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Survivor Samoa October 1

October 1st, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


At Foa Foa Jaison is talking about how Ben needs to be the next to go.   Russell is going up to one of the blondies to ask who she thinks should go next.  In his side interview he’s talking about how no one on his tribe is playing the game and how he’s going to be controlling them all.

Ben is trying to show Mick how to start a fire but Mick isn’t having any luck but Ben starts it with no problem.  He then goes on to tell one of the other girls, not that I’m trying to be sexist but you girls can’t start fires.  I’m the only one that can start fires.  Ugh, and now he’s talking to the girls about how he took the biggest poop of his life.  Come on!  Were you raised by wolves?

At Galu 4 of them are doing yoga.  LOL.  The look on Shambo’s face is priceless.  She is so disguested and is saying how she is alienated because she’s not part of the “90210 clique”.  She said she is more concerned getting food and fire wood.

Back at Foa Foa Russell is telling Ben that Ashley is gunning for him.  He figures he needs Ben for now so he is going to go after anyone who has it in for Ben.  Again he gloats over how easy it is to manipulate people.  And yup, obeying the puppet master Ben goes to confront Ashley.  Ashely tells Ben she’s not even going to fight with him and walks off.

Tree Mail

If you can’t run or swim or lift or carry you better be damned smart…and there are new swim suits in the tree mail bag.  The three young girls are posing in their bikinis while Shambo is in her jogging bra.

Immunity/Reward Challenge

Galu finds out Betsy was eliminated and Mike is gone for medical reasons.   Two members from each tribe will run out to the water to retrieve a crate.  There will be a battle zone where someone from the opposite tribe can try to stop the pairs.  Once they get their 4 crates and stack them in the correct order they win immunity and reward.  The reward is pillows and candles.  The challenge is 6 on 6 so Foa Foa sits out one person and Galu sits out 4 people.  Russell is out, Shambo, Yasmin, Eric and Brett I think are all out.

First round is all the girls out.  The girl pairs get tangled up with the defender but all manage to drag themselves out of the battle zone to get their crate.  Galu’s girls come back first.  The guys make it out with no problem.  Galu’s guys are back first again.    Galu gets all their crates back first.

And Galu wins immunity and reward!  I knew Foa Foa would just fall apart.  They are a mess.

Russell is called up and has to decide between comfort items or practical items like food.  He chooses comfort.  Shambo looks pissed but the other girls are happy with the comfort.  The other guys on his tribe are pissed off too.  I think it was a bad idea.  Now he has to choose who goes to Foa Foa and he chooses Shambo.  Shambo gets a note to open in private once she gets to Foa Foa.  As Foa Foa heads out Ben is saying how Ashley is going home.

Back at Foa Foa Shambo is making much nicer than Yasmin did.   Mick is saying how different she is from Yasmin and how they would love to adopt her.  Shambo is saying how she has more in common with this tribe and how they are closer in age to her.  Russell is shown frowning and looking moody.

Shambo reads her secret note and it has 2 clues to the private immunity idol.  Russell is talking about how he is running the show and managed to find the immunity just using his brain and no clues.  Gloat, gloat, gloat.

Back at Galu he tells the tribe his first instinct was to take the food but he feels like he needs to take care of the women first so he choose the comfort items.    The guys are still pissed saying how they needed the practical items.  In the meantime the girls are enjoying the pillows and mats.

At Foa Foa Jaison is saying how he wants Ben gone and if Ben stays he would walk away from the game.   Russell is telling a couple others that Ashley has to go.  Mick takes Russell aside and tells him that Jaison really wants Ben gone.  Russell makes a deal that if they send Ashely home this week then Ben will go next week.  To convince Mick how sincere he is he tells Mick that he found the hidden immunity idol.  Mick agrees to go with Russell’s plan.

Shambo is trying to be helpful at Foa Foa and teaching them some little tricks while also searching for the hidden immunity.

Russell pulls aside Jaison and Mick and says how Ashley has to go home first.  He puts forth the idea if Ben goes home this week then the three girls can ban together against the three guys in the tribe and try girl power.    Jaison is adamant that Ben is useless in challenges and around camp and has to go.  So now Russell is debating if Ben is worth protecting and if it will risk him losing the tribes trust.

Tribal Council

At the council Jeff asks how having Shambo is going.  Jaison says he would love to trade to keep her and preferably get rid of Ben.  Ben outright tells Jeff he is voting for Ashley.  Jaison and Ben start going at it.  Poor Natalie is sitting between the two guys and looks worried the guys are going to go after each other.  Hmmm…apparently Ben said some comments that might have been considered racial and that was a big thing that affected his relationship with Jaison.  I must have missed that.

What?! Is Ben delusional?  He is claiming how he’s never started a single fight.  He sees no problem with calling someone ghetto trash.  He says it’s not rude if Yasmin is from the ghetto and is trash, therefore it wasn’t starting a fight.   Jaison is giving a lecture on how that comment is racially insensitive.  Jeff asks Ben if there was anything he has said that he would like to apologize to Jaison for and Ben says nothing he can think of.  Man, he is such a jerk!  I really hope he goes home instead of Ashley.  I think Natalie is weak and will vote with Russell though.  So unless Russell changed his mind Ashley is doomed.

The Votes

I hate Ben’s smirks!  I would like to smack him.  Ashley, Ben, Ben, Ben and Ben goes home!   YES, YES, YES!  Thank goodness.  Don’t let the torch hit you on your way out.  On second thought it would be nice if something hit him on the way out.

Maybe with Ben and his negativity Foa Foa might actually get their act together?  I have my doubts those while Russell is pulling everyone’s strings.  I may not like Russell but he is good at manipulating.

On a general note I wonder if they will continue to combine the reward and immunity challenges?  Seems like both Survivor and Amazing Race are starting to skimp on the challenges.  Wonder why?

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  1. J. Kaye

    Love this TV series, but haven’t watch any this year…swore off TV.

  2. dsuzuki

    You are so good! I’m watching more tv this season than I ever have before.


    After all that was said, Russell had to vote with the group. Yea. I keep watching to see Russell gets caught out. I think I know who will leave the fastest if the other group loses …the hair dresser from Chicago, if she doesn’t change her act soon!

    (how do i see replys?)

  4. dsuzuki

    Hmm, I’m not sure how to add the subscribe to follow up comments. I will have to look into that. I hope Russell gets caught but then things might get boring :)

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