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Under the Same Sky by Genevieve Graham

April 13th, 2012 by Debbie's World of Books

Under the Same Sky by Genevieve Graham

Source: Received for review

Publication date: January 3, 2012

Publisher: Berkley Trade

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars

Summary from The year is 1746. A young woman from South Carolina and a Scottish Highlander share an intimacy and devotion beyond their understanding. They have had visions of each other their entire lives. And yet they have never met.
Now, with their lives torn asunder, Maggie Johnson and Andrew MacDonnell’s quest to find each other is guided only by their dreams—and by the belief in the true love they share.

On the Carolina frontier Maggie Johnson’s family struggles to survive. Maggie’s gift of “the sight” and her visions show her a presence she calls Wolf. She watches him grow from a boy her age to a man even as she goes from child to woman.

Andrew MacDonald has always wondered about the girl he sees in his dreams. He is able to talk to her through their thoughts and vows that even if he must cross an ocean he will find her. They are thrust into different situations: Andrew fights for the doomed Jacobite cause and Maggie is captured by slavers, then rescued and brought into a kind, loving Native American tribe. They each believe in destiny and the power of the love they have shared forever.

I am a huge fan of historical romances, especially those that revolve around the Scottish Highlands.  When I was approached about reviewing this book I was immediately intrigued because although Andrew MacDonnell lives in the Highlands, the heroine, Maggie, lives across the ocean in South Carolina.  I was unsure how the romance was going to progress and what was going to finally bring the two of them together.

For those expecting just a fluffy, light romantic read be prepared because there is so much more to this book.  The beginning actually contains quite a few brutal moments as Maggie and her sisters are kidnapped, raped and suffer numerous other horrific experiences before they are rescued by members of a Cherokee tribe.  I will admit some moments actually brought tears to my eyes but it made Maggie into so much more of a complex character.  Graham doesn’t gloss over how harsh life on the frontier can be, especially for women with no male protectors.  Maggie has never had an easy life and we get to see how she’s learned to adapt and grow stronger to overcome the obstacles she encounters.  I loved reading about her time spent with the Cherokee and seeing how she comes to realize how different they are from the stories she was told that painted them as inhuman savages.  My only wish was to have learned more about how the rescuers happen to come across Maggie and her sister and what motivated the Cherokee to rescue the sisters.

Andrew is just as wonderful a character as Maggie and he too has a tragic past that makes my heart break for him.  As I was reading I was hoping that we would have a chance to see more of his family, especially his brothers, and I am excited to see that Graham’s next book is about one of Andrew’s brothers.

For a book in which the two main characters are separated by an ocean for a majority of the book I am impressed by how well Graham built the relationship between Andrew and Maggie.  I knew the two were destined for each other but the journey to finally find one another is so well done that I enjoyed each step along the path and I let out a sigh of satisfaction when the book ended.

Sound of the Heart by Genevieve Graham

Sound of the Heart, the second book from Genevieve Graham, is due out May 1, 2012 and I already have it on my wish list.

You can connect with Genevieve at:

Her website

Twitter: @GenGrahamAuthor


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3 Responses

  1. Genevieve Graham

    Thank you, Debbie!

  2. April Books & Wine

    I agree, Graham did a great job building the relationship between the two and I feel like that’s hard when you can’t rely on physical things and have the two characters falling in love an ocean apart.

  3. Carrie at In the Hammock Blog

    definitely not a fluffy romance, this was intense!

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