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Serial Readers

August 16th, 2010 by Debbie's World of Books

A discussion about reading series came up in my online book club and got me wondering.  If you enjoy reading books that are a part of a series do you have a particular way of getting through the series?

I tend to get a little obsessive over series I really enjoy.  So if there are a bunch of books out in the series I usually read them all in a row.  For example, after reading the first book in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead I had to immediately go out and by the next two books and finished all three in the span of 4 days.  When books 4 and 5 came out I bought them on release day and finished them that day.  I also did this for the Twilight series, the Bluebloods series by Melissa de la Cruz, the Valdemar books by Mercedes Lackey, Julie Quinn’s Bridgerton family series and Christine Feehan’s Ghostwalker series among others.

Then there are the series that I really enjoy but get burnt out on and stop reading them.  Like the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.  I blazed through the first 8 books of the series.  By time I read Dead and Gone I think I must have been burnt out or the series was starting to go downhill because I just could not get into it.  I have not even bothered to pick up A Touch of Dead yet and am not sure when I will.  I had the same problem with Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norville series.  I read the first 7 books pretty much all in a row and then for some reason I just lost interest and have not picked up Kitty Goes to War yet and so far have no real desire too.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe I shouldn’t have read them all in a row?

And the last thing I notice about when I read series is that sometimes I’m masochistic and even though I’ve stop enjoying it I still keep reading.  This happened with PC Cast’s House of Night series.  I was on my vampire kick and started reading it.  I thought the first two books were pretty good, then I thought they went down hill and yet I kept reading and buying the books.  I still have Hunted sitting on my shelf to read but I finally gave up when Burned came out.  I just couldn’t do it any more.  Yet, I know people who feel like once they start a series they have to finish it no matter how painful (ahem, Pam! lol)

How do you read series?  Do you blaze through all the books at once or do you intersperse them with other books to break it up? Are you a masochist who once you get invested in a series you feel you have to read it through completion even after it starts getting painful?

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  1. L. Diane Wolfe

    If I stop enjoying it, I stop reading. Too many good books out there.

  2. thefishie

    It completely depends on the author and the series. I had a similar experience with the Sookie Stackhouse series, although I disliked the plot twists Charlaine Harris threw in by book 4 or 5. However, once I start a series, I usually attempt to finish so I “know what happens.” One big factor might be whether I purchase the book or borrowing it from the library.

  3. Pam

    I was nodding my head all through this thinking I keep on with HoN and Sookie even though I wish they would both jump in a hyperbole. I have actually been careful not to start too many series books this year and try to read only stand alone but I came to a reality. Almost every book in YA and MG now is a series or a trilogy. Why? What happened to the stand-alone outside of YA Contemporary?

  4. Gina

    Interesting topic! I wouldn’t say I “suffer” through a series just because…for example, HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy. I read the first one and was fine with it but book two….OMG, was not feeling it at the time at all. Since I generally don’t have books that fall in them DNF category, I set it aside for another time. When I picked it back up I was more receptive to reading that installment and the final one, thus less “suffering” on my part, and more enjoyment. If I like a series though, I am there with you on having the read the rest. I have a few I follow that are ongoing and though I can’t work in the new installments right now for a read, I have them…and rest assured they will be read. ^_^

  5. Sheila DeChantal

    I like to read them in a row too and try if possible to wait to start a series I think I will enjoy until all books are out so I can read them like eating m & m’s….. ooh, bad comparison – I am on the Game On Diet. :)

  6. dsuzuki

    L. Diane Wolfe-exactly! So I don’t know why sometimes I keep buying the books. It must be the book buying addiction.

    thefishie-yup, for the Sookie series I borrowed Dead and Gone instead of buying it since I was getting tired of them.
    Pam-I know what you mean about the series. I mentioned this in my post here and some people had interesting comments.

    Gina-I agree sometimes you just have to be in the right mood for a book. Maybe I’ll get to that point again for some of these series.

    Sheila-I am doing that with George RR Martin’s series. His books are sooo long and have so many characters. Plus it takes him years to come out with the next one that I forget what’s going on and it would take too long to re-read all the books. So now I’m waiting for the whole series to be out before going back to them. Speaking of which I should check to see where his series is at. :)

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