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Bloggiesta Update #1

June 11th, 2010 by Debbie's World of Books


Here is my first update:

I’ve spent:

Friday-about 4.5 hrs

My starting list of to do items:

  • I have a bunch of scheduled book reviews that I want to revisit and revise
  • Need to write reviews of the following books
    • Sea Glass by Maria V. Snyder-done
    • By The Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters-done
    • The Dead of Night by John Marsden
    • A Killing Frost by John Marsden
    • Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn-done
  • Set up at least one or two more posts for my Who Would You Pick? series
  • Clean up my tabs-done
  • Link up any missing links of my reviews on the Books Read in 2009 and 2010 pages-done
  • Revisit how and where I really want to post links (Facebook, Book Blogs ning, Twitter, etc.)
  • Participate in the mini-challenges
  • I should probably revisit the metadata mini-challenge that I think took place awhile back because I’ve stopped doing that and need a refresher
  • Update my blogroll again-done. Glad I did this as several of the blogs I listed haven’t been updated in moths.
  • Wrote my Mailbox Monday post for this coming Monday-done
  • Wrote a post about recent book finds-done

Question: What are your thoughts about sidebar content? I’ve seen quite a few blogs that have those countdown widgets and the widgets in which you can showcase the covers of favorite books, upcoming books, etc.  I’m debating if I want to add any of those.  Do you actually pay attention to what people put in their sidebars?  Do you find them too distracting?  What kind of things do you like to see in sidebars?  Thanks for the feedback!


I am still waiting to see what the final list of mini-challenges will be but I know for sure I’ll be participating in:

  • There’s A Book’s It’s All About the Numbers mini-challenge-done.  I had signed up for Google Analytics awhile back but never really looked at it again. It was fascinating to see the data collected.  I was surprised to see I actually had people visit my site who were still using dial up and while most of my visits were from people in the US I also had visitors from places like India and Vietnam which was very cool!
  • Cass at Bonjour Cass (@bonjourcass) – It’s often said the best part of book blogging is the community.  Go discover them in this commenting challenge!-Making some good progress on this one although it’s caused my reader list to grow.

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7 Responses

  1. Naomi

    You have made a great start. I always look at peoples sidebars. Good luck for today.


  2. Michelle

    Congratulations on making such great progress! Keep up the hard work :)

  3. Serena

    you are doing great on your list. I reallly like the sidebar widgets that show books from bloggers shelves that they’ve read and gave high ratings to and of what current books they are reading.

  4. Colleen (Books in the City)

    Meta data – that is something I need to learn about too – my website grader report cited it as a deficiency. Something to focus on tomorrow I suppose!

  5. Gwen

    You have gotten a lot done already.

    About SFBR and SBR, I am frantically trying to read my books before Saturday too. I always seem to bite off more than I can chew with them in the time that they give us.

    I am sort of torn with sidebar widgets. While I like seeing what people are reading and all that, it tends to make things cluttered. I guess that it depends on what your goals are for your blog.Speaking of which, isn’t that one of the mini challenges?

  6. Jennie

    I read most of my blogs in google reader, so I rarely even *see* the sidebars and blog design. I only visit a page if someone has linked to a specific post (and I feel inspired to follow the link) or if I want to comment. If I’m commenting, I just scroll down to the rest of the comments and don’t look at the sidebars. If I’m reading a post from a followed link, I do notice the side bars. A lot of sidebars are really busy with lots of moving things, which just gives me a headache and distracts me from the content of the post…

  7. Becky

    You’ve made great progress so far! Sidebars are tricky. I’m often curious and look at what someone has posted, just to get an idea of their personal preferences and such. I don’t spend a lot of time on the side bar, as book reviews are my number one interest, but I do browse through what’s there from time to time. If people have tons of buttons to advertise other blogs, I will for sure jump over them, but otherwise I’ll look around a little.

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