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Give the Gift of Reading: Historical Fiction Shopping List and Giveaway

November 15th, 2010 by Debbie's World of Books

Thanks to everyone that submitted their suggestions of the best historical fiction books that they would suggest buying as a gift for those who love to take a peak into another time period  out there. Download a printable shopping list of the most often suggested books hereCheck out the full shopping list below or all of the shopping lists will be linked at the top of my blog.

Some interesting facts regarding some of the suggestions below…

Did you know that in Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks…

  • The town of Eyam really did quarantine themselves when the plague was discovered there.  There has also been some disagreement if the inhabitants of Eyam had some sort of genetic protection against the bubonic plague.

Did you know that other than being known for beheading wives…

  • Henry VIII also composed music.
  • Out of all his wives Jane Seymour was the only one to give birth to a male heir and Henry VIII was buried next to her.
  • At death Henry’s waist was approximately 58 inches around!

In Gone With the Wind did you know…

  • Scarlett O’Hara was initially supposed to be named Pansy.

Did you know that Cleopatra…

  • Had three children with Mark Antony including twins and after their parents death they were raised by Antony’s wife, Octavia.

Did you know Pride and Prejudice has…

  • had at least 5 film adaptations including a Bollywood adaptation called Bride and Prejudice.

Full List of Suggestions


I hope you have actually read through the list and got some good ideas of holiday gifts for those historical fiction readers.  To help spread the word about this project there are 2 prize packs up for grabs.

Thanks to the awesome folks at Simon & Schuster I have two sets of Philippa Gregory’s books, The White Queen and The Red Queen.  These were by far the most suggested books for this shopping list. So two winners will receive copies of both books.

The Rules

  • This is really counting on the honor system here but leave me a comment about either someone you are going to buy a book for as a gift (it doesn’t have to be a child) or someone to who you have mentioned this shopping list to (be it a mother, friend, fellow blogger, random stranger in a book store…) and your contact information.
  • If you already have one of the books please note in your comment which one you would like to win.  If you win then I will choose someone else to receive the other book to help share the wealth.
  • Open to US only. Sorry money is tight so I cannot afford to mail these internationally.
  • Ends December 25, 2010.

Extra entries (some people love ‘em, some people hate ‘em so it’s up to you)

Since the point is to spread the word as much as possible about this project here are some ways to get extra entries:

  • If you advertised the original post about giving the gift of reading then leave a comment with the link (+3 entries)
  • If you advertise this post (Tweet, Facebook, link to side bar, etc.) leave the link (+1 for each link)
  • If you dedicate a post on your blog to this shopping list and this project leave the link in the comments) (+5 entries)

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30 Responses

  1. Angela

    This is a great list!

    This year I know we are going to be buying our nieces some Dr. Seuss books if my sister-in-law ever gets us the list of ones they already have. I think we are going to be buying my mother-in-law at least one book as well :-)

    angela.donner @

  2. Victoria Zumbrum

    I am looking for books for my mother-in-law and husband. My mother-in-law likes cook books and husband likes history books. Please enter me in contest. [email protected]

  3. bookworm

    Great post, and thanks for the list. I love this genre.
    I knew Scarlett was almost named Pansy :)
    Bride and Prejudice is such a cute movie, it’s a fav of mine.

  4. Julie H

    I will be buying a couple novels for my best friend. She looks forward to my “holiday” picks, they are usually books I enjoyed during the year.

  5. Bethie

    I have been buying books for my nieces and nephew since they were born. They are now teenagers and I don’t know if they read them anymore. But my kids love picking them out. So this has turned into something I do for my kids now.

  6. Ammy Belle

    My comment is too long for this … so … just go here:

    Also, I did all the extras, so I suppose: + 8 on top of this comment?

  7. Kim

    I know for sure I’m buying a close friend of mine the Fever books by Karen Marie Moning. She has got to get on the ball and read them.

    Thanks for the contest. I’ve never read this author, but always have wanted to!

  8. Aik

    I’d buy books for my sister!

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  9. Aik

    I tweeted:

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  10. Belle Découverte

    I’m planning on buying books for both my younger brother and mom.

    [email protected]

  11. Belle Découverte

    +3 I advertised the original post:

    [email protected]

  12. Belle Découverte

    +1 I tweeted:!/bdecouverte/status/8021320595939329

    [email protected]

  13. Belle Découverte

    +1 I facebooked:

    [email protected]

  14. Belle Découverte

    +1 I linked on my sidebar:

    [email protected]

  15. Belle Découverte

    +5 I dedicated a post on my blog to this shopping list and this project:

    [email protected]

  16. Allison TIelking

    I’m going to buy a book for my friend, Maisie, back in Minnesota ’cause we both love books!!! :D Thanks for the ah-mazing giveaway!!
    [email protected]

  17. Moridin

    I mentioned this list to my sister.

  18. Ann

    Am giving The Book Thief as a gift (great read) for my niece.


  19. Emma

    I will be buying books for my sister and daughter and other friends.Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.augustlily06(at)aim(dot)com.

  20. Mare Fairchild

    A very close friend and I always give each other books for Christmas and birthdays. It’s become such a tradition that she occasionally fakes me out by changing the packaging so I don’t realize that it’s a book. I love the little adrenaline rush. LOL

  21. Becky

    I am buying my sister Michele Marie Tate volume one of an epic family drama series that begins in 1920 and follows the family for three generations, titled, “Blood, Money, Power.” The story plot is so exciting… Hearst castle, and the dazzling lives of Hollywood’s legendary movie stars. I loved it so I know she is going to love it as well!

  22. Becky

    Just found the correct link to the Michele Marie Tate book

  23. Becky

    am buying my sister Michele Marie Tate’s volume one of an epic family drama series that begins in 1920 and follows the family for three generations, titled, “Blood, Money, Power.” The story plot is so exciting… Hearst castle, and the dazzling lives of Hollywood’s legendary movie stars. I loved it so I know she is going to love it as well!

  24. Julie

    I got 3 books for my family secret santa :)


  25. Donna/Happy Booker

    One of the reasons I started a book blog was to have other people to discuss my book love with since none of my family and closest friends are readers! So, I am only buying books for my 9 year old son this holiday season. However, I did grab some names from that list for my own Christmas wish list and sent it to my family and friends!. I’ve actually read most of Philippa Gregory’s books and absolutely love them. She really brings to life the era of kings and courts so beautifully. I would love to win this.

    dsfrankj at gmail dot com

  26. Donna/Happy Booker

    posted your button on my sidebar
    dsfrankj at gmail dot com

  27. MARCI J

    GREAT list! I got the book The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morten for my mom this Christmas

  28. CherylS22

    I always buy books for gifts. This Christmas, I bought my husband & my nephew books for their gifts.

    Thanks for the giveaway…..
    Happy Holidays!

  29. Kira

    I love getting and gifting books! This year I bought books as gifts for my sister, husband and son!

  30. @DogberryPages

    I have books for my 3 grandchildren under the tree and giving my wife a nook (but made her promise not to buy me one).

    I also retweeted this so I guess that is a +1

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