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Crossing Over by Anna Kendall

December 13th, 2010 by Debbie's World of Books

Source: Picked up at NCIBA

Publisher: Viking Juvenile

Publication date: October 14, 2010

I give this book 2.5 out of 5 stars

Description from Whether it’s a curse, or a blessing, or an ability, the fact remains: whenever Roger is injured or in enough pain he crosses over to the land of the dead. Once there, there are rules: only the newly dead will talk, for example, and nothing will raise the longer dead from their tranquility.

There are rules in the land of the living as well; rules which would have Roger hanged for witchcraft if he was ever caught. But refusing to cross over isn’t an option. His uncle depends on Roger to hide under the table in their fairground act, listen to the recently bereaved asking questions of their dear departed, and then cross over to find the answers. It’s a hard way of life, made all the harder as his uncle’s fists usually provide the trigger for Roger to cross over.

It’s not the only way of life, though, and when Roger sees a chance to escape he fights for it – little knowing that love, loss, shocking revelations and, ultimately, war lie ahead of him.

Just because Roger can cross over into the land of the dead doesn’t mean he wants to.

I enjoyed the world that was built in this story but as for the story itself I thought it was just ok.  I never came to like Roger.  I know that he was raised in an abusive environment and that probably stunted his social growth but I found him him to be irritating and dislikable.  As is typical of most YA books these days there is the love interest.  After he escapes life with his abusive uncle he fixates on Lady Cecilia and falls in “love” with her.  I imagine it’s because she’s the first beautiful and lively female he meets as a part of his new life.  But it irks me despite all the evidence that she is nothing but an empty headed twit that he fixates on her and is totally clueless about the other girl who is in love with him. He’s like a child who sees a shiny toy and decides that is the one he must have despite anything else that comes across his path.

**Spoiler start-highlight the next line to read the spoiler**

Even though he does end up realizing what he had in front of him all the way it made me mad that he only gives up on Cecilia after she is gone for good.  It’s almost as if he is just settling for the consolation prize.

**End spoiler**

I was also hoping he was going to be one of those characters that overcomes the obstacles in his life to grow into someone who is heroic.  I felt we do not really see that.  He remains whiny, self absorbed and selfish other than his devotion to Cecilia.  I do not understand why he inspires people like Maggie and Mother Chilton to help him when he’s rude and ungrateful.When he does finally do something heroic it seems out of the blue.

The world this story takes place in was fascinating.  It’s basically a kingdom ruled by women and everyone sees it as the right of women to rule because they are the ones who give life.  The idea of men ruling is totally foreign to them when they meet people from another land who are ruled by men.  It mixes a bit of medieval flavor, with fantasy and a bit of modern day with guns, a foreign weapon, intheir world.  I found it funny that the Queen’s brother is married off to the Queen of another country in order to seal an alliance.  It’s like the polar opposite of the stereotypical male dominated world.

I felt like there was still unanswered questions about this whole world that Roger is able to cross over into, how he is able to do so and the history of the people at Soulvine Manor.  I don’t know if it’s set up for a future book or not but it would have been nice to have more answers to make it feel like a complete story.

Overall it’s not a bad book and I think others may enjoy it but it just wasn’t a book for me.

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  1. daydreamerN

    I like the cover. but it does not look like a great read. great review. help me really see this books true colors.

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