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End of Year Cleaning/Organizing Part 2

December 23rd, 2011 by Debbie's World of Books

So here is update number 2 on where I stand with my end of year cleaning/organizing goal.  If you missed part 1-toy cleaning, organizing children’s art work, paper shredding, cleaning the kitchen counter & book shelf culling, check it out here.

Hallway Closet…

Since money has been tight I turned to couponing to cut back on costs and that led to building a stockpile of things we use on a daily basis at a fraction of the cost I normally would spend and we are pretty set right now. Of course that led to a massive disaster in our hallway closet that I needed to organize so I knew how much of each thing we had left so I would know what to buy or not buy.

I loved these baskets and even unearthed some craft supplies I haven’t used since before my two kids were born to create the labels.

Once that half of the closet was organized I felt I just had to do something with the other half.  I didn’t realize that between the towels I had, the towels my husband brought with him when we got married and the towels my parents gave us meant we had a mountain of towels and sheets.  So I purged a bunch (I know it may not look like it) and set those aside for donation.  I also wanted a way to store my fitted sheets more nicely.  I remembered Martha Stewart having a method but when I watched her video I was so lost.  So of course I turned to and found this video that made it much simpler:

[iframe 420 315]
And voila, the other half of the closet:

I really wish I would start remembering to do before shots as you probably can’t tell what a massive improvement this is.  But look at the bottom left!  Those are the much more neatly folded fitted sheets.  Woohoo!

Gift Wrap Station…

Another problem area after I inherited all of my parents gift wrap/Christmas wrapping collection was having everything in a central location and knowing what we had.  Finally I found a use for this really odd closet left over from when the previous home owner moved the furnace up into the attic space.  So I consolidated all of our wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper, bows, ribbons, etc. into it.  My dad also build some extra shelving in for me and I used the coat rack pole to store more ribbons.  On the door is a shoe organizer I had laying around that I put smaller random gift wrap items in each pouch.  The multi-layer box on the first shelf is made up of 3 flat rate priority boxes that I taped together and covered in left over paper to make it a little prettier(thanks to this pin on Pinterest for the idea!).  I divided the different sized Christmas gift bags into each box.

Cleaning the Bathroom…

I normally clean the bathroom once a week but one thing I have never been able to get rid of is that built up soap scum on the shower glass doors.  I’ve tried scrubbing bubbles, CLR, etc. but finally decided to give this vinegar/Dawn solution I found (where else?!) on Pinterest a try. You basically warm up some vinegar, mix it with equal parts of the blue Dawn and put it in a spray bottle.  The comments on the pins made it sound like a miracle cleaner and while it didn’t make my shower doors look like new I was amazed how much better they look!  I can see the contrast between the majority of the doors where I used it and the small part where the two panes overlap and I didn’t use the cleaner.  I think I will spray some more on and leave it overnight and see if that gets rid of the lingering soap scrum build up.  The smell also wasn’t too bad considering you use vinegar.

Cleaning the cars…

I also decided to tackle our car and van insides again.  I cleaned the van last month when I had to pull out the two car seats and wash those but figured it wouldn’t hurt to do it again.  I pulled out the big shop vac to really get a good vacuum done and was amazed how much crud there was around the seats, underneath and in the trunks.  I swear the crumbs the kids leave alone made it look like a disaster area.  After than I closed all the sliding doors of the van while I was inside and saw all the stains and milk splatter marks that they left on the inside of the doors that I never see since I’m normally in the front seat.  All of that got wiped down and I love how clean the car and van feel now.

And a few new recipes…

And since Pinterest has dominated this post as a source of suggestions I also had to mention a few recipes I tried that were big hits.

Baked sweet and sour chicken (I loved this recipe!  My four year old wasn’t a fan though.)

Roasted Broccoli (The pin’s description said “the best broccoli of your life” so I had to try it. Sure enough everyone loved it and my four year old even gave it a yummy in my tummy belly rub.)

Christmas Crack (this has been all over my bargain board lately so I had to try it since I already had all the ingredients. Way too addictive!)

All of these recipes were amazingly easy and quick to make.  I also threw together a fried rice and this put together this was dinner last night.

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  1. Jenn

    Whoo-hoo! Fantastic job. So this is how you’re spending you vacation ;) I’m also definitely trying the chicken recipe.

  2. Debbie's World of Books

    LOL. I know, fun right? I couldn’t stand the mess and clutter any more though. Hope you like the chicken recipe.

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