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Pin It and Do It Update #2

June 11th, 2012 by Debbie's World of Books

Pint It and Do It Challenge

I am usually pretty good about taking pictures of the kids activities from Pinterest but not so good about the recipes I try so a lot of the food ones are from the original blog posts.  Here is the update of what I’ve tried since my last update:


Chicken Adobo: It wasn’t bad but my daughter didn’t like it.  I’ve been noticing if a recipe has vinegar in it then it’s pretty much guaranteed she will not eat it.  So doubt we will be having this one again.

Chicken Aodobo

Man Pleasing chicken: With all the rave reviews of this one I had to try it but no one and I mean not even my garbage disposal husband who eats anything didn’t like it.

Man Pleasing Chicken

Another chicken recipe: I loved this one!  My 4 year old ate the chicken but not the breading and the husband didn’t care for it. I thought it was tasty and so moist!


Spicy Korean Chicken: OMG, this was really good but so spicy!  And seriously this isn’t even sort of spicy, it’s burning your mouth, get me a fire hose spicy and I normally love spicy food.  Even my Korean husband who can take anything said I should cut back on the red pepper next time.  I had added extra water to make it a little more soupy because I love the Korean tofu soup.  I tossed in some tofu and the husband tossed  some of the rice cakes into his as well.

Spicy Korean chicken

Veggie Nuggets: My kids love McDonald’s chicken mcnuggets and I swear I’ve tried almost a dozen nugget recipes to try and find a healthier alternative.  So far no luck so if you know of a good one, preferably baked, not fried, please let me know!

Veggie Nuggets

Kids Activities

Dinosaur eggs: my daughter had a blast with this one.  I made the eggs and it took 2-3 days to dry and then I buried them in her sand box to let her go digging for dinosaurs. Here’s my full post about this activity.

Dinosaur Eggs

Tape Road and Counting: My 4 year old loved helping to make this and my 22 month old loved driving his cars along the “roads” but they weren’t really into the counting and following the road.

Tape road


Kids Books

You’re Finally Here by Melanie Watt: we love her Scaredy Squirrel books so I was eager to read this one to my 4 year old.  Honestly she never really got into it and we only read it once.

You're Finally Here by Melanie Watt

A Boy and His Bear by Sean Bryan: this was another one that looked cute but my daughter just didn’t get into it.

A Bear and His Boy by Sean Bryan

So over all I thought I totally rocked the Pinterest challenge.  How did you do?  Or do you have any related activities to suggest?

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