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Amazing Race Premiere

September 27th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


I type these recaps as they occur so sorry for typos or rambling.

This season’s Amazing Race will be starting off at the Los Angeles River in California.

The teams (Sorry they didn’t show names so not sure about the spelling and accuracy of names)

Ericka & Brian-married 2 years. Ericka was Miss America 2004.

Lance & Keri-engaged couple

Tiffany andMaria-professional poker players

Zev & Justin-best friends

Mika & Canan-recently dating

Flight Time and Big Easy-Harlem Globe Trotters

Sam & Dan-brothers

Gary & Matt-father and son

Eric & Lisa-married yoga teachers

Garrett & Jessica-dating on and off

Marcy and Ron-Dating. Met on the internet

Meghan & Cheyne-dating

The Twist

Phil announces there is a new challenge in this season that will have a devestating challenge on one team.  Just beyond their back pack is their first challenge.  The last team to complete the challenge will be eliminated right off the bat.  And the teams are off!  Fly to Tokyo but first search the wall of over 1000 license plates for 1 of only 11 plates for Shinegawa district (their first destination).  The Japanese symbol for Shinegawa is at the top of their clue if the teams notice it.  Sam and Dan noticed the clue had the symbol at the top but doesn’t look like any other team has noticed.  The other teams are randomly choosing license plates to show Phil.  Maria and Tiffany get it first.  Marcy and Ron are next.    Surprisingly Sam and Dan are 7th to find it.    It’s down to Lance and Keri and Eric and Lisa.  Aww…and Eric and Lisa are eliminated from the race.  Bye bye yoga teachers.


It’s wasabi bomb time!

Geez, Lance is blaming Keri for not “reading the clue”.   Come on dude, it’s a team effort.    The poker girls are claiming to work with a homeless organization because they don’t want people to know they make a lot of money playing poker and be less likely to help them.  There are two separate flights going to Tokyo, 30 minutes apart.  Once there they need to travel to Tokyo Tower Studios.  The poker girls fall behind and are already fighting.  The second flight lands early and catches up to the first flight.  Sam and Dan are cracking up that the girls are trying to flirt with them even though they are gay.  LOL. Mike and Canan arrive at the set of a Japanese game show and everyone is cheering for them as they run in.  This is kind of strange.  Looks like they are waiting for all the teams to arrive?  They are circling some sort of roulette table.  They are going to be playing Sushi Roulette.  This is hilarious!  Teams have to complete a road block where one teammate has to complete Sushi Roulette.  The host will spin a wheel containing 9 sushi rolls and 2 wasabi bomb.  They have to eat whatever sushi the wheel stops on and have to keep playing until they hit a wasabi bomb.  Then they will have 2 minutes to finish the wasabi bomb.  Ron and Cheyne both get a wasabi bomb.   Ugh, I hate wasabi.  The rest of the teams are eating their sushi rolls.  Ron is struggling but cheyne seems to be doing ok.    They both finish!

Teams now have to match a colored flag with 20 tourists who have the same colored visor and have to lead them through a hectic Shibuya crossing and get them through it to Konno Hachimaru Shrine.  This is the pit stop for this leg of the race.  Round 2 Garrett and Justin get the wasabi bomb.  The audience is the funniest part.  OMG, Marcy has a bull horn and harmonica and is leading her tourists on a cheer.  Now she’s trying to get them to skip and sing.  Craziness!  Wow, Justin finished quick!  Garrett finishes with 7 seconds to spare.  Round 3 is Maria.  Cheyne finds someone who speaks English and leads them.  Ron and Marcy are lost.  Ouch!  Maria didn’t finish in time and will have to do it again.  I feel so bad for her!

Round 4 and Maria gets it again.  Man, she is still swallowing her last one.  She is in tears.  This intersection crossing is insane!    Zev and Justin get a tourist whose shoe is breaking so they are hobbling along.  Maria is still working on the wasabi bomb.  And she finishes with 1 second to spare!!!!

Pit Stop

Meghan and Cheyne are team number 1.  They win a trip for 2 to Aspen and Vale, lift tickets, ski rentals and lessons.


Round 5 Big Easy and Lance get one.  Big Easy downs it with no problem.  Zev and Justin are team number 2.  Round 6 is one other team but not sure who it was that got the bomb but they finish .  Haha…at least the Globe Trotters have the height advantage in guiding their team through traffic.  Can’t miss ’em.  Round 7 Brian and Gary get the wasabi bomb.  Brian looks like he’s hurling.  Gary finishes and they are on their way.   Uh oh, Brian didn’t make it.

Lance and Keri are team #3.  Sam and Dan and Brian and Ericka are the last two teams. Dan finally gets a wasabi bomb!  Wow, he finishes in under a minute.  Poor Brian and Ericka are the last ones.  I wonder if it’s rigged but they do get a wasabi bomb on the next spin.   Maria and Tiffany hooked up with Sam and Dan to work together.  Haha..Dan and Sam think they are compassionate people because they “work” with homeless people.  Whew, Brian finishes the wasabi bomb at the last second.  Marcy and Ron are team #4.  Flight Time and Big Easy are team 5.   Brian and Ericka find someone who speaks English and leads them to the Shibuya Crossing.  Garrett and Jessica has a tourist that needs to use the bathroom.  OMG, Brian is carrying one of his tourists.

