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Amazing Race November 15

November 15th, 2009 by Debbie's World of Books


They take off…

Flight Time and Big Easy are the first to depart at 2:23am.  Teams have to travel by ferry across the Baltic Sea to Tallinn, Estonia.  Once there they need to figure out how to open the door to a certain building to find their next clue.  I’m guessing no ferries will run during the night.  Wow, the next boat isn’t until 17:45 (5:45pm).  So looks like everyone will catch up.  I need to interject here that I am excited to see Estonia.  We have a team at work over there and one of my coworkers hated it there but I think it would kind of cool.

Huh, Gary and Matt have the speed bump and I wonder if they can do it while waiting for the ferry or if they will have to do it later.  The globe trotter’s are mentioning how they didn’t like the way Sam and Dan were flipping each other off and cursing at each other.  While Sam and Dan are talking about how they want the globe trotters eliminated.  Don’t go messing with my team Sam and Dan!

In Tallinn they all bolt out of the ferry and are running.  They are all now racing to Mustpeade in taxis.  Rats, the globe trotters are in last place.  Cheyne and Megan arrive first.  The speed bump is at the door.  Cheyne and Meghan and Sam and Dan get the door open.  Brian and Ericka are trying to unlock the door to Mustpeade and Gary and Matt are doing their speed bump.  The globe trotters show up as Gary and Matt leave to find the sauna bus.

Speed Bump

They have to find the sauna bus, strip down and take a 5 minute sauna with some locals.  Once they are done they can continue on.  Wow, the sauna bus looks pretty cool.  Lucky for the guys they end up with a pretty girl in their sauna.  LOL.  Matt looks so uncomfortable sitting next to that girl.  Bashful I would say. :)

Road Block

One person have to go into the cellar and find a candelabra with a room number attached.  They go to that room where they will find what appears to be a blank scroll.  They need to figure out if they hold the scroll over the lighted candle it will reveal their next clue.  Hope they have watched National Treasure!

Cheyne and either Sam or Dan are working together to find their rooms.  Ericka and I think Flight Time are doing the road block.   Yay!  Flight Time finds his room first.  Uh oh. He thinks he has to color the scroll to find the clue.  Cheyne finds the scroll next and he right away figures out to use the candle to read the clue.  Ericka finds her clue next and tries to use the candle.  Dang it.  Flight Time finally holds the scroll up to the candle but puts it down before the clue appears.  Come on!  Looks like everyone else figured out the next location.

Matt is doing the road block.  He’s wondering what a candelabra is.

Meghan and Cheyne and Brian and Ericka are running together to find the tower.  Sam finally figures out the clue and then finally Flight Time figures out the clue.  They are in fourth place.  Poor Matt.  He’s so confused and not sure what to look for.  He’s asking people if they are candelabras.  He finally thinks that candelabra sounds like candle and finds the candelabra.  When he finds the scroll he tries the crayon thing too but finally figures out the candle trick.

The globe trotters are right behind Sam and Dan.


Meghan and Cheyne and Brian and Ericka find the tower and get their next clue.  Detour.  Sam and Dan and the globe trotters get the clue right after each other.  Matt and Gary can’t find the clue at the tower.  They finally go back and find the clue.   They decide to do the sling shot.

Surf or Sling

In surf they have to play a round of volleyball against a local team in the mud to score 5 points.

In sling they have to fire assorted vegetables at a moose target.  When they hit it will drop a pile of cabbage along with their clue.  Meghan and Cheyne go with surf.  Ericka is pissed that Brian let Meghan and Cheyne take the first taxi.  Brian asks them to call another taxi but once in Meghan and Cheyne tell the taxi driver to forget about calling another taxi.

Sam and Dan and the globe trotters both spot a taxi at the same time and are fighting over it.  They end up both in it and Sam and Dan are pissed.

LOL. Meghan is rereading the clue and it says they have to do the task in their underwear.  She says she doesn’t want to do it in her underwear and their driver sort of turns around like he would like to see her in her underwear.

Gary and Matt’s taxi driver calls Meghan and Cheyne’s driver to try and tell him to slow down but it doesn’t work.  Meghan and Cheyne get to the volleyball first.  Ugh!  They are knee deep in mud while playing.  Wow, Meghan and Cheyne look like they are kicking butt.  I would so have to do the sling shot since I am horrible at volleyball.  The bane of my high school PE class.  Brian and Ericka, the globe trotters and Sam and Dan all arrive at the volleyball at the same time but they all miss the marked path.  They start wandering up an unmarked path.

Meghan and Cheyne need one more point but they are tiring.  Finally they score the 5th point!  Hmmm, wonder if a shower is near by.

The three teams finally find the marked path.  Now it’s a matter of how good are they at mud volleyball?  LOL.  Sam and Dan are commenting on the hottie Estonia guys.  So it turns out only two teams can do volleyball at a time so Brian and Ericka end up doing the sling shot.  Oh wow, that’s a long distance to fire a sling shot but it looks like fun.

LOL, I notice they are blurring out Sam and Dan’s ahem *packages*.  Guess it’s because one of them is wearing some tight boxers.  Sam and Dan and the globe trotters aren’t doing so well.  Big Easy is having trouble with the mud.  Man, talk about the suspense.  They keep going back and forth with Sam and Dan and the globe trotters keeping about even in points.  THey are both at 4 points.  Yes!  The globe trotters hit five points first!  Shoot, the globe trotters run in the wrong direction and Sam and Dan go in the right direction.    Now they are in a foot race as they try to catch up to Sam and Dan.   Flight Time and either Sam or Dan go down.

Pit Stop

Teams need to go further into the blog to the pit stop of this leg of the race.  Meghan and Cheyne are team #1!  They win a red cedar sauna.  LOL. They don’t see all that excited about that but are just glad to make the final four.


Sam and Dan are team #2.  Flight Time and Big Easy are team #3.  Flight Time claims that Sam or Dan elbowed him while Sam and Dan claim Flight Time tried to push them.  I’m not sure who was the one who caused it. Brian and Ericka are team #4.

Gary and Matt are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race.


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3 Responses

  1. Michelle

    I was pleased our Team Globetrotter’s didn’t get the boot last night! I was a little worried early in the episode especially during that mud volleyball scenario. I thought they were possibly gonners there for good!

    I liked the father/son team and am sad to see them go, but I didn’t figure them for the winners anyway. Should be interesting to see how the final four shakes out all of the teams are fairly competative. I think each of them has come in first on a leg at some point. My guess is the show will do a leg that evens the playing field out timing wise so that it’s anyone’s game.

  2. Book Junkie

    I was really bummed at the brother’s behavior, they have been a little petty all the way through and I think thier ugly side is starting to show. I really like the Globetrotter’s and am thrilled that they made it. I thought they were gonners too! The father son team were so sweet it was sad to see them go!

  3. dsuzuki

    Me too! I thought the globe trotters might go. It was sad to see Matt and Gary to go. I think Brian and Ericka might be the next team eliminated unless something totally takes out another team.

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