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Survivor, Amazing Race and Sanctuary

October 19th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


For those of you that follow my Survivor and Amazing Race recaps sorry but I won’t be recapping last week’s episodes.  I was out of town last week and now I’m sick so it just seems like too much effort to recap them.  I will be back on it this week though.

Another show I have not been recapping but you need to check out is Sanctuary.  I enjoyed it last season but the first two episodes of this season have been so good!

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11 Responses

  1. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    I really love the new season of Sanctuary.

  2. Angela

    I love Sanctuary! The first two episodes have been really good but sad at the same time. I’m so glad it is back on :-)

  3. Wrighty

    I hope you feel better. I was sick last week too and it seems like there’s a lot of illnesses going around lately. I’ve been watching Survivor but only saw part of last week’s episode. Last year was my first season of Sanctuary and I’m hooked! I saw the first episode for this year so far but I haven’t seen this week’s yet. I can’t wait! So many good shows to watch!

  4. L. Diane Wolfe

    Sanctuary took a new turn, didn’t it? Ashley’s now evil, Tesla is actually helping… I have to admit though – I like Henry best. Don’t know why!

  5. Heidi V.

    o0o No I didn’t realize it was back on I hope it’s on demand!! Thanks for the heads up…

  6. J. Kaye

    I am so out of it. Haven’t even heard of Sanctuary.

  7. dsuzuki

    Glad to see so many other Sanctuary fans out there and that they are female! I was beginning to think the SciFi channel (or whatever they are calling themselves now) was mostly male dominated.

    Serena-I know right!!
    Angela-I know what you mean but I’m holding out hope for a happy turn.
    Wrighty-you have to watch it! I just watched it today and so good!
    L. Diane Wolfe-I love Ashley and Henry. He’s so goofy and yet sweet, how can you not love him :)
    Heidi V.-Yes! Go check it out. So far only two episodes have aired so far.
    J. Kaye-LOL. It’s a sci-fi show. I got hooked because I liked Amanda Tapping from Stargate: SG1.

  8. clenna in NH

    Get Well – that’s more important.

    Rest, liquids and more rest.

  9. dsuzuki

    thanks! I’ve been doing plenty of sleeping :)

  10. Michelle

    I’m so glad that the couple that went on the Amazing Race is the couple that left. They annoyed me to noooo end! You have to watch the CBS webcast of after the elimination it shows all the elminated couples and what they do after. I have to say I’m suprised that this week’s eliminee’s were somewhat humble.

  11. dsuzuki

    I’ll have to check it out although after being out of town last week I’m still catching up on last week’s episodes much less webcasts :)

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