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Amazing Race November 1

November 1st, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


Leaving the pit stop

Meghan and Cheyne leaves first at 1:13pm. They have to fly to Amsterdam and drive a 19mile cause way and get their next clue.   The first flight out leaves at midnight so looks like all teams will catch up.  So everyone is sitting around and hanging out.  So Sam and Dan decide to come out and tell everyone they are the token gay team.  They all have a good laugh about it.


They get to their cars and Brian is having a hard time with his car and can’t seem to get it started.  He can’t get his car into drive and finally gets someone to help him out.  Ericka is trying to calm him down because “you dictate my moods and you know I have a shorter fuse than you!”.

Route Info

Teams now need to drive to the tallest building in another city and look to find the next clue.  LOL. The globe trotter’s are joking that if they didn’t know anyone’s name on the race they would know Brian because they keep hearing the screeching of “BRIAN!  BRIAN!”.  And of course they show Ericka screeching at Brian right after that comment.


Who has strong legs and keen eyes.  They have to make their way up this tall tower and count up the bells in the building (62).  Man, those stairs would kill me.  Meghan and Sam are working together.  As they get to the top the bells start to ring.  Matt finishes first with the correct number.

Teams must now drive to another town and find a particular windmill for their next clue.  Wow, Sam totally just gives Tiffany the number of bells.  He says he thinks it’s a smart move since he thinks they can beat the girls.  I think it was kind of a dumb move.  Sam and Dan and Meghan and Cheyne take off while Matt and Gary are still getting directions.  Ericka is the only one who turns in the wrong number of bells.  Doh, she gets it wrong a second time.  Brian is being totally supportive which is sweet.  And a third time wrong.  She comes down in tears and Brian tells her to take a break before going back to try again.  She finally gets it right.  Ok, Brian is really growing on me with the support he is giving Ericka.


Farmer’s Game or Farmer’s Dance-in both teams must don traditional Dutch clothing and ride bicycles.

Farmer’s Game-they have to strip down to their farmer’s underwear and swim across a stream.  Then they have to play a version of golf.  Taking turns they hit a ball and have to finish in the required number of strokes.

Farmer’s Dance-one member has to hit a bell and then they have to learn a traditional dance.  When they perform it correctly they get a plate of food that they have to finish to get their clue.

LOL. One member has to dress as the guy and one as the girl.  Gary gets the girl’s outfit.  Meghan and Cheyne choose the golf.  Man, so not fair if you are wearing the dress and riding a bicycle.  Seems so much harder not to get caught in the pedals.  Sam and Dean get to the farmer’s game first.  Then Meghan and Cheyne.  Ugh, apparently the water is freezing and there are no towels at the other side.  Then they have to play the golf game in their bare feet and long john underwear.  Sam and Dean finish the first hole in the needed number of shots.  Meghan and Cheyne are not doing so well.

Gary and Matt go to farmer’s dance.  It’s hilarious watching Matt in his costume.  As Gary is getting a lesson Matt re-reads the clue and realizes after the dance they have to eat a herring.  He doesn’t like fish so they decide to go do the golfing instead.

Sam and Dean finish with no problems.  Teams must now bike through town to Zoutkamp Harbor, the pit stop of this leg of the race.  Meghan and Cheyne finally finish the golf and get back across the river just as Matt and Gary show up.

LOL. The poker girls choose dance but can’t hit the bell thing hard enough to strike the bell.  The globe trotter’s choose to do the dance too.  Wow, the poker girls are on attempt 28 to try and hit the bell.  They finally give up and decide to do the golf.  Of course the globe trotters hit the bell with no problem.  OMG, they line up with the old dutch ladies who will teach them to dance and they are like twice as tall. LOL.

The girls show up at golfing while Gary and Matt are still their.  Maria and Tiffany can’t even keep a hold of their clubs.  Uh oh.  Brian and Ericka miss the bikes they are supposed to ride and start off walking.  Awww, the globe trotters are so cute doing their dance.  Granted they added a little personality to the dance.    Now they are eating the herring.  Uh oh, one of them looks ill.

The poker girls are going back to the dancing now.   Attempt 31 to hit the bell.  Brian and Ericka are still trotting along in their clogs.  Awww, Maria and Tiffany are in tears on the bell.  Maria is pathetic but Tiffany is close.  Finally Brian re-reads the clue and realizes they are supposed to ride bikes.  Ok, Ericka is getting on my nerves.  She is saying how this is killing her and Brian says “me too” and then she gets all snarky and says the least you could do is be compassionate.   What?!  Come on.  Get over yourself.  Just because you are in pain means he cannot be?   I don’t care if you spent 2 hours going up and down stairs.  He was totally supportive so don’t bitch him out.

Maria and Tiffany in tears decide to go back to the golfing.  Brian and Ericka finally get to the dancing.  Brian hits the bell with no problem.  I feel bad for the girls since I don’t know if I could hit that darn bell.  I think it totally helps to have a guy at that one.  Brian and Ericka finish the dance and have to eat the raw herring.  Ewww, I don’t like fish and raw fish? Ewwww.   They borrow some bikes to get to the pit stop.  Maria and Tiffany are on their 16th attempt at hole 1.   The poor girls are freezing and tired and in tears.  Maria pretty much wants to give up.

Pit Stop

Sam and Dan are team #1. They win a sand buggy.


Meghan and Cheyne are team #2.  Flight Time and Big Easy are team #3.  Gary and Matt are team #4.  Brian and Ericka are team #5 but the clue said to ride a bike to the detour and they didn’t do that so they get a 30 minute penalty.  So they have to wait out their penalty.  Ericka is in tears.  Finally they get to check in as team #5.  But ugh, I know she had a hard day and I should feel sorry for Ericka but I’m finding it hard right now.

Phil goes out to Maria and Tiffany and they say they want to quit because they can’t see themselves finishing this challenge.   So they are gone.


Next week

Ugh, they have to do a challenge that I remember from a past season that had one team member unrolling these huge rolls of hay to find a clue.  One team from that other season was at it for 8 hours.  That task totally sucked and it looks like Meghan is in tears and Sam and Dan are yelling at each other.  Should be interesting.

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6 Responses

  1. Laura @ ImBookingIt

    Thanks for the recap.

    I finished watching, and felt like I must have spaced out and missed something, but I saw everything you mentioned.

    Good to know there wasn’t more to it :-).

  2. dsuzuki

    Yup, can’t wait for next week though. That hay unrolling task was brutal the last time.

  3. zia

    I’ve never seen this show before but caught part of it last night. It looks interesting. I might have to give it a shot.

  4. dsuzuki

    Zia-this isn’t one of my favorite seasons but it’s still pretty good. The Amazing Race is the one show I always make a point to watch because it’s so much fun.

  5. Michelle

    I wasn’t sad to see the poker players go but I will admit they became more tolerable as the race progressed. I felt for them in this challenge as it seemed like there was simply no way for them to win.

    I adored the Brian and Ericka he was wonderfully supportive of her and even when they were tired and frustrated and bickering they weren’t even remotely as vile as other couples have been in the same place in the past. They kinda moved up on the likability scale for me.

    I was rolling laughing when the Globetrotters were dancing. They are just so much fun and super entertaining. Great laugh out loud moments.

    We’re getting to a point now where I don’t completely dislike any of the remaining teams and could actually be ok with any of them winning at this point. Globetrotters are still my favs though.

  6. dsuzuki

    Yeah, everyone I disliked before has redeemed themselves and aren’t so bad. I loved watching the globe trotters and am still rooting for them. Can’t wait to see how they all handle that hay rolling challenge next week!

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