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Something a little different: Kids Table Set Review

January 8th, 2012 by Debbie's World of Books

I mentioned before the holidays I was looking for additional seating and table space for my kids and their friends to read, draw and play on.  I ended up ordering this table set:

This is my third time ordering from Wayfair(formerly CSN stores) and sadly unlike the two previous times I was not completely happy with what I got.  The table and chairs were cute but for such simple pieces they were surprisingly hard to put together.  The chairs were similar to the kids chairs I got from Ikea and where those took maybe 10 minutes to put together I spent at least 20-30 trying to put these together.  Part of the reason was the quality wasn’t the greatest so the pieces didn’t always quite line up correctly and when I did get the screws in there were gaps in the frame.  My father ended up drilling new holes in one of the chairs so it would be easier to put together.  The table wasn’t as bad and once put together the set looked great.

I was hosting a play date a few days later so I was exciting to see how the kids liked them.  We used some cardboard boxes to build a “bus” and the chairs were their bus seats.  We ran into our second problem during the play date.  While the green slats were nice to look at they were attached with a  little bit of glue and nails that were too short.  So one of them kept coming off and left two nails pointing upwards.  Fortunately it was my son trying to sit there and his diaper kept the nails from poking him.  We ended up using more screws to keep that slat down.  I think if I had to choose again I would choose something with a solid base.

Once we fixed up these few problems they did make a nice addition to the play room.  The extra seating was really helpful and the table height and chair height matched well with our existing table and chairs.  Not to mention not one single fight between the kids over who got to sit where since they liked all of the chairs.

All in all a nice table set but for the price it was not the quality I would have expected.  Especially compared to the bookshelf I ordered for my son here and the one I got for my daughter here.  Those were so easy to assemble and are still holding up well under use by two toddlers.

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  1. Cherry Mischievous

    I think the fact that there wasn’t a fight because they liked all the chairs sounds like a real bunos! :)

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