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Does Age Matter?

September 28th, 2010 by Debbie's World of Books

I finished the book, Halo by Alexandra Adornetto, and have been putting off writing the review because I really did not think it was that great.  I will give props considering Adornetto was 17 when she wrote it but some parts were over done and I thought it could have easily been about 200 pages shorter.  Then I started thinking should it really matter how old the author is?  Should that be taken into consideration when writing a review?

I cannot imagine being able to write a book now and I am well out of my teens so I admire the fact that someone so young even had the guts, talent and discipline to write a full length novel.  I remember reading Legacy by Cayla Kluver and holding it to a different standard than I normally would because she was fourteen when she wrote it.

Now I’m thinking that age should not matter.  Whether the author is 15 or 50 a good book is a good book and a bad one is a bad one.  I think I probably write a more honest review when I do not know the background of the author.  Another book written by a teen that I loved and never realized it was written by a teenager was The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  She started writing it when she was just 17 and it was published two years later.  That book was unbelievably amazing and I am just further astounded that it was written by someone so young.

What do you think?  Should an author’s age be taken into consideration when writing a review?  Does it affect your opinion of a book?

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5 Responses

  1. Danielle

    Honestly, it’s never crossed my mind before but I don’t think age should matter. If they’re published it should mean that they are good enough to compete with other writers.

  2. Pam

    I have taken age into account for a debut novel (The Duff) but does age of reviewer count too?

  3. Caitie F

    I don’t think it should matter. If they are published, they should be judged by the same standards as anyone else. If you give more leeway for younger writers, then shouldn’t eve author get better as they get older? I know there are plenty that don’t!

    It shouldn’t matter if an author is 17 or 70, they were published. They worked with agents and editors like everyone else.

  4. Patty

    I loved Halo…I knew that the author was young but the book just touched my heart…

  5. dsuzuki

    I tend to agree all authors should be considered against the same bar. I need to sit down and really figure out what to write for my Halo review.
    Patty-I am glad you liked it. Alexandra seemed so sweet when I went to her book signing.

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