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Who Would You Pick-Vampire Academy Edition

September 29th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

I wanted to have some fun a few weeks ago so I started this little series of Who Would You Pick?

I just started noticing lately that a lot of the books I’m reading involve love triangles and quite a number of them aren’t clearly black or white on who the heroine should choose.    Both guys all have their good points and are not totally bad.  So how about a series of who would you pick if you had the two guys fighting over YOU and why?  This week’s pick is Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.


Dmitri vs. Adrian

If you had asked me this question about book 3 it would have been without a doubt Dmitri.  After book 4 if pressed I would still say Dmitri but Adrian is so tempting!

  • Dmitri has that hot Russian accent.  Who can resist?
  • If I recall correctly Adrian is practically royalty among the Moroi
  • Both guys are hot!
  • How can you resist someone who is as loving and caring towards his family as Dmitri?
  • Underneath all his drinking and drugs Adrian is turning out to be a total sweetie and we know why he turned to drinking and drugs
  • Dmitri can kick some major Strigoi butt!
  • Adrian can walk in dreams, how cool is that?  Not to mention if you die he can bring you back to life although you would have that pesky shadow kiss thing going and absorbing his negative emotions
  • Now this would only matter if I were a dhampir but you could have kids with Adrian but not with Dmitri

So yes it’s a hard call.  I normally go for the tall, dark and handsome but the Russian accent really does it for me.  I would have to stick with Dmitri.

What about you?  Who would you pick for yourself?  Any other pluses and minuses you would add?

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10 Responses

  1. Isalys Blackwell

    This is a tough one. I love Dimitri – I mean, who doesn’t? But as I was reading “Blood Promise”, I started (secretly) rooting for Adrian! However, the book ended in such a way where now I’m torn again *grr*.

    For now, I’m gonna stick with Dimitri…the love between him and Rose is just too strong. Now, if things don’t work out, Adrian is a perfectly acceptable back-up ;-)

    ♥ Isalys

  2. Sara L

    Ohh hard one! But I’ll go with Dimitri, I just love him! Adrian is not too bad either, I love his sarcasm and bossiness. So I pick Dimitri, but if only Adrian is available that will do just fine too ;)

  3. Lori

    I would definitely pick Adrian! I never liked Dimitri that much…..I liked him more in the last book lol. I have a thing for bad boys.

  4. dsuzuki

    Isalys-yes, Adrian definitely grew on me in Blood Promise
    Sara-true either one would be great :)
    Lori-I know what you mean about bad boys. Sexy to be a bad boy. LOL.

  5. sharonluvscats

    Dimitri ftw! Well at least for the first two books. He kind of loses it for me when you know what happens to him.

  6. J. Kaye

    Can you believe I still haven’t read these?

  7. dsuzuki

    Oh you so have to read them! One of my favorite series.

  8. Pam

    Adrian! All the way, he loves her enough to sponsor her trip to (kill / make out with) Dimitri. He let her go hoping she would come back to him and that is true love.

  9. loveVampireAcadamy

    Dmitri ALL the way, I love him, however i am Russian myself so yeah lol

  10. TheRealRose

    Well, there’s no way I’d ever choose Dmitri. I mean, he’s an icky Strigoi now! I don’t want some guy drinking my blood just to have sex with me! Whereas Adrian really cares what Rose feels now, Dmitri just wants to rule the world with her. And besides, who wouldn’t want his money and his good looks? ADRIAN!!! MARRY ME!!!!

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