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Thirteen by Susie Moloney

April 25th, 2012 by Debbie's World of Books

Thirteen by Susie Moloney

Source: Received for review

Publication date: March 27, 2012

Publisher: HarperCollins

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars

Summary from “Desperate Housewives” meets “The Witches of Eastwick” in this novel about a woman who returns with her teenage daughter to her childhood home, not knowing that she’s stepped back into a community run by a group of witches.

I really dislike giving books this low a rating especially since for the most part I am pretty good about pre-screening books so I am choosing books that I am likely to enjoy at least to some extent.  Sadly, it took several tries to even finish this book and I never came to really enjoy it.

None of the characters really grabbed me other than the dog, Old Tex.  Truly, he was the only character that I felt for and wanted to shed a tear for at the unfairness of the life he lives.  I found Paula to be a really weak character.  Granted she is being influenced by magic and Marla was her former best friend but really.  Paula’s daughter was more bearable but she did come across as somewhat bratty even though she is right about most things.

I definitely got the feeling of Desperate Housewives from the rest of the characters but the style of writing left me feeling confused a lot and honestly I still don’t understand why they felt the need to bring Paula into their coven/group/whatever instead of just recruiting some other random woman.  It seemed like that was their previous mode of operation.  I’m not sure if it was because Izzie was feeling vindictive after Audra tried to break away.

This book really just left me feeling confused, unsatisfied and the ending seemed really random.  Sad to say there wasn’t much I could find to like in this book.

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  1. Carol Wong

    Thank you for your honest review. I have to tell you that I was hesitant about wanting to reading this book from the moment I saw the cover. It gives me the creeps. I am glad that you said that you said that you could only like the dog! Thank you again.

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