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Amazing Race November 9

November 8th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


Leaving the Pit Stop

Sam and Dan leave first at 9:33pm.  Teams have to fly to Stockholm, Sweden & then travel by train and ferry to the Tivoli Amusement park and find a free fall ride to get their next clue.  I would think at least look wise Meghan and Cheyne are going to fit right in in Stockholm.  There are two flights, one at 6:55am and one around 9am.  Ticket offices don’t open til 5:30am so I guess everyone will catch up.  Brian and Ericka depart at 1:38 am.  Interesting, Brian comments that this show is a good way to show Ericka’s mom that they are a good team.  Apparently she has issues with her marrying a white guy.  I wonder what his parents thought?

So Meghan and Cheyne, Sam and Dan and the globe trotters get on the 6:55am flight.  Then when Gary and Matt try to get their tickets it turns out the flight is booked.   So Gary and Matt and Brian and Ericka are on the 9:25 flight.

When they arrive at the train station Meghan and Cheyne and Sam and Dan barely make the train.  It looks like Big Easy and Flight Time miss the train.  Not sure how far behind the next train was but the others are on their way to the amusement park on the ferry.

Route Info

One person from each team has to ride the free fall ride and has to look out for the arrow pointing out the direction of their next clue.  They will only have 15 seconds before the fall. So Cheyne and Sam go on the ride and work together to spot the arrow.  This ride looks like Drop Zone at Great America here in California.  I remember that ride being a ton of fun.  LOL. When the globe trotters get there it turns out that you can’t be over 6’4″ to ride the ride so Big Easy can’t do it.    Luckily Flight Time is under 6’4″.  Ericka does the free fall because Brian is afraid of heights.

Ring Toss

Now the teams have to throw a ring on the hat of a roaming gnome hat.  If the hat contains a gnome the clue will be on the bottom of the nome.  They have to keep the gnome with them to the pit stop of the race.  LOL. The globe trotters are discussing what to name their gnome.


Nobel dynamite or Viking alphabet.

Nobel dynamite: teams must create a protective bunker at a rock quarry and then set off an explosion that will uncover their next clue.

Viking alphabet: teams must decode a clue with the ancient Viking alphabet to get their next clue.  Looks like so far everyone is choosing dynamite.

Back at the train station Brian and Ericka make the train and Matt and Gary miss it.  So they are 15 minutes behind Brian and Ericka now.  All the teams did go with the dynamite detour.

The globe trotters end up catching up with Meghan and Cheyne and Sam and Dan at the dynamite place.  Meghan and Cheyne are arguing over what the best way is to fill the bunker bags.  haha, hearing Gary and Matt trying to read a map is hilarious as they are trying to pronounce all the street names.  Sam and Dan are first to blow up their dynamite. Big Easy and Flight Time finish next.  Meghan and Cheyne are struggling but finally finish 3rd.  Gary and Matt are still lost.  Brian and Ericka are at the dynamite task and Ericka is commenting about how the gravel is getting under her nails.  Matt and Gary show up just as Brian and Ericka are finishing up.


Route Info

Teams now have to drive to a farm and revisit the hay unrolling task (if you missed it in past seasons it was a horrible task that one team spent nearly 10 hours at it without finding a clue).  They hide a clue in the middle of these huge hay rolls and one team member has to unroll them until they find one with a clue in it.  Meghan and Cheyne are arguing as they leave the dynamite task because Meghan is saying how Cheyne wasn’t listening to her at all during the task.  It starts raining as Sam and Dan get to the farm.  Then Meghan and Cheyne.  Big Easy and Flight Time get lost.

Road Block

There will be 186 hail bails and only 7 contain race flags.  This is also the pit stop of the race. LOL. I wonder if it’s so the other teams can watch as these poor people have to unroll the hay rolls.  Haha, Sam does the task and I guess he didn’t see the past season so Dan tells him that in the other season someone did it for 8 hours and Sam mutters why did he have to mention that.  Meghan and Cheyne show up and Meghan asks who should do it.  Cheyne won’t reply so Meghan finally decides to do it.  She’s pissed but not sure why Cheyne didn’t say a word.  He must have seen what the task was and I think it makes more sense for the guy to do it.  Dan keeps yelling at Sam and Sam is telling Dan to shut up.  The globe trotters show up and Big Easy does the task.

Dan is telling Sam he is taking too long searching through each hay bail and it’s pissing Sam off.  Dan wants Sam to move on more quickly to the next hay roll.   Big Easy is keeping up a good attitude and joking about how there is no hay in the ‘hood.    Gary and Matt and Brian and Ericka show up.  The other team is wearing out.  And Big Easy finds the first clue!  Yay, go globe trotters!  That just ticks Sam off.


Meghan is in tears.  Brian goes out and does it for their team.  Gary is doing it which kind of surprises me.  It’s been two hours.  Meghan is crying and Sam is talking about wanting to kill Dan.  Just wait til it’s been like 8-9 hours.  I think the worst part of this task would be when teams that arrived after you finds a clue first.  Dan would piss me off.  He keeps yelling at Sam to keep pushing.  Hello?!  This is a super hard task so cut him some slack.    Haha.  Meghan found one and decides to fool Cheyne.  She goes running to him crying she can’t do it any more and then as he’s about to hug her she holds up the clue.

Brian finds a clue!  Sam falls to the ground to take a break.    I think Sam will find a clue first for some reason.  And just as I typed that Sam found a clue!  Poor Matt and Gary.  I really hope this is a non-elimination leg because after doing this task it would suck to get eliminated.  I can only imagine the pain their bodies are going to be in the next day.

Gary is on two hours and they are doing the side interviews so I’m wondering if Phil is going to walk out soon to say it’s over.  They are almost on 3 hours when Gary finds a clue.

Pit Stop

Big Easy and Flight Time are team #1.  They win a trip for 2 to somewhere that I didn’t understand the name but it looks nice.  Ok, a friend said she’s not rooting for the globe trotters because they don’t need the money but who can’t love the globe trotters?

Meghan and Cheyne are team #2, Brian and Ericka are team #3.  Sam and Dan are team #4.  Dan is in tears at the pit stop saying how upset he am with himself for yelling at Sam the way he was.  Gary and Matt are the last team to arrive.  And it’s a non-elimination leg!  So on the next leg they have to do a speed bump (a task only they have to complete).  I’m glad they get to go on but unless they get lucky with flights and everyone catches up to each other they are going to be far behind.


Next week…

Ohh, they are going to Estonia.  That should be interesting.  We have a bunch of contractors over there for work and it will be fun to see what it’s like.  I was ROFL when Matt reads the clue saying to look for a candelabra and doesn’t know what it is.  He asks a woman standing near by if she is a candelabra.  Poor guy.

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5 Responses

  1. Jenn

    Love that show…cant wait to see who wins :)

  2. Michelle

    Sam and Dan were the ultimate in annoying last night I have to admit. Holy smokes the screaming was truly more than I could bear. I’ve always avoided the hystrionics if I can I know it’s a frustrating time but still show a bit of restraint you’re going to be seen by millions!

    Still rooting for The Globetrotters. :)

  3. dsuzuki

    Jenn-me too!
    Michelle-I know! I was actually surprised how restrained Brian and Ericka were on that task.

  4. drey

    LOVE this show. Yes, Dan got annoying. But I’m glad he told Sam he was sorry. And I’m glad Gary & Matt are still in. =)

  5. dsuzuki

    Same here-glad he apologized. I have to give Gary props for doing that challenge!

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