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Barnes and Noble eReader Nook

October 20th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

I was originally not going to do a post about the B&N new eReader called Nook but I could not resist after going back and forth with a couple people on Twitter about whether or not to buy it despite already owning a Kindle 1.  So check this out.  Barnes and Noble’s competition to the Kindle.


The lowdown:

  • Price is going to debut at $259 the same price Amazon just lowered the Kindle to
  • Both are wireless.  Nook using AT&T vs Kindle using Sprint Wireless.  Kindle wireless just went world wide but not sure about the Nook wireless
  • Nook has a touch screen interface at the bottom which the Kindle doesn’t but I imagine they will in the next round since the Sony reader’s latest version also has a touch screen.  The reading portion still uses the eInk technology
  • The latest Kindle weighs in at 10.2 ounces vs. the Nook at 11.2 ounces
  • The Kindle can go for about 14 hours vs 10 hours on the Nook (not sure how heavy usage they are talking about)
  • The Nook has over 500,000 free books (classics) although Amazon normally has a few Kindle books available for free and I’ve been able to download a good number so far and these are pretty recent titles
  • Both say they can hold about 1500 books but the Nook has an expansion slot for an SD card
  • If you want more details you can check out the Nook here and the Kindle here but there are a few big differences that convinced me to pre-order the Nook even though I own a Kindle 1.
  • If you buy books on Amazon there is no sales tax but B&N does charge sales tax
  • I noticed for some of the paperbacks I read the ebook on B&N is a little more expensive than on Amazon for the Kindle

You can share you Nook books with other Nook owners!!  So if you know other people who are buying the Nook this can be so cool if you have similar tastes.  You can “lend” them out for two weeks.  The Kindle doesn’t have any sort of comparable feature.

**Editing to add: Just read this article that says that the lending functionality can be very limited.  Once you lend a book for 2 weeks that’s it.  No “renewal” capability.  Also a publisher has to approve their books for lending.  So if they do not approve it then you cannot lend the book.  I can imagine a lot of publishers saying no to the whole lending idea.  Making me reconsider my purchase.  See the full article here.

The other biggie for me is you can directly load PDFs onto the Nook which you cannot on the Kindle.  The Nook is also using the open source format for it’s books but I think it’s still early on to see how big a deal that will be and if it will be the main format for future ebooks.

What do you think?  Will you be ordering one?  Do you own a Kindle or Sony ereader?  What do you think in comparison?  I know I should wait until version 2 so they can work out some kinks the way Amazon did with the Kindle 2 but I guess I can officially be called a gadget junkie especially when it comes to books.  There are other ereaders that had me curious to compare to my Kindle but this was the first one that made me actually order one.

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21 Responses

  1. Emily

    I think I would get one when I have money or they go on sale… I tried to read eBook on my iPhone and my eyes are so tired because the screen is too small!

  2. J. Kaye

    Yes! I am getting mine in with the first wave of customers! This might sound crazy, but I’ll end up with a Kindle too.

  3. Jill

    I just learned about the Nook and tweeted if anyone had heard anything! So glad you posted on this. For some reason I feel more drawn to this one. But I still don’t if I want an ereader at all! hmmmmmmmmmmm – thinking thinking!

  4. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    wow!! Enjoy! :)

  5. Page

    I’ll be interested to see what you think. I’ve wanted a Kindle for awhile, but this one sounds great too.

  6. Laura @ ImBookingIt

    As I said on Twitter, I think I’ll wait for the reviews, but I think it looks very promising.

  7. dsuzuki

    Emily-I know at least on the Kindle it’s much easier on the eyes.
    Jill-I love paper books but the Kindle is great when commuting or traveling.
    Amy-hope it’s worth it!
    Page-I will be sure to post my thoughts in comparison to my Kindle.
    Laura-yup, will have to see how it goes. Wondering when the Kindle 3 comes out. I figure they might try to address some of the things they are missing that the Nook has.

