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If You Could Be a Greek Deity?

March 24th, 2011 by Debbie's World of Books

I recently finished reading The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan both of which deal with the Greek gods.  Mythology has always fascinated with me but it has been a long time since I’ve actually read anything about them.  The way the gods are portrayed varied widely between the two books and it got me thinking about if I could be a god which one would I pick.  Maybe Aphrodite so I could be beautiful and have men falling at my feet?

Having been shy and over weight for most of my life that would something new.  Or maybe Artemis, the goddess of the hunt?  It would be nice to be athletic instead of having two left feet.

Or the awesome Athena who is the goddess of not just wisdom but also of warfare, strategy and reason.

Or would you want to pick a more esoteric deity?  Did you know there was a muse of erotic poetry, Erato?

Then there are the Furies like Tisiphone who is the avenger of murder. Or why not even Poseidon?  I think being god over the seas would be totally awesome.

If you could be a god which one would you choose?

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6 Responses

  1. LunaMoth

    It would be difficult to choose! Maby Iris, goddess of rainbows or Hecate goddess of magic. Then again, eternal beauty is tempting..

  2. Bibliotropic

    Funny enough, I don’t think there are any Greek deities that I really relate to. A few from other pantheons (I have a great love of Sarasvati, for example), but nothing from Greek or Roman pantheons

  3. Meredith

    I’m very bookish and I love the water (specifically, the ocean) so I could see myself being some kind of Athena / Poseidon hybrid.

    (Of course, as Percy Jackson/Rick Riordan taught me, this would mean that one half of me would hate the other half. That would probably get complicated.)

  4. Pam

    Athena popped out of Zeus’ brain completely battle ready. She is so my deity.

  5. Jaime

    I’m with Pam on the Athena thing that is just awesome, I could also see myself as Hecate I love magic :D

  6. Rebecca Enzor

    Apollo for sure! God of the sun, music, healing and prophecy, plus he was known as a pretty good lover ;) (you know, when he wasn’t chasing down nymphs and raping them as they turned into trees, but that wasn’t really his fault…)

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