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Blog Hop ’10

August 7th, 2010 by Debbie's World of Books

I’m a little late but…When I heard about the Blog Hop ’10 it sounded like fun.  What is a blog hop?  It’s basically  like a virtual online party where you hop around to different blogs and check them out.  I’m always up for “meeting” new bloggers and finding more awesome blogs.

Debbie’s World of Books is basically made up of my thoughts on the books I read, bookish news and tidbits and occasionally giveaways.  I do not specialize in any one genre as I review pretty much every book I read so I can keep track of what I read.  My interests range from YA, romance, sci-fi and fantasy to action/suspense books.  I do tend to go on genre binges and lately it has been YA books.

Outside of blogging I work full-time testing the Dreamweaver software and I have two kiddos (three if you count my hubby. lol.)  Hope some of you stick around and become new friends!

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  1. Mowenackie

    Hail, fellow Reader! So glad I found your site through The Blog Hop. I’m looking forward to finding some new reads through your reviews. (Already added April, May, June to my list.) I’m working on some book reviews for my blog as well. Hope you’ll stop by soon. Nice to “meet” you!

  2. Sistergirl

    Just Hoppin By,
    I have almost read all 255 blog on the hop. I’m #255, the Last blog standing. I love to read and I according to my husband I tend to read faster than the average person so I have to check out some of the books you have on your site. lol

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