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Blog Tour & Giveaway: A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster

May 3rd, 2012 by Debbie's World of Books

A Perfect Storm by Lori Foster

Source: Received for review

Publication date: March 27, 2012

Publisher: Harlequin

Series: Book 4 in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars

Summary from He never saw her coming…

Spencer Lark already knows too many secrets about Arizona Storm, including the nightmare she survived and her resulting trust issues. But in order to expose a smuggling ring—and continue avenging his own tragic past—the bounty hunter reluctantly agrees to make Arizona a decoy. Yet nothing has equipped him for her hypnotic blend of fragility and bravery, or for the protective instincts she stirs in him.

Arizona wants to reclaim her life, which means acting as bait to lure the enemy into a trap. Sure it’s dangerous, especially with a partner as distractingly appealing as Spencer. But as their plan—and their chemistry—shifts into high gear, Arizona may discover there’s an even greater risk in surrendering her heart to a hero…

Every time I finish one of Lori Foster’s books in the Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series I can’t believe it was just as good as the previous book.  I don’t know many authors who have this many hits in a row without missing a stride.  So when I was asked if I would like to participate in the blog tour/scavenger hunt for A Perfect Storm I eagerly said yes!

We first met Spender Lark and Arizona Storm in Savor the Danger and I know I was certainly eager to hear more about their backgrounds and how their relationship would develop.

Despite her past traumatic experiences Arizona is still an amazingly strong woman who has learned how to defend herself and has channeled her fear and anger into hunting down human trafficking rings.  She is also extremely smart and practical knowing when she needs backup so she turns to Spencer for help in her latest mission.  As expected there are fireworks sparking between Arizona and Spencer and the sexual tension is so thick you could practically feel it leaping off the pages at you.

I loved Spencer’s character and he is cut from the same mould as the previous heroes-Dare, Trace and Jackson.  He’s fiercely protective of Arizona but also accepting of who she is and the fact that she is just as capable as he is when it comes down to hunting down these human predators.

We see more of Dare, Trace, Jackson and my favorite Chris!, Dare’s friend and go to guy, in this book which is just the icing on the top of the cake.  The story is the perfect blend of action, humor and of course romance and is quite possibly my favorite book in the series.

If you have not started this series yet you really should!

Scavenger Hunt

I’m happy to be part of this awesome tour and scavenger hunt that between March 26 and May 5th will reveal the first chapter of A Perfect Storm excerpt by excerpt across a number of blogs! Go to BookTrib for the full schedule with links to all the blogs

Read the latest excerpt…

She took a step back, then another. Arms loose, bare feet braced apart, she prepared to fight.

After everything that had happened to him in the past three years, his heart should have been encased in ice. Until Arizona, it had been.

Now, around her, everything felt as raw as a fresh, hot wound.

“You trust me,” he pointed out.

She shook her head. “I don’t trust anyone.”

Slowly he stood and took a step toward her. “Yes, you do. You don’t want to, and I understand that. I really do. But that’s no way to live and you know it.”

Stop by for the last piece of chapter 1.


Thanks to BookTrib I have a copy to giveaway to one lucky reader.  All you have to do is leave a comment with your email address so I can contact you.  Open to US and Canada residents.  Ends May 18, 2012.

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12 Responses

  1. debbie

    I love the cover. I would really like to read this book, it is on my TBR list.
    [email protected]

  2. Kelly

    I would love to win. Can you read this book without reading the one prior?? thanks for the giveaway!
    delivery.RN at gmail dot com

  3. Debbie's World of Books

    Kelly-you can read it w/o reading the prior one but you will miss some background about how they met and the other characters. The story itself is standalone though. The entire series is awesome.

  4. Kristy

    This has to be my favorite cover from the series so far. I really need to dig out the book before this one from my TBR pile so I can be all caught up before reading A Perfect Storm. Thanks for the giveaway!

    kliu107 (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Kelly

    Thanks. I guess I better get reading then. So I can catch up to everyone else!! Thanks for following up to me!!

  6. Victoria Zumbrum

    I would love to read this book. It sounds very good. Please enter me in contest.

  7. bn100

    The book sounds good. Thanks for the giveaway.


  8. Danni

    I can’t wait to read the newest book in this series. Loved all the others.


  9. Chris

    Love Lori Foster!! Read everyone of her books!! She is great; keep em coming Lori, you never disappoint your readers!!!

  10. Cindy Simon

    I love a ll the books . I am very excited for a new one .

  11. cherie

    I have read them all and can’t wait to read this one. I love all her work.

  12. Anita Yancey

    I love Lori Foster’s books, and this one sounds really good. Please enter me. Thanks!

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