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Survivor November 12

November 12th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


Back at camp Russell is now worried about going home next.  It’s nice to actually see him squirm.  He was way too cocky.  Still Laura is getting on my nerves.  Something about her just rubs me the wrong way.

I have to say I am impressed that while out walking Natalie comes across a rat and manages to whack it with a branch to bring it back to camp to eat.  Everyone at camp is shocked.  Ugh!  Seeing it skinned and on a stick is gross.  I definitely am not one who would survive out in the wild.

Tree Mail-Reward Challenge

The clue mentions something about digital for the reward challenge.  At the challenge they have to divide into teams of 5.  They will run out in pairs to retrieve polls with colored rocks.  Once they retrieve them they have to organize the rocks until the white rocks form a 4 digit number.  Then another blind folded tribe member will have to enter that combo in by touch only.  The winners of course get a getaway with a ton of food.

The teams are randomly drawn.  Because there are 11 people one will not participate.  Natalie gets left out.  She won’t participate but she chooses a team to support.  If that team wins she gets to go on reward.  Otherwise she goes back to camp with the losers.  She supports the team with Laura, Brett, Mick, Russell and Jaison (yellow team).  The purple team is out to the early leave but yellow quickly catches up and takes the lead.  Shambo is totally slowing down the purple team.   Yellow starts working on the puzzle first.  Shambo is lucky this isn’t teams any more.  Otherwise she would be gone for being so weak in the challenge.  Purple figures out their number first.  So now Monica needs to figure out the blind folded puzzle.  Laura is now working on the puzzle for yellow.  Monica finishes and purple wins reward!  So Natalie misses out and goes back to camp with the yellow team.

Wow, this reward place looks awesome.  There are all these rock slides that go into a pond below.  They are feasting on fried chicken, fruits, sandwiches and donuts.  They finally notice a note sitting on the table.  It has a clue for a hidden immunity idol at camp.  John puts out there since everyone at reward is the old Galu they just share the info with the original Galu members and get rid of Foa Foa.  They start talking strategy and people start tossing around Russell’s name but Shambo is trying to protect him.

At camp Russell is searching for possible places the immunity idol is and I can’t believe it!   He found it under a bridge with no clue!  Talk about luck and determination.  When Shambo gets back to camp he tells her that he found the immunity idol.  I wonder if Shambo will be able to keep this to herself or at least not let on to the others that he has it?  I don’t think she’s the best poker player so we will see.  The plan is to get them to vote Russell, he plays the idol and they vote Laura.

Immunity Challenge

Today only one immunity necklace.  The tribe members will use grappling hooks to retrieve two bags.  The first 3 will go onto the next round.  The bags contain pegs that they need to place in a board. That will cause other pegs to fall.  The first to get all the pegs in place wins immunity.

Wow, looks Shambo made an immediate snag and gets her first bag first.  Mick gets his first and second quickly.  Shambo gets her second bag.  One more spot.  Russell snags his second bag but gets cocky and takes his time reeling it in.  Laura hooks her bag and they are racing to pull the bags in.  Russell loses his bag and Laura moves on.

At the puzzle they have two pegs but only one will work.  They have to figure out which one starts the sequence.  Shambo is off to a quick start.  Mick is going quick as well.  Laura struggles a little at first but then gets into a groove.  Now she is jamming.  Uh oh.  Looks like Laura is going to win immunity.  Shambo is totally stalled.  Laura wins immunity!

I think Shambo choked.  She was doing so well and once Laura started going it made Shambo flustered.

Laura is saying that they are going to vote out Russell.  Shambo is bummed that Laura won but really she lost it for herself.  So now Shambo is saying they should vote out Kelly since Kelly is stronger than Monica.  Russell is telling Jaison that he found another immunity idol.  He tells Jaison to vote Kelly.  Jaison goes and tell Mick and Natalie about the idol.  I think Natalie is going to go blab to the girls.

Old Galu is strategizing about the order to get rid of Foa Foa.  John puts out there that Russell might have searched for the immunity idol even without the clue.  Dave thinks Russell is clueless.  Russell wanders by and over hears them talking about maybe Natalie should go before Russell.  So now he is wondering what to do.

