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Authors Are Rockstars Featuring Melissa de la Cruz! Plus Giveaway!

August 7th, 2012 by Debbie's World of Books

Authors Are Rockstars 2012

When I read about this awesome tour that Fiktshun and TwoChicksOnBooks organized my jaw literally dropped reading through the list of 96, yes I said 96!, awesome authors who are participating.  You can see the full list of blogs that are hosting these rockstar authors here.

There was no doubt I wanted to participate but trying to pick just four authors that I would love to host was almost impossible. It was like asking to choose your favorite child.  After making the agonized choices and and waiting to see if I would be picked to host I squealed in excitement to see I would be hosting:

The AMAZING Melissa de la Cruz!!!

She is the author of the awesome Blue Bloods series, Au Pair series and many more must read books.  Melissa was gracious enough to do this interview for the tour so please give her a warm welcome.

Q. We think authors are amazing. You are our rockstars. Do you have an author or authors that you look up to or are inspired or amazed by?

A: As a kid I loved everything from Dr. Seuss to A.A. Milne, graduating to Anne of Green Gables series, Little Women, Sweet Valley High, Stephen King, Anne Rice. I used to read all the time, even at parties. I always preferred reading above doing anything else. My parents, who read for pleasure, just by having tons of books in the house, and reading and buying popular fiction–Sidney Sheldon, Harold Robbins, were a huge influence. From them I learned that reading was something fun. I also was lucky enough to have wonderful English teachers who encouraged me to write, in elementary school, high school and college. My Sophomore English teacher was the first person to tell me I would be published one day. He had huge faith in me.

Q. You have had quite an extensive background working as a fashion and beauty editor and writing for numerous publications. What made you decide to become a novelist? Had you always wanted to write books or was it a passion that developed later? And what was the first story you’ve ever written about?

A: I was a freelance writer for all those publications and it was great to write for all those magazines–it’s a tough industry to crack, and I feel honored that I have contributed to all of these publications that I read avidly. I think I was in first grade when I was conscious that writing was what I wanted to do. I’ve never really wanted to ‘become’ anything else. And it’s a wonderful experience–having your childhood dreams come true. It really is. It makes you feel like anything is possible in the world. My first story? I remember I story I wrote in high school which I really enjoyed writing. We had an assignment to write a sci-fi short story. My story was about a guy who destroyed the world – he had put out some kind of virus that was going to kill everyone on the planet except for the girl he loved (he gave her the antidote). The girl he loved wouldn’t have him – she said she would date him ONLY if he were the “last man on earth”. So he made it happen! And his name was Adam. Adam and Eve. Geddit? I really thought I was ever-so-clever when I was a teen.

Q. What is your favorite part about being a novelist? Is it creating the characters or world? Is it being able to get lost in your imagination? Or is it something else?

A: My favorite part of being a novelist is working my pajamas, having my own hours, falling in love with my characters, escaping to a different world, having writer friends who understand what you’re going through. Basically everything is awesome. Of course there are the bad times like when you are stuck or frustrated with your story or just the pressure of a career fulfilling certain expectations begins to wear on you, but I find that when you have real writer friends–they are the ones who save you. They cheer your victories and sympathize with your losses. I feel very very lucky.

Q. You’ve written contemporary and paranormal novels for both adults and young adults. Which type of story and which audience is your favorite to write for? Which book has been your favorite to write? Which was your most challenging? And which is the character you most relate to?

A: I love to write the fantasy stories, those are the most fun. Blue Bloods was a huge blast, the entire series just entertained me while I wrote it. My favorite book that I wrote was Masquerade because it came straight from the outline and I had no idea if it was good but I didn’t have time to revise it and it turned out to be pretty perfect. Sadly that’s never happened again. Most challenging, probably Misguided Angel. It was hard to write after my dad died. The character I most relate to is Mimi. I never get what I want, and she doesn’t either! LOL!

Q. Your Witches of East End books for an adult audience contains characters from your young adult Blue Bloods series. Was it always your intention to cross over the Blue Bloods?

A: Yes, that was always intentional. After going on tour and doing all of these events and book signings, I realized that my fans from the Blue Bloods series were growing up! I wanted to cross over into an adult series and I thought that the Witches would be a good place for that.

