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Survivor October 8

October 8th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


At Foa Foa Jaison and Russell are walking along the beach talking about tribal council and the coming challenge.  Again he’s talking about how whoever he wants gone will be gone.  And yet he wanted Ben and still Ben is gone.

At Galu, Shambo is talking about how much she misses Foa Foa and how she already has friends over there.  Erik pulls Shambo aside and tells her since she has a clue to the immunity idol at Foa Foa.  He figures there is probably an idol at their camp as well.  Then John comes along and Shambo gives the two of them clues.  Then she walks off.  Stupid.  She things this will help her but I think both of them are totally willing to throw her under the bus.

Tree Mail

The leader has to choose two people to go on a mission with him.  Mick chooses Natalie and Russell from Foa Foa.  Russell chooses Dave and Shambo from Galu.  They all meet up at a beach inside a large circle and wait for Jeff to show up.  But Jeff isn’t there and there is a cage of chickens and a closed chest.  They are all speculating as to what they are supposed to do.  It’s like a show down.  Then Natalie makes a move for the chickens and everyone is on the run.  The chest has the reward instructions.  They have to put a flag in the middle of the circle and each member gets 3  balls.  They have to throw the balls to the flag and at the end whoever is closest to the flag wins the chickens.  Ouch!  Russell from Galu ends up hitting Mick’s ball closer to the flag.  Then his own teammate, Natalie, hits his ball away from the flag.  Shambo is sucking big time.  Wow, Russell from Foa Foa is doing awesome.  Is Foa Foa finally going to win a challenge?  Dave from Galu has the last throw.  OMG!  Dave throws the ball and lands right next to the flag and wins the reward challenge!

While they are at the challenge and everyone else is sleeping Erik starts to search for the idol at the Galu camp.    John wakes up and just in time sees Erik searching.  Then turns over.  Erik finds the idol but not sure if John saw him find it.  Huh, it looks like he hides it again.  Hopefully no one else finds it.  Dave, Russell and Shambo walk into camp with the chickens.  Shambo is assigned to be the chicken keeper.  She claims she knows about chickens and can get them to lay a lot of eggs.  You know something is going to go wrong.

At Foa Foa it’s raining and they are all bummed out.  Russell is still strategizing who will be a part of his real alliance.  He is worried Jaison won’t last in the game.  Right now he settles on Natalie since he thinks she will stick with him and then he can say she rode his coat tails.

Af Galu Shambo lets one of the chickens loose.    Yep, figured that would happen. She and Erik are chasing the chicken and gets taken out by the clothes line.  And now the chicken is in a tree.  Russell is shaking his head that the "country girl" Shambo didn’t know a chicken could fly.  Erik is pissed Shambo let the chicken out and that the rest of the tribe isn’t trying to catch it.  Yasmin is whining about how tired she is and whenever she naps Erik wakes her up.    One of the blondes is pissed Yasmin is waiting for her to open a coconut instead of helping and then wants to drink the milk.  So the blonde actually lies and says there is nothing in there.

Immunity Challenge

The tribes will race across a net run carrying wooden blocks.  When they reach the platform they have to stack the blocks then go across a rope bridge and get more blocks that stack even higher.  First tribe to complete both stacks wins immunity.  Galu has to sit out four people.  At the end of the net run they are dead even.  Foa Foa has an advantage on the stacking with Jaison being so tall.  Galu finishes first and is on to the rope run.  Foa Foa isn’t far behind.  John gets across the ropes quick but Jaison is having problems.  Galu has a big lead now.  Galu is blazing until the last member, Monica.  Foa Foa is catching up.  Wow, Russell from Foa Foa is blazing.  Foa Foa is almost caught up again.  Both tribes are trying to untie their blocks.   Galu gets their blocks untied first.  Again Jaison’s height advantage is coming in handy for Foa Foa.  OMG, Foa Foa might actually win.  They win immunity!

Unless Yasmin pulls a fast one I think she will be going home.  Or if people get worked up over the lost chicken maybe Shambo.

Russell comments on how Monica fell apart at this challenge.    He’s talking to Erik about Monica and complaining about how she doesn’t contribute anything.  Dave is talking to some of the other tribe members about Shambo losing the chicken but how Yasmin does nothing at camp.  Sounds like that group is settling on Yasmin.  Shambo is talking to Yasmin to vote out Monica.  Yasmin is telling Shambo she does nothing around camp because everyone is just waiting for you to do something wrong like losing a chicken.  She thinks as long as she steps up during challenges they shouldn’t get rid of her.  People still sound wishy washy between Yasmin and Monica.  Russell is pissed people want to get rid of Yasmin when she performs in challenges and Monica doesn’t.  I can see his point but he’s going on about how he’s the leader and people need to listen to him.  Hello?!  This is a game.  If it doesn’t work for them they won’t listen to you.  Yes, there may be consequences but doesn’t mean they won’t do it.

Tribal Council

Wow, Monica actually thinks she did well at today’s immunity challenge.  Yasmin took offense to people saying she doesn’t help around camp.

The Votes

Yasmin, Yasmin, Monica, Monica, Yasmin, Yasmin, Yasmin and Yasmin has been voted out.

My Thoughts

Myabe I’m just getting TV burnout but I just didn’t find this episode as interesting.  I guess maybe because for the most part Russell on Foa Foa wasn’t very controversial in this episode.  But the preview for next week looks interesting.

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