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Amazing Race October 25

October 25th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


They are off!

Meghan and Cheyne are first to depart at 8:17am.  Teams have to choose a locked brief case and take a taxi to the marina and search for their next clue.

Road Block

One team member must row an inflatable dinghy to a yacht and get a watch from a sheik on board.  They return to the docks and need to unlock the briefcase.  Teams need to figure out the time on the watch is the combo to the lock.  Cheyne does it since he says he has experience rowing.  I forgot they did the fast forward and has like a 3 hour lead on the other teams.

LOL.  Gary and Matt are 4th to depart and Gary mentions how he actually had to help his son re-dye his sons hair pink.  Nothing like father/son bonding time.

Cheyne seemed to figure out the watch was the combo right away.  The next clue says to take their taxi to the Abra Station a water taxi station and look for their next clue.  Brian does the road block since Ericka “doesn’t do water”.  Ugh, the Globe Trotter’s taxi driver takes them to the yacht club instead of the marina.  They still seem to be keeping up a good attitude though.  Poor Gary is having a hard time rowing that dinghy.  Haha, the globe trotter looks pretty funny in the little dinghy.  He finally gives up on the paddles and just uses his hands to paddle.  Dan takes off after them and copies by using his hands to paddle.  Big Easy thinks the combo is the hour, minute and date.  So Dan figures out the combo first and takes the lead.


Gold or Glass.

In gold, teams have to find a jewelry store and weigh out exactly $500,000 worth of gold.  They need to figure out they need to divide $500,00 by the current exchange rate.  The rate is constantly changing so they will need to work fast.

In glass, teams make their way to a spice market and get a crate filled with pieces of houkas and have to put together 12 houkas just by looking at an assembled sample.

Meghan and Cheyne choose the houkas.  The task looks pretty complicated as it seems all the houkas are slightly different.  Meghan is getting frustrated and freaking out.

The poker players are finally departing the pit stop at almost noon.  Mika & Canaan are last to depart about 10 minutes after the poker players.  The globe trotters are still working on the combo as the poker players and Mika and Canaan show up.  And the poker players beat the globe trotters.  Big Easy keeps trying 8-7-? instead of interpreting it as 8:35.

Brian and Ericka choose to do the gold detour.  They are having to calculate the conversion by hand.  That would suck right there.  Canaan figures out the combo while Big Easy is still working on it.  Dang!  I like the Globe Trotters.  I hope they don’t get eliminated.  Finally Big Easy figures it out.  I gotta give them credit.  They kept their cool and sense of humor.

Brian and Ericka are still trying to figure out the gold conversion.  Cheyne and Meghan are still struggling with the houkas.   Gary and Matt choose to do the houkas.  It looks like Cheyne and Meghan aren’t realizing they have extra pieces lying on the side so they can’t figure out what they are doing wrong.  Brian and Ericka give up on the gold and decide to go do the houka challenge.  Meghan and Cheyne finally finish. The poker girls decided to do the gold challenge.

Brian and Ericka can’t get the houkas right either.  I think they are hooking up the wrong cords.  They don’t seem to be trying to copy the samples and are just trying to assemble them randomly.  Sam and Dan decide to do the gold challenge too.  And miracles they bought a calculator at some point so at least they don’t have to calculate by hand.  But they still can’t figure out what to do.  The poker girls show up and they have to go to a separate room from the boys.  But they ask to borrow the calculator from the boys.  They do the calculation and tell the boys.  They are struggling to put the gold on the scale in time but the rate changes again.  Thanks to the girls they both finally get it done.  Those boys would have been so dead without the girls.

Mika and Canaan show up at the houkas while Brian and Ericka are still struggling.  I think Ericka is screwing them up because she keeps saying she doesn’t see why the details matter.  Big Easy and Flight Time show up while they are still there.  Yay!  They still have a chance.

The heat is taking a toll on the teams.  Matt is feeling shaky and needs to sit down.  Mika is looking ill.  Finally, Brian figures out the hoses are wrong and they get their next clue.  The globe trotters decide since it took Brian and Ericka two hours they should switch to the gold task.  Hmmm, not to be stereotypical but I wonder if they will figure it out?  At least they have a calculator.  They actually seemed to have figured it out quickly but the rate changed on them.

Gary and Matt finish the houkas.   Mika and Canaan finish the houkas.  Sigh, I think the globe trotters are going to get eliminated. :(  They finish the gold challenge but can’t tell how far behind Mika and Canaan they are.

Ready for a plunge?

Teams must now make their way to the Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai resort and search the water park for the Leap of Faith and take the 6 story plunge through a shark tank they will find their clue at the bottom of the slide.  Wow, that slide looks intense.  Cheyne goes down the slide first.  OMG, that is so cool going through the shark tank!  Meghan is done.  The poker girls and Dan and Sam zip through the slide.  Brian and Ericka are a little hesitant but do it.

Mika hates heights so they are worried about the slide.  Gary and Matt have no problems.  LOL.  Mika is wearing the little arm floaties that I thought were made for kids.  She is in tears and saying she doesn’t want to do it.  Canaan is trying to convince her to go down the slide.  He tries to throw her down the slide and she actually starts screaming “You can’t make me!”  Come on Mika.  Don’t grow a spine!  I want the globe trotters to stay.  Mika is such a baby but Canaan is so unsupportive.  Wow, the globe trotters catch up!  So they explain if another team shows up they have 2 minutes to finish and if they don’t go they have to let the other team go.  The globe trotters are trying to psych her out.  They run out of time and the globe trotters get to go.  Canaan is pissed and tells the globe trotters they are a piece of crap.   He finally gets fed up and goes down the slide w/o Mika.  I can’t believe it.  She looks like she is giving up.

Pit Stop

Teams need to search the resort for Dolphin Bay Beach, the pit stop for this leg of the race.  Meghan and Cheyne are the first team to check in.  They win a personal water craft.  I wonder what exactly that means?  A boat?  A water ski?  Maria and Tiffany are team #2.  Dan and Sam are team #3.  The girls figuring out that gold task really helped them a lot!  Brian and Ericka are team #4.  Gary and Matt are team #5.  Flight Time and Big Easy are team #6!!!  Yay!  Happy day!

Mika and Canaan are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race.  Afterwards Canaan says he doesn’t hold it against Mika.  That’s sweet but I am so relieved the globe trotters were not eliminated.


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2 Responses

  1. Michelle

    I felt badly for Mika but have to say have you never watched the Race before? I mean really? Because all it is about is water and heights and eating horrifying food. She seemed to be scared of all of them at the same time! How could they possibly have been successful?

    Now, having said that trying to push her towards or down the slide when she was clearly super scared of it was a crap thing to do on Canaan’s part. I was pleased to see him handle the elimination better and try to support her some.

    Globetrotters are still my favorite!

  2. dsuzuki

    I know! It’s like those people who go on the show not knowing how to drive stick shift. Do they not see every season the cars are always manual? I would learn and practice before going on.

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