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Counting Down to the Hunger Games Movie-Cover Wars

March 11th, 2012 by Debbie's World of Books

So who is excited about the release of The Hunger Games movie?!  Crazy question I know.  I wish I could go see it opening night but unfortunately my husband doesn’t know what his military schedule will be like so I’m not sure I’ll have someone to watch the kids.  Sad.  But that doesn’t diminish my excitement.  So in the meantime I thought why not take another look at the book covers from different countries.  Which ones are your favorite?

The Italian one is kind of weird. It makes me think of vampires and I don’t like that the Swedish cover basically recycles the same image for all three books. I like the German covers but of all of them I think the Chinese covers are my favorite.

Country Hunger Games Catching Fire Mockingjay
 US  The Hunger Games  Catching Fire  Mockingjay
 UK Hunger Games UK Catching Fire UK Mockingjay UK
Japan Hunger Games Japan
Russia Hunger Games Russia 1 Hunger Games Russia 2 Catching Fire Russia Mockingjay Russia
Germany Hunger Games Germany Catching Fire Germany Mockingjay Germany
 Sweden Hunger Games Sweden Catching Fire Sweden  Mockingjay Swedish
 Italy  Hunger Games Italian  Catching Fire Italian
 China (ETA: it was pointed out to me these are the Taiwan covers. Thx!) Hunger Games Chinese Catching Fire Chinese Mockingjay Chinese

I found the covers from various sites so check them out to see more covers:, Nerd Fighters, The Reading Fever, The Girl With a Book, and A Myriad of Books.

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5 Responses

  1. Kailana

    I have been seeing the movie covers around. I am always happy to have read books before they get the movie covers.

  2. Grace Elliot

    I noticed in Waterstone’s window at the weekend (in the UK) that the covers have been reworked and look great. I dont think they’re shown here – a more slick version of the Mockinjay symbol with flames et.c

  3. Debbie's World of Books

    Kailana-same here. My husband was just saying he didn’t like the new movie cover.

    Grace-I’ll have to check it out. There were so many awesome looking covers that I could have kept going on and on :)

  4. levin

    Dear Debbie, but the “Chinese” edition are not from China. They are actually from Taiwan. See here

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