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The Four Ms. Bradwells by Meg Waite Clayton

April 11th, 2011 by Debbie's World of Books

Source: Book tour

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Publication date: March 22, 2011

Summary from

Meg Waite Clayton’s national bestseller The Wednesday Sisters was a word-of-mouth sensation and book club favorite. Now the beloved author is back with a page-turning novel that explores the secrets we keep, even from those closest to us, and celebrates the enduring power of friendship.

Mia, Laney, Betts, and Ginger, best friends since law school, have reunited for a long weekend as Betts awaits Senate confirmation of her appointment to the Supreme Court. Nicknamed “the Ms. Bradwells” during their first class at the University of Michigan Law School in 1979—when only three women had ever served full Senate terms and none had been appointed to the Court—the four have supported one another through life’s challenges: marriages and divorces, births and deaths, career setbacks and triumphs large and small. Betts was, and still is, the Funny One. Ginger, the Rebel. Laney, the Good Girl. And Mia, the Savant.

But when the Senate hearings uncover a deeply buried skeleton in the friends’ collective closet, the Ms. Bradwells retreat to a summer house on the Chesapeake Bay, where they find themselves reliving a much darker period in their past—one that stirs up secrets they’ve kept for, and from, one another, and could change their lives forever.

I am sad to say this was a DNF (did not finish) book for me.  It sounded like such a great book and right down my alley but I just could not get into it.  I think it may have been more of the mood I was in whenever I tried to read it more so than the book itself.  The book alternates from the point of view of the four women and at the beginning before you really get to know who each woman is it was quite confusing keeping track of who was “speaking” and putting characteristics to each woman.  The story also just dragged for me so I finally had to put it aside.  That said I am keeping it on my shelf because I do want to give this book another try.

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4 Responses

  1. Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours

    I’m sorry this one didn’t work out for you but maybe it IS a timing thing – that’s happened to me before. Usually when I go back to the book at a later time (and in a different frame of mind) I enjoy it much more. Hopefully that will happen with this one!

    Thanks for being on the tour.

  2. Laura @ I'm Booking It

    I remember you were having trouble with this one– sorry it didn’t work out :-(.

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