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Who Would You Pick? Pride and Prejudice Edition

November 11th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books

I wanted to have some fun awhile back so I started this little series of Who Would You Pick?

I just started noticing lately that a lot of the books I’m reading involve love triangles and quite a number of them aren’t clearly black or white on who the heroine should choose.    Both guys all have their good points and are not totally bad.  So how about a series of who would you pick if you had the two guys fighting over YOU and why?

So this week’s pick is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  I know Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley were not vying for the attention of the same woman but if you could choose between the two who would you pick?  This was a tough pick for me because I thought they both had their pluses and minuses but surprising even myself I think I might choose Mr. Bingley.

  • Both are rich although Mr. Darcy is much wealthier
  • Both are supposed to be good looking
  • Mr. Bingely has a sense of humor where as Mr. Darcy is just too serious
  • I couldn’t tell if Mr. Bingley was a little dim or just too sweet natured but Mr. Darcy seemed very intellectual
  • Both have good hearts although Mr. Darcy doesn’t like to make it obvious
  • Mr. Bingley has that horrid sister where as Mr. Darcy has the sweet sister

I think the deciding factor for me was Mr. Bingley’s good nature.  Even if Mr. Darcy has a good heart I think his seriousness would just be too much for me.

If you have any suggestions for future who would you picks please leave me a comment.   I plan on doing one for Dark Visions by LJ Smith around the end of the month.  So if you have not read it and want to participate go out and get a copy.

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8 Responses

  1. Melanie

    You dare to pit best friends against each other? *Gasp* :D

    For me, I think I’d have to go with Mr. Bingley as well. He seems to be the guy that would be the most fun to hang around.

  2. dsuzuki

    LOL. I know but they are both such good catches I was curious what others thought.

  3. Alita

    I’d go for Mr. Bingley as well. Darcy’s secretiveness and trying to figure him out would be too stressful. Although Bingley caused his fair share of heartbreak. But wait! That was mostly Darcy’s fault. Definitely voting for Bingley.

  4. Victoria

    Yeah, I like Mr Bingley, you are right he had a better sense of humor BUT Mr Darcy was interesting and did have a nicer sister……but I chose Mr Bingley.

  5. dsuzuki

    Alta-although I suppose you could say Mr.Darcy’s good point is he is always trying to look out for the good of his friends even when he is misguided.
    Victoria-I know, the sister thing was a big factor. Just hope Caroline wouldn’t visit often :)

  6. Michelle

    Darcy….hands down it’s Darcy. He may be prideful but dang he wears it well. Mr. Bingley is just a bit too squeamish and understated. I imagine Jane wearing the pants in that family when all is said and done. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing necessarily but still not particularly smiled up on in that time period!

  7. Ash

    Of course Darcy, I just can’t help but adore his serious and secretive nature. Mr. Bingley has always struck me as a bit awkward (& I agree with Michelle’s squeamish). Besides, Darcy is funny in his own sort of way…

  8. dsuzuki

    Have you guys read Marsha Altman’s sequels to P&P? It’s hilarious reading more about Darcy and Bingley and their marriages. There’s an especially funny running joke about marital relations :)

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