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Vampire Crush by A.M Robinson

December 7th, 2010 by Debbie's World of Books

Source: Received for review

Publication date: December 28, 2010

Publisher: HarperTeen

I give this book 2.5 out of 5 stars

Description from First, six mysteriously pale new students show up at Sophie McGee’s high school. Then, Sophie’s childhood nemesis James reappears, still displaying a knack for making Sophie’s blood boil. When Sophie finds out that James has a connection to the new students, she decides to investigate…never expecting her life will quickly begin to resemble a campy horror movie, complete with budding crushes and bloodthirsty villains.

I know 2.5 stars does not sound great and I debated between that and 3 stars but finally went with 2.5 because there was nothing really new in this book but it wasn’t a horrible book.  It’s just not one I would pick up again and not one I would be in a rush to suggest to someone else.

The Story Line

The synopsis sounded good and you obviously knew the new students would be vampires but all in all there was nothing really original about this story.  James reappears in Sophie’s life and has turned amazingly good looking which leads to some attraction on Sophie’s part.  Then there is also the evil vampire who has a secret mission that Sophie can’t help getting herself involved in. That whole plot was so sketchy and convoluted that it was hard to really get into the story itself. The characters’ quirks were the main thing that kept me going.

The Characters

Sophie was a fun character and her dialogue was one of the things that kept me reading the book.  I was not sure if this was intentional or not but it seemed like Robinson was taking a shot at all the vampire hype that has come about since Twilight and if it was intentional to be this cheesy then I would raise this to a 3 star book.  I loved when Sophie is going over the traits she believes a vampire has and she mentions that they sparkle in the sunlight.  It is kind of sad that these days instead of looking for the pale, goth type people with no reflections as signs of a vampire, instead they look to see if someone sparkles when walking in sun light.  It’s little tidbits like this coming from Sophie that made this a campy, fun read.  Violet, another vampire, is obsessed with gaining relationship advice from glamour magazines which is also amusing.  The bad guy, Vlad, is so ridiculous as a villain that it was hard to take him seriously.

The Romance

You know from the start that Sophie and James are going to hook up but it was fun to see how they slowly ease back into a relationship with one another.  James has the ability to hear Sophie’s thoughts when he is in close proximity and that leads to some amusing passages.  There was not as much passion between the two as one would expect in a romance story but it was still cute to see.

Overall, a fun read if you don’t take it too seriously but not one of my must reads of the year.

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  1. Michelle

    UGH, seeing that rating on this book I don’t even need to read the review to know I’m not interested in that one.

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