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TV Random Thoughts-Survivor, Sanctuary and Supernatural

November 6th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

I wasn’t able to watch Survivor last night & won’t have time to do a full recap so I’m putting together a summary of what happens here along with some other tidbits.


First off, Sanctuary.  Here was an interesting article about why Ashley was killed off.  I’m bummed that it looks like we won’t see Ashley back this season.  Last week’s episode was ok.  We see more of Kate Freelander and it was kind of silly dealing with a “superhero”.  Tonight’s episode looks really good though.



Thanks to Michelle, GalleySmith, and Amy from My Friend Amy I got hooked on Supernatural.  I am in the middle of season 2 and am loving it.  I especially like Dean.  Who can resist good looks and a sense of humor?




The merge happened this week and Foa Foa put into play their plan to befriend Galu members and see who they can swing to their side.  Russell cut some deals to vote out Laura but she and John manage to win individual immunity.  So Erik tries to switch up the plan to vote out Monica instead.  The plan back fires as the girls band together and decide to vote him out instead.  Tricky, tricky girls!

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9 Responses

  1. L. Diane Wolfe

    Sanctuary has lost it a little bit for me. Still hanging on to Stargate Universe, though. Really like the characters, but hoping for some action soon.

  2. dsuzuki

    Yeah, last week’s Sanctuary didn’t really do it but still going to watch. I gave up SGU. I’m starting to hear people say it’s getting good so we’ll see. I might catch up later.

  3. Linda

    Love Supernatural. Dean is gorgeous!

  4. Kelly B

    I was stunned that Erik let John talk him out of voting Russel and Jaison and totally going after Monica. Then he does all the campaigning and John stays in the clear. Drove me nuts! He totally should have played the idol.

  5. dsuzuki

    I know, I was surprised with how everything went down. I thought for sure Russell or Jaison would go. It’s too bad Laura won immunity. I don’t care for her.

  6. Kay

    I agree, Dean is great! He is my favorite of the two, too. I would say it gets even better with the seasons : it gets darker, but there’s still some humor. This is easily one of my favorite shows.

  7. Lorielle

    I had never watched Supernatural until earlier this year, when I had heard so much about it that I found all of the episodes online and started with the pilot all the way to current. It’s hard to say which season was my favorite… Dean is my favorite brother and my favorite all time episode is “Yellow Fever.” Hysterical. I also started watching Sanctuary. I think Will’s a cutie. :)

  8. dsuzuki

    Kay-I heard season 3-4 gets really good.
    Lorielle-I don’t recall the title of the episodes but liking most of them. Last night my husband walked by and ended up watching two episodes w/me too even though he meant to go shower. Will is a cutie :)

  9. Michelle

    We girls can be a bit sneaky that way can’t we? LOL

    YAY for the Dean love, I seriously can’t wait until you get further into Season 3 I think it’s where all the most awesome Dean stuff happens.

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