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Amazing Race October 12

October 11th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


They Are Off Again

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam-Flight Time and Big Easy are first to depart at 6:53pm.  Now they have to fly to Phnom Penh, Cambodia and ask a newspaper editor for their next assignment to get their next clue.  They are at the airport and turns out there are no flights out tonight.  There is only one flight and it leaves the next day.  So it looks like everyone will catch up at the airport.  Lance and Keri are last to depart at 7:32pm.  Zev and Justin get stuck in traffic so Lance and Keri beat them to the airport.  The jerk Lance is he tells them they are now in last place.  Everyone gets their tickets except Lance and Keri and Zev and Justin cannot get tickets on the same flight as everyone else.  They are on stand by for the 12:25pm flight.  Looks like they are not making the flight.  The next flight is 1 1/2 hours later.  Both teams are begging to get on the 12:25 flight.  Zev and Justin get on!  So does Lance and Keri.  They are running to get to the plane and make it.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

They head out for the Foreign Correspondents Club for their next clue.  Mika and Caanan are last to leave the airport.  Zev and Justin get to the club first.  They get a picture and must figure out their next destination is a hotel and must find a photo of Jackie Kennedy.   Mika and Canaan are asking for their next “task” instead of assignment so they can’t get their clue.  Finally they figure it out and get the clue.  Most of the teams find out it’s the Hotel Royal in the picture but I think one team is going to the wrong spot.  They said something about a palace.  LOL. Mika thought the picture of Jackie O thought it was a Vietnamese woman.  One other team thought it was Queen Elizabeth.  Come on!


Their choices are cover or wrap.

Cover-have to choose 4 motorcycle helmets and have to try to sell the helmets to a family of four-two children and two adults for $10.

Wrap-they have to locate a specific store and will be given a scarf.  They need to search the market for a person with a matching scarf and the person will give them their next clue.

So it looks like Brian and Ericka and Gary and Matt went to the wrong place.  Zev and Justin choose wrap for the detour and are the first to start.  Sam and Dan also do wrap.  Flight Time and Big Easy do wrap.  Man, this scarf task looks hard but the poker girls say $10 is a lot in Cambodia so guess that would be hard too.  Looks like Lance and Keri are the only ones who choose helmet.  Zev and Justin find their scarf first.


Teams have to travel on foot to Wat Toul Tom Pong to search for their next clue.  Zev and Justin have their taxi driver drive while they follow on foot.  Sam and Dan finish second.  wow Brian and Ericka totally luck out with their scarf and find their lady right away.  Haha…the lady with Big Easy and Flight Time’s scarf sort of tried to take off.  Guess if you are a little Cambodian lady with two 6 foot plus, black guys running after you I’d be tempted to run too.


In Cambodia monkeys are so revered people are trained to be a monkey dancer so one team member has to learn 3 monkey moves as demonstrated by their monkey master.  If they complete it successfully they will get their next clue.  LOL.  They have to wear a tail and a mask while doing the dance.  Zev is having a hard time with the third move.  Dan and Sam catch up.  Zev looks like he is about to pass out.   Sam and Dan finish first.  Huh, should be interesting for the globe trotters to do some of these moves that involve crouching down and walking across a tree trunk.    Wow, I’m impressed.  They look like they finish the roadblock really quickly.  Lance again is yelling at Keri and telling her she’s doing the task wrong.


Pit Stop

They have to find Wat Phnom, the pit stop for this leg of the race.  Dan and Sam get a cab that apparently is very slow and they are getting frustrated.   Zev and Justin are team #1!   Hmmm…they don’t say what they won.  Guess Sam and Dan’s cab driver was really slow.  They are team #2 1.  The globe trotter’s are team #3 2.  Uh oh.  Looks like Zev and Justin are missing Zev’s passport.  I wonder if this means they don’t get checked in?  Maybe that’s why they didn’t announce the prize.    Phil tells them unless they find the passport they are out of the race.  So the guys head back out to look for the passport.  They have a card for their cab driver and call him to come back to take them to look for the passport.

Brian and Ericka are team #3.  Gary and Matt are team #4.  Cheyne and Meghan are team #5. Lance and Keri are team #6.  Sad, looks like Zev and Justin might be eliminated.  Mika and Canaan are team #7.  Maria and Tiffany are the last team to arrive but since Zev and Justin can’t find the passport they are not eliminated.

Sad, looks like Zev and Justin aren’t going to find the pass port.  I wonder if even the TV crew knows where it got lost.  Unlike the other season where Dallas lost their passport they didn’t show it on the camera as far as I noticed.  So Zev and Justin have been eliminated from the race.


My Thoughts

Again, while I was sad that Zev and Justin went this episode wasn’t as exciting to me.  Lance wasn’t nearly as irritating as in early episodes.  I think the globe trotters are going to continue to do well.  I think the poker players or Lance and Keri are going to be going soon.

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4 Responses

  1. Michelle

    I was sad that Zev and Justin went home too mainly because I think it’s crap that you get booted for losing your passport. Things are so rushed it’s a miracle that more people haven’t quite honestly. It’s not like it was intentional and even if it was there are 50 camera people with you to call you out on it. *Then* you should be booted in that case. Anyway I think that rule is unfair.

    I just really want the obnoxious couple from MA to go. Really really really really want them to go.

  2. Mark

    I was so disappointed that Zev and Justin were eliminated for that reason. Especially to finish first and then get eliminated was hard to take.

  3. dsuzuki

    I know! I can’t believe they went from last to being eliminated and I really liked them.
    Michelle-I know what you mean! The only thing obnoxious people provide are the drama and someone to complain about :)

  4. Katie

    Zev and Justin were my favorites, for sure :( I’m not sure who to cheer for anymore.

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