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Trace of Fever by Lori Foster

July 8th, 2011 by Debbie's World of Books

Source: Received for review

Publication date:  May 31, 2011

Publisher: HQN Books

I give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars

Summary from

Undercover mercenary Trace Rivers loves the adrenaline rush of a well-planned mission. First he’ll earn the trust of corrupt businessman Murray Coburn, then gather the proof he needs to shut down the man’s dirty smuggling operation. It’s a perfect scheme—until Coburn’s long-lost daughter saunters in with her own deadly plan for revenge.

With a smile like an angel and fire in her eyes, Priscilla Patterson isn’t who she seems to be. But neither is the gorgeous bodyguard who ignites all her senses. Joining forces to plot Coburn’s downfall, Priss and Trace must fight the undeniable heat between them. For one wrong move, one lingering embrace, will expose them to the wrath of a merciless opponent….

This is my second Lori Foster book and I wasn’t sure if it could impress me as much as When You Dare so I went in without many expectations.  I was surprised that I did enjoy this book almost as much as When You Dare.  I loved Trace.  He was your typical alpha male, sexy, full of testosterone but still with the soft, caring side that he shows in the way he spoils his baby sister and protects those who need that protection.  He played the part of the undercover operative perfectly and I loved seeing him in action.  Murray was the perfect slimy, bad guy that you will love to hate.  He made my skin crawl just reading about his escapades and behavior towards Pris even knowing that there is a chance she’s his daughter.  I have to say one of the best parts of this book (besides Trace!) is that we see Chris, Dare’s assistant, again.  I said it before and I’ll say it again.  I love Chris!  He’s so hilarious, good looking and sounds like so much fun.  Pretty sounds like the perfect BFF.

The main downside for me and what kept me from saying 5 stars is Priss.  I couldn’t quite wrap my head around who she really was supposed to be.  First she comes off as this kick ass, ultra observant woman who can hold her own in regards to physical defense, brains, weapons and secret operations.  Then she turns into this naive but still mouthy innocent who seems to make the dumbest moves you can imagine and has to rely on Trace to save her.  Then next thing you know she’s back to being miss la femme Nikita again.  It was almost like watching two different characters and it made it really hard for me to like her.  I would love a strong, smart kick butt heroine and I can get the naive, running into danger and needing to be rescued damsel but it just rubs me the wrong way when you have a female character who is supposed to be smart and strong doing such dumb things.

Despite Priss I still really liked this book and now am eagerly waiting for the next book that tells Trace’s sister, Alani’s story.

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