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Who Would You Pick? Blue Bloods Edition

October 6th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

I wanted to have some fun a few weeks ago so I started this little series of Who Would You Pick?

I just started noticing lately that a lot of the books I’m reading involve love triangles and quite a number of them aren’t clearly black or white on who the heroine should choose.    Both guys all have their good points and are not totally bad.  So how about a series of who would you pick if you had the two guys fighting over YOU and why?  This week’s pick is Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz.

So in celebration of The Van Alen Legacy, the 4th book in the series release today let’s do the Blue Bloods show down.  Who would you pick for yourself?  Oliver or Jack?

  • Both guys are cute
  • Oliver seems like the steady, always be there for you kind of guy
  • Jack seems the more passionate type of guy but comes with more issues like a crazy twin sister/lover
  • Both are rich and want to try and protect the women they love
  • Jack as the good vampire is just so sexy
  • Oliver has this pesky problem of being a blood bank for Schuyler right now

I think I would have to pick Oliver in this case.  Jack just comes with too much baggage in Mimi Force.  She seems a little nuts and could be trouble for anyone else Jack gets involved with.

What about you?  Who would you pick for yourself?  Any other pluses and minuses you would add?

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11 Responses

  1. Erin

    I would pick Jack. I love how torn Jack is and I am drawn to that as a reader. Plus, he has that bad boy thing going with the dark angel side. This is only my own opinion, but when I read the 1st book, I thought Oliver was gay (maybe that was because of watching Glee), but the things that he says and the way that he acts just make me think of the gay best friend. I love Ollie and I wish that Schuyler would never have made him her familiar, but Jack is just very sexy and the way that Schuyler is drawn to him as well makes me like him even more.

    And I might be the only one in this boat, but I despise Mimi, she seems so shallow and selfish and when I read interviews with the author, Melissa, it’s hard for me to understand where she comes from when she says that Mimi is her favorite character. So I can help, but want my 2 favorite characters to be together. I have to want the impossible to happen. Isn’t that what makes a great love story, when two people can’t be together, but fall in love anyway? Romeo and Juliet.

    So I guess that is my reason in the long version. I will be interested to see what happens in the Van Alen Legacy. Maybe all my views of Mimi will be shattered because I am almost positive that this book will be about the bonding, so we’ll see. I’m off to buy it as soon as B&N opens.

    Thanks for the fun question!

  2. Natalie

    I would definitely pick Oliver as well. Personally, I can’t stand the character of Jack Force. I think he lacks…well…characterization. I’m interested to see what will happen in the fourth book!

  3. Page

    I probably am not a very good judge since I’ve only read the first book. But, just reading that one I would pick Jack. I got the impression that Oliver was gay as well….

  4. Sarah Lim

    That’s exactly my opinion with the Jack-Schuyler-Oliver triangle. The way I see it, Jack and Mimi are vampire twins. They BELONG together. Nothing can get past that. And Oliver is perfect for her. He loves Schuyler for who she really is.
    But for myself, I’d pick Kingsley. He’s my favorite. XD
    I can’t wait for the Van Alen Legacy! :D

  5. dsuzuki

    I had totally forgotten about Kingsley until I started The Van Alen Legacy tonight. He sounds totally hot!

  6. austenfan

    I like them both, but I just LOVE Jack. He just has that ‘it’ factor, I think. :)

  7. dsuzuki

    LOL. Have you read The Van Alen Legacy yet?

  8. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    Jack has too much going on with that twin of his….I’d go with Oliver in this case.

  9. Pam

    Haven’t read the last book yet (have it on my shelf) I do however have to vote for Jack on this because of the Mimi baggage! I want to see her lose badly.

  10. dsuzuki

    haha…that’s a good reason to choose Jack.

  11. Sab H.

    JACK!!! JACK!! JACK!!!

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