Wow, Brian and Ericka are team #6.  Gary and Matt are team #7.  Maria and Tiffany lose two of their tourists.  They are at the shrine but have to go back and find their two tourists. Garrett and Jessica are team #8.   Sam and Dan are team #9.  Mika and Canan get to the pit stop but are missing one of their tourist.  They find her on her way in and carries her to the pit stop.  Mika and Canan are team #10.  Maria and Tiffany decide to go check in without their two missing tourists because they don’t want to drag the other 18 all over town.  They get a two hour penalty for losing their tourists but it’s a non-elimination leg!  The next leg they have to do a speed bump but are still in the game.  I guess this is because they got rid of one team early on.


And the race continues!

Oh wow, didn’t realize this was a two hour premiere!

Meghan and Cheyne are the first team to depart at 12:19am and have to fly 2600 miles to Vietnam.  Then they need to take a 2 hour bus ride to another city and then go to a boat dock to get their next clue.  Zev has Aspergers(sp?) Syndrome.  Not sure what that is.   Lance and Keri go to an internet cafe to look for plane tickets.  Lance is acting like a jerk.  So it looks like Maria and Tiffany are about 3 hours behind the rest.  Tiffany quote to Maria “I may be the brawn on the team but you are the brains…and the boobs”.

Lance is pissed that Maria and Tiffany got a speed bump instead of elimination.  All teams make the same flight although economy was sold out.  They let them buy business class seats as economy.    Someone at the airport recognize Maria and Tiffany as poker players and Sam and Dan over hear.  The teams arrive at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Seems like although Tiffany and Maria are trying to come off as the sweetheart homeless counselors a lot of the teams think they are shady.  Dang!  The rain here is crazy and the roads look practically flooded.  Maria and Tiffany are sharing a cab with Sam and Dan.  The Globe Trotters are saying they don’t feel sorry for Maria and Tiffany any more since they lied about what they do.

Ugh, Zev takes his shoes off and wades through the water bare foot.  Gross. Bus 1 leaves at 330 and bus 2 leaves at 445.  4 teams are on the second bus.  They all pitch in money to get the bus driver to leave early.   Aww, Zev gives his jacket to this poor guy because he said it looks like the guy needs it more than he does.  Bus 1 gets to the dock but it’s closed and they have to wait to the next morning.  They settle down for soup maybe Pho?  Maria and Tiffany are really getting on my nerves.

Next morning they get their clues.  Teams must race down the Mekong delta to sand pits at a fruit farm to collect nutritious mud and cover some tree roots somewhere.  Maria and Tiffany get their speed bump.  They have to find a soup stand and get ingredients to put together the soup for the dock manager.  Canaan and Mika get to the mud first.  Man this task looks tough.   I think Garrett and Jessica had a good idea for Garrett to fill the bowls and Jessica put it around the trees.  The other teams are having a hard time getting in and out of the mud.  Man, I can’t imagine having to do this day in and day out.  Meghan and Cheyne finish first.  Now they have to return to the docks and make their way on foot to the next location.  Is it just me or does the guy at the farm handing out the clues look very caucasian?  Wonder if he’s French?

Uh oh, Zev and Justin can’t find their clue.  They have to turn around and go back to the farm.  They get their clue just as Maria and Tiffany finish.  LOL. Maria has a hard time getting into the boat and the farmers are laughing at them.  Wow, duck crossing?

Duck Crossing (Road block)

One team member will have 10 minutes to lead a flock of 150 ducks through a course, across a bridge and back.  If they fail to complete it in time they have to relinquish their spot to the next team and wait for another turn.  So far teh females on the teams are doing the road block.  Poor things.  Hmmm…long arms might help?  Meghan runs out of time.  Jessica runs out of time.  Haha…Ericka is talking to her ducks.    Sam and Dan finish first!

Teams must now race on foot to a market at the end of the Mekong River and find a river boat that is the pit stop for this leg of the race.  Matt is doing great.  He said he’s herded animals before.  He finishes second.  Ericka runs out of time.  Big Easy and Flight finish.  Haha….Zev is the duck whisperer.  He’s nice and calm and the ducks are going.  Mika runs out of time.  Canaan is yelling at her and telling her to try harder.

Pit Stop

Gary and Matt are team #1!


They each win a kayak.  Sam and Dan are team #2. Flight Time and Big Easy are team #3. Lance and Keri are team #4.  Zev and Justin finish the duck herding.  Tiffany finishes the duck herding.  Meghan finishes the herding and then Mika.  Finally Marcy finishes.  Ericka and Jessica are the final two at the herding.  Jessica runs out of time again.  Ericka runs out of time again.

Zev and Justin are team #5.  Mika and Cheyne are team #6.  Maria and Tiffany are team #7.  Mika and Canaan are team #8.  Marcy and Ron are team #9.  Ericka finally finishes and says they are eating duck for dinner.  Jessica finishes right after her.  Brian and Ericka are team #10.  Garrett and Jessica are the last team to arrive.  They have been eliminated.


My Thoughts

I think this is different with the two hour premiere.  I could have sworn last season was only 1 hour.  Anyway, I notice both legs only had road blocks.  Wonder if it was just because of the premiere or if they are getting rid of the detours all together.  I hope not.  I really enjoy the detours.  My first impressions of the teams:

  • Marcy is irritating.  Her enthusiasm is just too much for me
  • Maria and Tiffany just irk me for some reason
  • I like Dan and Sam. Zev and Justin, Big Easy and Flight Time
  • Lance seems like a jerk

Keep in mind these are all just first impressions so will have to see more to really decide.  None of the rest made a big impression on me.  I think Dan and Sam will do well if they keep up the way they were on these first two legs.

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