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Get Real and Stop Dieting by Brett Blumenthal

January 11th, 2011 by Debbie's World of Books

Source: Received for review

Publication date: December 28, 2010

Publisher: Amazon Encore

Description from  In today’s high-speed culture, sensible human nutrition has been sidetracked by convenience foods and fad diets. Attempting to cut through the hype can be overwhelming for anyone, even when you have the best of intentions about adopting healthier eating habits and committing to long-term wellness. Fortunately, wellness expert Brett Blumenthal has created a straightforward diet and nutrition program to demystify the secrets of healthy eating once and for all. She identifies five simple principles, founded in fact, that can easily be applied in everyday life. Her “GET REAL” toolkit outlines tips on establishing proper portion size, shopping smart at the grocery store, and making healthy substitutions in cooking, along with advice about exercise, hydration, and stress reduction. And with forty pages of simple, satisfying recipes at your fingertips, you can jump-start your nutritional makeover the tasty way, at breakfast (Mushroom and Asparagus Egg-white Omelets and Pleasantly Surprising Whole-grain Pancakes), lunch (Spinach, Raisin, and Chickpea Salad with Chicken and Farm Fresh Italian Calzones), and even dessert (Grandma’s Chocolate Clusters and Summer’s Over Apple Crumble).

Ok, if you are one of the masses who has made a resolution to eat healthier and lose some weight this year raise your hand.  If you are like me then your hand has shot up in the air.  Since the birth of my two kids I’ve really let myself go and I can definitely feel it.  So after visiting my brother and seeing how my sister-in-law manages to squeeze in all these veggies, whole wheat, flax, etc. into what she’s cooking and it still comes out tasting amazing I decided I needed to make the effort.  So it was quite timely that this book was offered to me for review.

It’s a quick read at 156 pages and that includes about 40 pages of recipes but summarizes nicely all the things you need to know about eating healthier and not necessarily dieting.  Blumenthal points out if you eat more whole foods, foods high in fiber and less processed food you will naturally lose weight without actively dieting.   Each chapter ends with a short bulleted summary of the chapter which is nice to reinforce the information.  You learn about what are good fats and bad fats, what are whole foods, how to read food labels and more.  My favorite part was the recipes.  I was wondering how to incorporate things that flax seed into my cooking, when to substitute Greek yogurt for regular yogurt and how to substitute in whole wheat flour.  I am definitely going to have to try out the calzones recipes as I love those and yogurt parfaits are a staple in my breakfast menu so finding a way to beef up the health factor is a definite plus!

This is definitely a handy little book to have around if you need a refresher on healthy eating or want to get a quick overview of the basics, don’t go in expecting a weighty, in depth tome about nutrition though.

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