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May in Review

June 1st, 2010 by Debbie's World of Books


Where oh where did May go?  Between selling our house, moving and house hunting not to mention only 6 weeks left before I give birth to my second child May just flew by.  I haven’t been as active posting other than book reviews so I apologize for that and hope the quality of my posts has not suffered too much.

I only managed to read 9 books last month although The Passage was a chunkster at over 700 pages:

My favorite was of course Spirit Bound as I am in love with the Vampire Academy series.  I was proud that I actually managed to read 4 books I bought myself plus a library book and the remaining 4 were books I had for review.

Unfortunately due to my pregnancy I wasn’t able to attend BEA this year.  So sad.  I had my plane tickets, hotel reservations and everything set up but had to cancel.  I hope everyone who went had a wonderful time!

I also had two giveaways.  For the Brightly Woven giveaway I haven’t forgotten.  I just need to pick the winners and send the books out.  My giveaway for The Host by Stephenie Meyer ends on June 4.

Looking forward to June I don’t foresee much more reading than in May since we will be getting ready to move into our new house.  I do hope to read more of my own books as well as a bunch of library books I’ve had my eyes on.

How was your May reading?

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7 Responses

  1. gautami tripathy

    You seem to have done well.

    Here is my May Wrap-Up post!

  2. Mardel

    What!? only nine books in a month?!!!! :) LOL, Sweetie you are doing way better than I am. And You’re Pregnants! (I miss those days – the pregnancies, the young babies)

    I think I’ve accomplished reading four books. Not sure, because I haven’t counted, but it hasn’t been that many. I could probably use my grandchildren as excuses – They ARE a little distracting. Yup! it’s their fault. Totally. (and Dr. Who, and Survivors -BBC – and Desparate Housewives, and WORK, and Sleep.)

    Really – I think nine books is excellant!

    Congratulations on your Second Baby – or your soon to be born second baby. Like I said, I do miss those days, although having some young (toddlers) grandchildren around really helps. :)

  3. dsuzuki

    Mardel-Thanks! I can’t wait for the second baby but imaging how little time I will have to read :) Yes, on top of work and all that tv. Thank goodness Survivor, Amazing Race, etc. are done. Although of course then there will be Sanctuary and Big Brother starting soon. LOL.

  4. Freda

    You had a good month! Here’s to hoping June will be good too!

  5. kay

    I think you had a good month! 9 books is certainly great considering everything you had going on (and this counting a chunkster!) I wish you the best for June!

  6. Michelle

    You didn’t like The Passage as well as others that I’ve seen. I’ve got the ARC on my shelf and it’s just so dang daunting given it’s mammoth size. I’m going to try and pick it up and do a few chapters a week I think.

  7. dsuzuki

    Thanks guys.

    Michelle-I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t heard so many people raving about it. I even saw it featured in one of my magazines as a must read. So I had really high expectations. It was in no way a bad book though.

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