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Bloggiesta Status Check

January 21st, 2011 by Debbie's World of Books

I’ll be updating my status here of what I’ve accomplished through out the weekend.  I don’t know how many hours I’ll be able to squeeze in with the kiddos around but I’m going to try my best!  Here was my original list of To Dos:

  • Since I’ve started having a back log of reviews to post and have been pre-scheduling them I’ve been bad about linked my links to my Books read in 20xx.  So I want to go back to 2010 and make sure my Books read in 2011 reviews are all linked upDone! I’ve linked up all my reviews.
  • I have a few ideas about posts I have been wanting to write so I’m going to get at least two of those done.- Wrote one of my posts and scheduled it for February.
  • I have to write my review for The Unexpected Son by Shobhan BantwalDone and scheduled for next month.
  • Look into a plugin to make my site mobile due to some requests for thatDone!  So happy and hope this plugin works out.
  • Debating if people would be interested in me expanding my Book events in the Bay Area to cover what conferences are coming up.I’ve heard about like ALA, BEA, RT Con, LA Book Festival, etc.-Done. New page here. Let me know if any conferences in your area!
  • I wanted to get a new Who Would You Pick post up for the Iron Fey books (Ash vs. Puck)
  • I have to put together a CSN Stores postDone
  • I’m sure other things will come up as I work

What wasn’t on the list but I added?

  • I started to weed out my Google Reader and usubscribe from some blogs
  • I’m looking into having a custom template designed
  • Installed an SEO plugin and updated a few of my scheduled posts
  • Updated my pages so that my books read in 2008, 2009 and 2010 are all moved under one heading in my top tabs

My update for Saturday

Definitely not as much time to work on the blog today but got a few things done:

  • I wrote up one review for my other blog, Munchkin’s Book Journey.
  • I cleared all my review books off the floor and dresser in my baby’s room so we can build the crib. I also pulled out 47 books to find new homes for from my shelves and about 10 more from my 3 year old’s shelves.
  • Submitted the form for the ARCs float on project to find new homes for my ARCs
  • Contacted someone about creating a new look for my blog
  • Going through my back log of email
  • I created a page that listed some of the larger book conferences taking place in the US this year.  Hoping to find other ones closer to me that I can swing by.
  • Got my email inbox down from 277 unread emails to just 3. Woo hoo!  Go me!  Now I just need to keep on top of it.  It’s sad that I actually found one unread email from the last bloggiesta!
  • Thank goodness for Twitter & Bloggiesta folks who pointed out the trends section of Google Reader. So I got my reader down from almost 300 subscriptions to 232. I removed all the inactive ones and now need to go through the rest.

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  1. Laura @ I'm Booking It

    Wow! I’m impressed with everything you’ve accomplished. Congratulations!

  2. Marie

    Wow! You’ve got a lot done. Good Job! Keep it up.

  3. Michelle

    Looks like you’re making excellent progress!

  4. Amused

    Looks like you are making some serious progress on that to-do list! Nice work!

  5. Madigan

    Sounds like a very productive weekend! Congratulations on getting so much accomplished. I’ve been plugging along and I’m posting my wrap-up tomorrow.

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