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Survivor October 29

October 29th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


After Tribal Council

Galu goes back to camp bummed out to lose Russell.  The guys are talking about how with Russell gone they are now 4 guys to 4 girls and they should try to pull Shambo into their alliance.  Then they will get rid of her once they are down to the five of them.

New Day

At Foa Foa Russell and Jaison are stoked that they didn’t have to vote anyone out and with Galu’s Russell gone they might have a chance to win now.

At Galu the guys decide to nominate Shambo as the new chief in order to get her to feel so happy and in debt to the guys that she will do anything for them.  Smart move.  I can see her going for that.  Shambo is elected chief and the rest of the girls look pissed.  They are wondering what happened since they had planned to vote her out the night before and now she’s the leader.

Reward Challenge

Jeff asks Shambo if she is surprised she was voted leader and she says she is not.   Today’s challenge will test their memory and balance wants and needs.  There are a bunch of baskets out in a field.  If they find a match they can either choose to keep the item or get a point.  The winning tribe gets to go out on a sail boat, get a lunch and send a tribe member to the losing tribe to spy on them.  Kelly, Dave and Shambo sit out the challenge.  Funny, since Shambo is sitting out she has to choose a designated fill in leader.  She chooses Eric but Dave is telling her “no Brett, Brett, Brett” and she changes her mind.  So much for letting her make decisions.

Laura at Galu makes the first match.  Brett decides to keep the fire starting kit and forfeits the point.  Brett from Galu matches mosquito netting and keeps a point instead.  Galu is leading 3 to 1. Galu is now leading 6 to 3 with only 3 items left to match.  So all Galu needs is one more match.  Monica matches up another item and wins award for Galu.  Now Shambo has to choose who they will send to Foa Foa.  She chooses to send Laura and says she needs to keep the guys strong for the next challenge.  Kelly is all bitter saying how Shambo is just being mean and went from trailer trash to driving a Jaguar.  Such a rude remark.  Would she have rather Shambo send her?  It’s not like she’s going to send herself for a third time.

At Foa Foa

Wow, ok totally random but just realizing how white Laura’s teeth are.  They are gleaming.  Anyway, Laura is telling Russell she expected Shambo to send her to Foa Foa.  She seems to be getting along with him.  He makes a deal with her that they try to protect each other after the merge.  He tells her he wants the final 3 to be him, Laura and Natalie.  He pulls the whole thing that he can spot another good Christian.  He also tells her not to bother looking for the idol because Ben found it and hid it somewhere at camp.

On the ship

They go aboard what looks like a pirate ship.  The guys are all excited about hauling up the sail.  The girls are taking turns steering the boat.  I’m glad Shambo finally gets to enjoy a reward.  She’s a bit strange but she seems to have a good heart.   Then out comes beef stew, scones and freshly made bread for lunch.  Good thing none of them appear to be sea sick.  Monica tells Shambo thanks for not sending her to Foa Foa but she makes a snide remark on the side that she thinks Shambo is just lording her power over everyone.  Come on!  She had to send someone.  I bet they would have bitched no matter who she sent unless she went herself.

Back at Foa Foa

Liz is getting pissed that Laura and Natalie are just chit chatting instead of helping around camp.  Russell is saying how stupid Liz is not to try and befriend Laura for the merge.

Immunity Challenge

Laura is welcomed back to Galu.  For the challenge each tribe will paddle out for 6 sets of fish shaped puzzle pieces and then 3 members will put together the puzzle.   Shambo sits out John, Monica and Laura.  Jeff asks Mick what happened to the leadership necklace.  Mick says they left it behind because they thought maybe it was bad luck.  Foa Foa takes the lead.  They have 4 sets and Galu has 2.  Shambo is trying to encourage Dave and he keeps telling her to be quiet.  Foa Foa gets their puzzle pieces first.  Galu is trying to paddle in and Foa Foa is trying to push their boat in.  Galu closes the gap.  They both seem to start the puzzle around the same time.  Galu takes the lead during the puzzle.  And Galu wins immunity!  Guess the leadership necklace wasn’t bad luck for Foa Foa.

Russell is talking about maybe it’s time to get rid of Jaison because he gave up on the puzzle and just stood there like the puzzle would put itself together.  Valid point that Jaison gave up but don’t think it’s smart to get rid of one of your strongest guys.  Russell walks with Liz and she tells him she thinks Natalie should go.  He said he thinks maybe Jaison.  Not sure if he’s jerking her around or not.  I think he will get rid of Liz.

Tribal Council

Funny how everyone is saying how they trust each other.  Especially Liz.

The Votes

Jaison. Liz. Liz. Liz.  Liz is voted out.  Liz was very classy in her final farewell.

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2 Responses

  1. Michelle

    I don’t see how anyone from Foa Foa is going to make it through the merge. I think the show is trying to make it look like there is some back channel alliance between members of the tribes but I just don’t think it’ll go that route. It’ll be interesting to see though.

  2. dsuzuki

    I think maybe some people may try to use Shambo and that will keep her longer but I doubt she’ll make it to the end.

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