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Virtual Book Display #2: Let’s Kick Some Butt!

July 18th, 2012 by Debbie's World of Books

During ALA 2012 I attended a session about Teen Advisory Boards (TAB) and one activity that was mentioned was handing out color copies of papers with a bunch of options for possible book displays.  The book display categories didn’t necessarily have to be about a specific topic like vampires or werewolves.  Sometimes they were books that all had trees on the covers or books with a certain dominant color on the covers.  The librarian presenting said sometimes the displays that were not genre specific were more successful because there was a wide variety of books on display for people to choose from.

I loved the sample handouts they gave out showing the covers from several categories they let their TAB vote on.  Since I don’t presently work in a library and can’t do my own book displays I figured why not do virtual book displays?  There are so many gorgeous covers for so many awesome books.

Last week was Lady in Red covers and today is Let’s Kick Some Butt covers or in other words books with some kind of weapons portrayed on the cover.  Some of my favorites are on this list and the covers are true to the stories having strong heroes and heroines within them.



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