben kicks one of the other guys in the leg and is pulled out of the game.  So now they Foa Foa only has three members in the pit.  Eric scores for Galu.    Mike gets hit hard and is stunned.  Galu scores the winning point!

Jeff asks Ben how it feels to be the first person in Survivor history to be thrown out of a challenge.  Ben says it’s not worth worrying about.  Jeff tells the twist is the leader, Russell, chooses one person from his own tribe to go back with the losing tribe and sit in on tribal council then return back to Galu.  Jeff sends Mike to get checked out by medical.  When he tries to stand up he ends up collapsing.  He has low blood pressure and is having a hard time breathing.  Medical says they are pulling Mike from the game because they are worried about his heart.  So they are down another member plus still have tribal council later on.  Man does that suck for them.

AT Galu, Shambo goes out fishing and everyone is hoping she will be bringing back fish.  While they are waiting Shambo says she can’t see any fish so instead floats and enjoys herself.  Then when she returns to camp she tells them she lost the mouth piece for the snorkel.

At Foa Foa Yasmin introduces herself to the tribe and gives a big speech about how she’s not the enemy and wants to help them because she doesn’t want this game to be a cake walk.  Oh and then she goes on to say “I don’t want to offend anyone” now you know she’s going to say something offensive.  She goes on to tell them everything she thinks the tribe is doing wrong and even tells Ben she wants to speak to him in private.  She was also given a message that tells her a clue to the hidden immunity idol at Foa Foa’s camp.  She takes Ben aside and goes at him for tackling her like she was a guy during the challenge and says it was a cheap shot.  He says it’s just how the game is played.   She is telling him he shouldn’t go after her because she’s a woman and he’s a “dude” and how it was just disrespectful.    Russell is enjoying having Yasmin around because she’s getting everyone to not like Ben.  I don’t like Ben but man Yasmin sure runs her mouth.  That night for some reason Ben stays up late hammering on wood with a machete while everyone else is trying to sleep and ticks everyone off.  Betsy is scrambling to save her butt since now Mike is gone.  She’s trying to convince people Ben is the bigger liability.   Russell is pushing for Betsy to go home.  He says Ashely will go next if she keeps crossing him and wants to keep Betsy.  He keeps saying people who “threatened” him are going home.  He sounds like the Mafia father.


Of course the confrontation between Ben and Yasmin comes up.  Russell and Mick are defending Ben’s behavior against Yasmin.  Betsy is rolling her eyes and sounds off about the liability he is.  She also mentions how he’s a big liability but she’s the only one who brought her pack to tribal and why is her head the only one on the block.  Yasmin leaves and the voting begins.

First vote Betsy, Ben, Betsy, Betsy, Betsy, Betsy.  And Betsy goes home.

Honestly I can’t blame the tribe for getting rid of Betsy.  Survivor is a lot of physical and she is one of the weaker players physically.  I think Ben is going to be a liability down the line though.  I have a feeling unless Foa Foa gets lucky they are going to be in big trouble next week.

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3 Responses

  1. Meg

    You’re so right — as soon as someone says “no offense,” or “I don’t mean to offend you,” they’re going to say something terrible! I watched most of last night’s episode and was shocked at Yasmin’s behavior. She couldn’t possibly have been any nastier or confrontational! Seriously, when she pulled the one guy aside to talk about him “disrespecting her” by hitting her during the game, I wanted to punch her. Yikes!

  2. Heidi V.

    Yasmin was rude, she should have gone to camp, kept herself quiet find a tribe member to help her get the idol, so she had a future alliance! Ben I don’t even know what to say about him he is as bad as Russell. I’m looking forward to next Thursday show. It was sad to see Betsy go.. =/

  3. dsuzuki

    Meg-I know. When I find myself about to say “no offense” I try to rethink what I was about to say.
    Heidi-Ben is horrible too. I was bummed Betsy went and can’t wait to next week’s episode!

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