Tribal Council

Eric is the first member of the jury.

Jeff asks Dave if voting out a Galu member is a sign that tribal loyalty is gone and he says no.  Getting rid of Eric was getting rid of a disruptive influence.  He asks Natalie how it feels to be down 7 to 4.  Natalie says she thinks old Galu made her feel very welcome.  Enough talking!  I want to see the votes.  I think they will vote Russell but want to see.  I also wonder if Natalie kept her mouth shut.

The Votes

Funny, I didn’t care for Russell but at this point I rather him stay and keep things up in the air.

Russell plays his immunity idol.    So now it is a matter of if they voted for him or for Natalie.  Russell (Eric cheers), Russell, Russell, Russell, Russell, Russell, Russell.  Galu is looking worried now.  Laura looks ill.  Kelly (Laura is pissed!), Kelly(Laura is giving the evil eye) and Kelly.  Kelly has been eliminated.  Laura whispers that Russell just stirred up a whole lotta hell.  What did you expect?  That he would roll over and leave the game?

The hidden immunity idol goes back into play.  You know they are not going to let Russell leave their side and get another chance to find his third immunity idol.  If he does that has got to be a record.

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12 Responses

  1. zia

    I am not fond of Laura at all. I just don’t like her snobby attitude. I loathed Russell in the beginning but now I think he keeps everyone on their toes and makes the show exciting.

  2. dsuzuki

    Same here! I think the game would get boring if Russell were to go.

  3. drey

    I laughed my butt off when he found the immunity idol!!! And the look on Laura’s and Dave’s faces when Russell stepped up with the immunity idol… Awesome episode! =)

  4. Tracie Yule

    My favorite part of this episode was Shambo’s expression during tribal. She was trying so hard to look shocked. All I have to say, is that she is not a good actress.

  5. Sheila DeChantal

    Yes – Shambo was doing so well in the challenge and she choked big time. Shambo does not work well under pressure. As much as I dislike Russell – the episode had a great ending and it was totally a shock vote!

  6. dsuzuki

    Drey-me too! I couldn’t get over how easily he found it and how shocked Laura and Dave were. I don’t really care for Dave.
    Tracie-I know, Shambo so can’t act. I thought for sure she would give away that Russell had the immunity without meaning to.
    Sheila-Russell is growing on me just for the entertainment value.

  7. Wrighty

    This week had some good twists! I’m not crazy about Russell and he hasn’t been as evil as they try to portray him to be but this week I was kind of hoping he would pull off his little plan. I haven’t really found anyone to root for this year. I just don’t care about this group very much. I do enjoy your summary each week though! Great job!

  8. dsuzuki

    Thanks Wrighty! Yes, I don’t really have anyone I’m rooting for but there are quite a few that get on my nerves :)

  9. Michelle

    I have to say that Russell is actually growing on me. You have to give the man props for finding the immunity idol twice without *any* clue. Seriously, he’s made this game pretty interesting (when I’m not annoyed by his arrogant speechifying, lol). I can do without the gaggle of girls — most particularly Laura and Monica. They seem to think their poopies don’t stink and that the game should just be handed to them. It was nice to see them get taken down a notch. Even if it had to be Russell doing it.

    At this point I like that nice rocket scientist boy. He and Jaison seem to have a pretty good advantage as Russell and the girls are gunning for each other. If the former two just lay low they may just skate through while everyone else picks each other off!

  10. dsuzuki

    I know! It’s like Laura expects everyone to roll over and give up. Did you see how pissed she was when Russell played that immunity idol? Is it John who is the rocket scientist? I think he’s cute they don’t show him much.

  11. Heidi V.

    Okay I’ll admit I disliked Russell because of the sock incident, but when he found that idol I was happy for him and for his old tribe cause you know as much as he scams he actually seems to want to keep them in the game…I was laughing at Eric he was cheering it on at Tribal Council. This season has been anything but boring with Russell around.

  12. dsuzuki

    Yes, Russell got off on the wrong foot with the sock thing but he’s the only thing keeping old Foa Foa alive right now.

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