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Amazing Race October 4

October 4th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


They are off

Gary and Matt are first to depart at 5:45am.  They have to travel from Mito (sp?) to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Search for the Golden Dragon water puppet theater and grab their clue from the mouth of one of the dragons. Sam and Dan are next to leave.   Ok, I don’t get it.  The clue says “make your way to Ho Chi Minh City” and yet a bunch of the teams thought they were already in Ho Chi Minh city.  Brian and Ericka are the last to depart at 6.29am.

The teams are stuck in traffic and there is a sea of scooters.  The Globe Trotters are the first to the theater and are having a hard time getting the clue out of the dragons mouth.    The clue is a bullet with a stamp in it.  They have to find the building on the stamp, the Ho Chi Minh city post office.  That theater looks very cool!  I would love to stay and watch the dragons. Wow, the theater is 1km away and Gary and Matt are going to run it instead of a cab.  If I didn’t really know where I was going I would use a taxi.


Child’s Play or Word Play

In child’s play they make their way to a park and choose a concrete animal and transport it along the bumpy pathway of the park and pick up 5 balloons from the local vendors.  Then turn it in for their next clue.

In word play they head to a hotel and find the observation deck.  Then scanning the congested intersection below them they have to find 6 Vietnamese characters.  Then they have to leave the hotel and get help from the locals to unscramble and translate the letters to get the word independence.

The Globe Trotters choose child’s play.  Definitely would pick a shorter animal. There is a giraffe and that would be crazy to maneuver.  Lance and Keri can’t figure out to open the bullet to find the clue inside it.  So they go back to the theater.  For a lawyer who claims to be the lion among gazelle’s he certainly isn’t proving to be the brightest.  They are so irritating.  OMG, Mika and Canaan are dancing to try and get the dragon to come to them.  They look hilarious!  Looks like most of the teams are choosing child’s play except Marcy and Ron.

The globe trotter’s finish the detour first. They have to go to Dien Co 008 at a busy intersection for their next clue.


Ok, yet again Lance and Keri mess up by running right pass the clue box.  And the words out of Lance’s mouth when they realize their mistake? “Here’s the clue box. Dammit Keri!”.  Ummm…I saw you running right past it too.

I can’t believe Zev’s team choose a giraffe to pull!  Maria and Tiffany’s dolly breaks.  Dan comes back to help them but Tiffany and Maria tell them to keep going. Uh oh!  Zev and Justin’s giraffe falls and cracks.  Wonder if they get a time penalty for that?  Oh, ok as long as they pick up all the pieces they are ok.  Meghan and Cheyne finish second.  Figures, Lance and Keri accidentally let go of one of their balloons and decide to stop in the middle of a street with their animal so they can run back for the balloon.  You couldn’t at least get out of the intersection?!

Wow, Tiffany is pulling the animal and her bag as Maria just walks ahead of her.  I would be like “girl, get your butt here and help push or pull”.  As the finishing touch on the task Lance totally knocks over the table at the balloon lady’s checkpoint.  Ron and Marcy found their letters but can’t unscramble them to form the word.  They finally ask one of the locals and are now in last place.


Who is ready for a complete breakdown?  One person has to use tools to break down two VCRs and toss the parts into their separate piles.  This would be the perfect task for my husband.  He loves taking things apart.  Putting them back together is a whole ‘nother story. The globe trotters finish first.


Teams now need to race across town and find the Reunification Palace.  This is the pit stop for this leg of the race.  The globe trotters can’t find anyone who knows where the palace is.

LOL. Maria and Tiffany get to the roadblock and Maria slams the taxi door in Tiffany’s face.  Lance and Keri are fighting big time.  Keri refuses to help now because she said Lance keeps yelling at her and blaming her for everything going wrong.  Gee, gotta love Lance’s insincere apology.

Wow, Tiffany just kicked a bunch of the guys butt at the break down.  Man, Lance is hammering away at the VCRs and totally trashing it.  Zev and Justin are left although Marcy and Ron haven’t even found the place yet.

Pit Stop

The globe trotters and Cheyne and Meghan are in a foot race to the check in carpet.  Flight Time and Big Easy beat them!  As the winners of this leg of the race they win a trip for two to Aruba for 5 days at a resort.


Gary and Matt are team #3.  Brian and Ericka are team #4.  Sam and Dan are team #5.  Maria and Tiffany are team #6.   Mika and Canaan are team #7.

Lance and Keri, Zev and Justin and Ron and Marcy are all in cabs to the pit stop now.  Lance and Keri and Zev and Justin are in a foot race but neither sees the mat.  Finally, Zev and Justin check in as team #8!  Lance and Keri are team #9.  LOL. And Phil makes a comment about how the zebras and gazelles have beaten them so far.

Ron and Marcy are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from the race.


My thoughts…

This wasn’t as interesting an episode to me.  The tasks were just ho hum to me.  The main thing was how irritating Lance was.  Ugh, there always seems to be at least one couple every season that you have to wonder about.  I sincerely hope he’s better than this outside of the show.  I think the globe trotters and Meghan and Cheyne will continue to do well.  It looks like on next week’s episode someone loses their passports.  Uh oh!

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  1. SuziQoregon

    Oh please get Lance off my TV soon!!!

  2. dsuzuki

    I know! He is such a jerk!

  3. J. Kaye

    LOL! I don’t watch TV anymore. Even when I did, I don’t think I watched this one.

  4. dsuzuki

    J. Kaye-this is the one tv show I always watch. If I had to give up all tv shows and keep just one this would be it.

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