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Swagbucks=Free Amazon Giftcards

May 25th, 2011 by Debbie's World of Books

First off I have to apologize for being so absent here but things at work have been crazy and there are a few upheavals going on at home.  So since I don’t have a book review for today I thought I would share something I have discovered in the past couple months.  Swagbucks!

I saw Swagbucks mentioned before but never really checked it out until someone I knew kept talking about the free Amazon gift cards she was getting to buy books with.  With my husband being out of work for so long and money being tight I was all for anything that helped feed my book buying habit.  So here is how it works.  You can either use their website or download their toolbar and basically perform web searches using their search engine.  Periodically you win “swagbucks” and you can redeem these for different things.  One of the items being Amazon giftcards.  For every 450 swagbucks you earn you can get a $5 gift card.

How long it takes to earn these vary widely.  I know people who earn them over a couple weeks and those over a few months.  Since around April until today I’ve earned enough points for 5 giftcards.  I don’t spend a whole lot of time earning Swagbucks but that’s enough to make it worth it for me.

Edited to add: I just saw if you sign up and use the promo code MEMORIALDAY you will get 80 SBs to start!

Easy Ways to Earn Swagbucks

Daily Five

This is the easiest way to earn swagbucks (SB) each day.

1. Open a new browser window = 1 SB

2. Answer the daily poll question = 1 SB

3. Go to the NOSO page (you can choose skip for everything) = 2 SBs

4. Go to the Trusted Surveys page (don’t even have to do anything other than go to the page) = 1 SB

So if you just do these 4 things each day you can earn over 100SBs a month


Typically you can earn SBs on searches 2-4 times a day.  Once you win I don’t bother doing another search for awhile.  It doesn’t even have to be a “real” search.  If I go to Facebook I’ll type “Facebook” into the search bar, deliberately misspell something and then click on the suggested search term, etc.  Each search “win” usually gives me 7-11 SBs.   Occasionally you can win 20-50 SBs for a search but it hasn’t happened too often for me.

Every Friday is Swagbucks Friday which means you have a greater chance of winning more SBs while searching.


This one requires a little more effort.  If you follow the Swagbucks blog you will occasionally see swagcodes.  You just type these codes into the Swagbucks home page and it gives you anywhere from typically 4-8 SBs.


You can invite others to sign up and you can earn SBs if they are relatively active.

Surveys, Tasks, Special Offers, Games

These are all additional ways to win SBs but I find them more time consuming so don’t usually bother.  Of course it’s where you can earn a lot of SBs so if you have free time or enjoy the games they have then you should check them out.

So that’s it.  If you want to sign up I’d appreciate if you used my referral widget up above. I am glad I finally signed up and now have a way to buy more books :)

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  1. We Heart YA

    One of our group is a SwagBucks member already, and even she didn’t know about the Daily 5! Thanks for the tips!

    There’s also a thread at where SB-ers help each other out, and a couple different Facebook Groups, we think.

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