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Promises to Keep by Jane Green

June 18th, 2010 by Debbie's World of Books


Source: Received for review

Availability: In stores June 15, 2010

Publisher: Viking Adult

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars

Description from Callie Perry is a successful family photographer living in upstate New York. She adores her two daughters, has great friends, and actually doesn’t mind that her workaholic husband gets home at 9 p.m. every night-that is, when he’s not traveling six months out of the year.

Callie’s younger sister, Steff, on the other hand, has never grown up. She’s a free spirit, living in downtown Manhattan and bouncing between jobs and boyfriends. Lately, she’s been working as a vegan chef, even though she can’t cook.

Lila Grossman is Callie’s best friend and has finally met the man of her dreams. Eddie has two wonderful children, but also a drama queen ex-wife who hates Lila. And then there are Callie and Steff’s parents, Walter Cutler and Honor Pitman. Divorced for thirty years, they rarely speak to each other.

The lives of these colorful characters intersect when they each receive a shocking note that summons them together for one extraordinary summer in Maine and changes their lives forever. This novel is about the hard choices we have to face, about having to be your parents’ child long after you’ve grown up, and about the enduring nature of love.

I’ve only read a couple books by Jane Green and was not impressed but this book was unbelievably good!  Granted I am nearly 9 months pregnant and have a toddler of my own but this book had me bawling.  I was so invested in the characters and what happened to each that I almost couldn’t finish the book out of fear of what would happen.  Steff is your typical chick lit, flighty character and you can pretty much predict what would happen to her in the end.  Still the story was written in such a way that it will keep you engaged and hoping for a happy ending for all of the main characters.  Callie’s husband at first had me guessing if he was going to go the route of the busy working husband who would turn out to be a cheater or a loving husband that would be there no matter what.

The other nice thing about this book was each chapter opens up with a recipe.  Some of them sounded so tasty I may just have to try them out myself.  Really there wasn’t anything I actively disliked about this story.  The only slightly negative thing I can say is much of the story is predictable but I find that true of all chick lit books.  This is definitely a must read book but have a few tissues on hand.

More about the book from Penguin Books :

PROMISES TO KEEP is the most personal and the most moving of her books, written to help Jane through the traumatic loss of one of her best friends, Heidi, who lost her battle with breast cancer last year.  In Jane’s words, “Heidi didn’t just live life.  She sparkled.  But she couldn’t survive the cancer that swept through her body like a wildfire over seven months.  One day, leaving a chemotherapy session, she said to me, ‘I hope you’re going to write about this.’ And so I did.”  This is not a story about her friend, but it is a story about friendship, and about what it means to love someone.

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5 Responses

  1. Bella

    I adore Jane Green books and this one sounds awesome. Thanks for the great review.

  2. kay

    I have yet to try one of Jane Green’s books, but reading your review, maybe I should start with this one!

  3. dsuzuki

    I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

  4. Alita

    I’ve only read a few Jane Green books, and they’ve been hit or miss with me. One I loved and one I disliked so much I didn’t even finish it. I’ve been hesitant to try another Green book since that unfinished one, but your glowing review makes me really want to read this!

  5. dsuzuki

    Alita-I feel the same way about Jane Green. I’ve enjoyed some but one of the ones I read actually got a 2 star rating from me which is rare. So I’m really glad I enjoyed this one and gave it a chance.

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