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My Week in TV

September 24th, 2010 by Debbie's World of Books

It’s that time again where I am torn between reading, blogging and watching TV.  If you saw my Fall TV line up post then you know I am a tv addict.  Here is what I watched this week:

America’s Next Top Model

Episode 3

This week’s episode was make over week and of course you had the girls who were crying over having their hair chopped.  Really?  In 15 cycles you go on the show not accepting that you might have to lose your hair?  Get over it.  After the make overs were done Mr. Jay and Ms. J eliminated Terra.  When they showed her after the elimination she seemed more upset over the fact they cut her hair and then cut her rather than losing her chance at modeling.  I was fine seeing her go.

The photo shoot had the girls up in a harness acting as fallen angels.  It was pretty much a disaster all around and at the judging Tyra even mentioned it was like grading on a curve because the photos as a whole were so bad.  Lexie and Sarah end up in the bottom two and Sarah ends up going home.  She’s crushed that she left her baby to only get cut this early but I think either of the two going home was fine.  I wasn’t impressed with either of their pictures.

Ann definitely seems to be rising to the top girl to beat much to my surprise but I am loving her photos.

The Vampire Diaries

Season 2 Episode 1

Damon just gets hotter and hotter.  I didn’t watch season 1 when it was on so I am catching up on DVD but so far am loving season 2.  Damon was my favorite in the books and definitely my favorite in the TV series.  I love his snarkiness and bad boy yet sensitive side.  I truly felt bad for him when both Elena and Katherine told him they loved Stefan.  Stefan so far from what I’ve seen in the series is a total bore.

Caroline as a vampire looks like it’s going to be really interesting and can’t wait to see where they go with it.

Season 1 Episodes 1-2

I’ve watched the first two episodes and this is where I stopped during the season.  Jeremy is so irritating that it’s painful watching him.  I don’t care for Elena so far.  She seems stiff and not the greatest actress.  Hoping the following episodes improve.


Episode 2

Wow, talk about drama!  First at the older tribe Holly loses it when she thinks one of the guys is laughing at her.  So like a child she goes and steals his shoes, fills them with sand and puts them in the water.  Granted later she comes to her senses and feels bad.  She confesses to it but she is lucky the older tribe ended up winning the immunity and award challenge as she got to stay.  On the younger tribe Naonka is convinced someone moved her socks and gets pissed and decides to steal Fabio’s extra pair.  Then proceeds to go off on him for reasons I either missed or couldn’t understand.  She just seems like a drama queen.  Then on the younger tribe there was more drama as they tried to figure out who to vote out.  First it looked like Brenda was going because people were afraid of her relationship with Chase and wooing him to her alliance.  Chase goes and blabs to Brenda about the plan and she convinces him to get rid of Shannon instead.

Shannon finds out what is going on and goes off at the tribal council.  He starts ranting and raving and basically digs himself into a hole.  Then NaOnka goes off on Fabio and basically the whole tribe was going off on each other.  In the end Shannon went home.  I’m thinking probably not the smartest choice physically for the tribe but hopefully it helps unite the tribe.  I personally would have gotten rid of NaOnka.

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7 Responses

  1. Christina/Book Addict

    I agree. This week I was completely torn between reading and blogging. Fall TV has been great so far. I am definitely hooked on Vampire Diaries. I love Damon, but am a huge fan of Alaric! I also see that you are reading Desires of the Dead. I am so jealous! I hope it’s as fabulous as The Body Finder!

  2. dsuzuki

    I just got started reading it but already it has me intrigued and trying to figure out what is going to happen.

  3. Heidi V.

    Elena is totally annoying in Vampire D….Totally agree with you about the Naonka not sure what her deal is but Shannon blew it at tribal so far I’m hoping for the older camp but it might be because it doesn’t seem like the younger team is getting much air time so I don’t feel a kinship with them if that makes sense!

  4. dsuzuki

    Yeah, so far no one has really grabbed me on Survivor. I know I’d like to see Holly and NaOnka go though.

  5. Pam S

    great post!

    I did watch season 1 and started season 2 on vampire diaries. I agree on elena she gets on my nerves a lot – stephen can at times to (closer to the end of season 1 for me). Don’t give up on 2 yet this week was better to me for season to than prev eps.

    I need to read the series. I had started book 1, but got side tracked.

  6. Michelle

    I’m really enjoying Caroline so much more now that she’s a vampire. She’s still neurotic and insecure but we’re also seeing some of that drift away as she embraces her vampire power. I agree 100% Damon is super hot and I just adore the snarkiness, he brings the evil and the entertainment and it makes the show much more fun.

    As it relates to Survivor, seriously I think Shannon is an idiot and he definitely deserved to go home. Despite the physical loss (which I’m not convinced really matters as any really huge physical challenge is going to be easier for young over old) he was a negative influence on the tribe. I’ll be interested to see if Naonka settles down after this council. If she doesn’t she’s next to go, she’s got to see that right?

  7. dsuzuki

    Pam-I loved the books growing up but not so much when I re-read them last year.
    michelle-hopefully NaOnka settles down otherwise she’s going for sure. Same with Holly on the older tribe.

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