  8. L. Diane Wolfe

    Does the Nook accept more than one format? I think what limits the Kindle is one can only download Kindle books from Amazon.
    The sharing feature is really cool – so is the touch screen. That will appeal to everyone with an I-Phone or I-Touch.

  9. dsuzuki

    They say they are using the Epub format which I think they are trying to make the open standard for ebooks but I think it’s too early to say if that is what all ebook producers will use. They will accept PDFs but not Amazon Kindle formats. NetGalley said it will work with their books on Twitter this morning once B&N adopts ACS. See this article.

  10. Katie

    It definitely looks cool. I am not sure if I can justify the cost, but I do love new gadgets……

  11. Jessica Kennedy

    Great post!

    So it’s 2 weeks on loan?! What if they don’t read it fast enough! I know some people (husband ) that read uber slow.

    And sales tax!?! That’s horrible! Unless the book is considerably less than the Kindle version I would not buy it just because of those extra pennies, which would add up.

    All-in-all I think I’ve concluded it’s not a better buy than my current Kindle (1) which I am still, after almost 2 years of having it, amazingly pleased.

    I posted about this on my blog too. :) Thanks for your comment there.

  12. dsuzuki

    Yes, I wonder if you can loan them out multiple times. The tax thing is probably the biggest hit for me. I’m hoping several people I know with similar tastes will also get one to help make up for it.

  13. J. Kaye

    Oh crap, good question. I bet you can, but not at the same time. OverDrive at our library works very much like they have described.

  14. J. Kaye

    Debbie, Chris just answered this question. Here’s the link: Now my question to you is do you still think it’s a good deal?

  15. J. Kaye

    Oh no! Take a look:

    Kristine_S Administrator
    Re: Can you only loan a book once and once only?

    Yes, that’s correct. You can loan each eBook (providing the publisher allows this) one time only, for a period of 14 days, to any B&N eReader-supported device, including nook, Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, and BlackBerry. During this time you cannot read the eBook yourself. Hope that helps, and thanks for your question.

    Debbie, that means the publisher has to allow it…NOT GOOD!

  16. CLM

    I do think B& is more pricey than Amazon but if you buy by clicking through the United Airlines Mileage Plus site you get miles.

  17. Robin of My two Blessings

    I decided to pre order the nook as well. I like many of the features including the color screen and the fact it is at&t versus sprint. I’ve never like sprint. The lend feature isn’t a big deal for me, so wouldn’t affect my decision either way.

  18. dsuzuki

    CLM-True, miles are always handy.
    Robin-I actually ended up canceling my preorder. The lending was my big thing so I’m going to wait to see what stand publishers take on the lending feature. I’m usually an AT&T fan over Sprint but so far haven’t had any problems with Sprint on my Kindle.

  19. Megan

    I have been leaning towards the nook, but I think I will be waiting too see the reviews and what kind of kinks it has. One question if anyone knows, does the nook have the voice feature on it like the kindle does? I borrowed my friends kindle and I really liked being able to drive and have it read to me.

  20. Jamye

    Just got one last weekend and I’m loving it so far! The screen is great (no headaches or strained eyes like a computer) and it’s so compact and lightweight. I love being able to read one-handed too so I can sip some coffee or eat a snack with the other. :)

    One question though, one of the big selling points for me was the free classics and I can’t seem to find that mentioned as one of the features on B& anymore. In the shop they all seem to be 99 cents or higher. I have seen a bunch of free ebooks in general (and it came preloaded with Little Women, Dracula and Pride & Prejudice) but I was really looking forward to all the classics for free. Am I just not looking in the right area?

  21. dsuzuki

    Jamye-glad you are enjoying it. I have the Kindle so not sure about the classics for B&N. I know Amazon has a bunch for free. Maybe you could try looking up project Gutenberg. I know they are working on digitizing classics but not sure what format their books are in.

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