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Survivor October 22

October 22nd, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


We start off at Foa Foa’s camp again and it’s still raining.  Ugh, their fingers and toes are looking pretty nasty from all the rain.  Everyone is looking pretty glum except for Russell.  He claims to be loving this weather.  Russell is saying how big of babies his tribe mates are for not wanting to be out in the rain.

At Galu some of the guys are complaining that it would have been nice if they had the tarp Russell passed up on.

And finally, let there be sun light!  The rain has stopped.

Wow, the rewards challenge look cool.  One person will be in this giant sphere and two members of their tribe will be blind folded and the person in the sphere will have to guide them through a maze and to a table maze.  Then guide the rest of their tribe to get a ball through the table maze.  Winners get hot pizza!  Whoa, but the twist is the winning tribe gets to eat their pizza while the losing tribe is at Tribal Council.  For Foa Foa it’s Liz in the sphere with Russell and Jaison pushing.  For Galu, Laura’s in the ball with Russell and Eric pushing.  Foa Foa gets to the table maze first.  Russell on Galu is pooped and having a hard time pushing.  At the table maze Galu’s Russell can’t even find the table maze.  He looks like he is about to pass out.  And he is unconscious!  He comes to but then falls again.  He wants to keep going but they won’t let him up.  Jeff has everyone take their blind folds off.  He calls of the challenge and says neither tribe gets reward and both tribes will vote someone off tonight.

Well, that is a bummer.  If anything you would think they could give both tribes the pizza to at least soften the blow of both having to vote someone off.  To add insult to injury it starts raining again.  Galu is totally bummed out and depressed that Russell is gone.  Galu’s Russell gets pulled out of the game.  His heart rate is not looking good.  He is so devastated and doesn’t want to leave.  Jeff is trying to convince him there is no other choice but Russell is in tears.


At Foa Foa Liz is totally bummed they have to vote someone out.  She figures it’s either her or Natalie since it doesn’t make sense to vote out any of the three guys.  Russell tells Natalie that he wants to vote out Liz and can get Mick to vote out Liz too.  Liz is talking to Jaison and Mick and saying she wants to stay but Mick doesn’t want to talk about it.  I feel sorry for Foa Foa since I think they would have actually won that challenge.

At Galu the girls are saying that Shambo will be the one to go tonight.  Shambo is asking them not to vote her out and is pleading her case.  Monica brings up that Shambo is the only one who has written her name down last tribal council.  The guys are talking that Monica is the weakest girl on the tribe.  John is pointing out that Shambo is no threat, she does well in challenges and has no manipulative power.  The guys hint to Shambo to vote Monica but she needs to keep her mouth shut about it.  Interesting to see what happens.  I’m thinking with Russell gone they won’t have to vote anyone out.  But we will see.

Tribal  Council

Jeff announces that Russell was pulled from the game.  Wow, 19 seasons!  Jeff is saying in 19 seasons he’s never had as big a scare as that.   Jeff finally announces that neither tribe will be voting anyone out.  Everyone is gleeful.  Eric is mouthing off against Foa Foa before they leave.  Foa Foa believe the tide in turning in their favor and Eric is trying to give them a smack down.  Last order of business is that Galu needs to choose a new leader.

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6 Responses

  1. Heidi V.

    I got choked up watching Russell beg to stay in the game. I felt bad for Foa also they was actually working as a team and I think they would have won. With two leaving for medical reasons makes you realize it isn’t as easy as it looks.

  2. Elie N

    OK, honestly, I didn’t read this post. Survivor is waiting on my DVR. But I will come back to read, great idea to post about this show!
    Elie (Ellz Readz)

  3. Mark

    I’m kind of curious why they didn’t have anyone voted out last night. Okay, so Russell leaving makes it so one team doesn’t have to vote anyone out. But why did Foa Foa get the reprieve?

    Definitely a hard night to watch. I saw what Russell was doing to himself coming. And I hate for anyone to leave this way. But at least they moniter people to keep them safe.

  4. dsuzuki

    I wonder if they didn’t vote anyone out because Galu already lost Russell and it looked like if the challenge kept going Foa Foa would have won. It would have really sucked to be ahead like that and then have to vote someone out.

  5. Michelle

    This was a super scary episode. Dude when Russell went down that second time and was just staring and not responding I thought for sure he was a goner. I got super nervous!

    I do wish they were able to have tribal council anyway. Getting rid of that one annoyng girl would have been awesome.

  6. dsuzuki

    Yeah, I was sad Russell left and it freaked me out when he passed out that first time. I hope Shambo can make it through to the merge. She is so socially awkward she reminds me of myself.

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