Q. For fans of your character Kingsley, can you tell readers if he has a happy ending?

A: Ha! You will have to read to find out.

Q. For the many fans of Oliver Hazard-Perry can you tell readers if his character was inspired by someone you know?

A: Yes, by my best friend and my biggest crush in college. Sort of a combo of the two.

Q. It may be a long shot…but can you reveal any hints about what’s to come in Gates of Paradise?

A: Nah. Except all the secrets are finally revealed and it’s pretty awesome to get it all out there.

Q. If you had to describe your Blue Bloods series in ten words or less, how would you describe it?

A: Family Secrets. Vampires. History. Romance. Adventure. Teenagers. New York. Fallen Angels.

Lightning Round and This or That Questions

Phobias? Dark places, Abduction, Late flights. Late trains. Basically when people I love are late, I fear the worst.

Favorite Superhero? X-Men. Cyclops probably, he’s cute.

Favorite Desert? Anything chocolate. A soft spot for souffles.

What’s the last novel you read? Gone Girl. So good!

Favorite TV show? Game of Thrones.

Vampires or Werewolves? Vampires of course.

Young Adult or Adult? YA

Contemporary or paranormal? Parnor-mel.

Mortal or immortal? Immortal.

Love triangles or soul mates? Soulmate triangles?

Happily ever after or happily never after? Hmm Would give too much away.

Thank you so much Melissa for taking the time to answer our questions!  I am super excited for Wolf Pact and Gates of Paradise to come out.  And though I’ve already stated just how awesome Melissa is I am even more convinced of her awesomeness because her favorite superheroes are the X-Men (total fist bump here!) and if you have ever been to any of her signings you know she has the best taste in shoes. :)

Find Melissa online at: Twitter | Website | Facebook


Since I love Melissa’s books so much and I hope you are a huge fan as well I’m going to be giving away a copy of the sequel to Witches of East End, Serpent’s Kiss, that just came out in June! Sorry that this is open only to US residents but I’m out of work and have limited funds right now.

Serpent's Kiss by Melissa de la Cruz

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  1. Rachel

    Another awesome stop on the tour. Love your enthusiasm for Melissa de la Cruz. She is really awesome and I love her writing and books!

    Thank you so much for hosting this rockstar author and being a part of the tour! Loved the answers to the interview questions too!

  2. Veronica De Luna

    Melissa de la Cruz is one of my favorite authors! Great interview and thank you so much for the chance to win her latest book!

  3. Readers Confession

    Great giveaway and interview! :-)

  4. Emmalee Giantomasso

    Thanks for the giveaway, I loved the first book!

  5. Patsy Hagen

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  6. Lisa Garrett

    I have never read any of her books but would love to.

  7. Lili

    Melisa De La Cruz is, without a doubt, a literary rockstar and genius! I love her (: And I think that Serpent’s Kiss wins an award for one of the most gorgeous covers I’ve seen in a while!

  8. Patricia

    Awesome Q & A, Debbie & Melissa.

    Debbie, I know what you mean about having to pick just four. All of these authors are so amazing!

  9. Ginny

    “Phobias? Dark places, Abduction, Late flights. Late trains. Basically when people I love are late, I fear the worst.”

    I am like that with emergency vehicles going in the direction of my home or family’s homes…I always think it’s going there! lol

  10. PamM

    Wonderful stop. I loved her series.

  11. Melody

    Great interview and thank you for the giveaway.

  12. Jessica T.

    Gosh this woman is pure genius. Blue Bloods is one thing, but her ‘Witches’ series is even better. Love you Melissa! >_<

  13. Candice Duffey

    I just started reading Melisa De La Cruz works not to long ago, so far they are wonderful! I would love to get a copy of Serpent’s Kiss as it looks absolutely enthralling!

  14. Fhrancel

    7 books later I still can’t get enough of the series though I know it will end with the next book.

  15. Holly

    Great interview! Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Alba @BookPics

    This interview is awesome…
    Best line?

    “Love triangles or soul mates? Soulmate triangles?”

    BWAHAHAHA talk about dodging a bullet!!

    Thanks for the interview you both!!!!!
    And I’m so excited I’m discovering so many new blogs to stalk with this blog tour!!!!!! >.<

    [email protected]

    PS: I have never read anything by her but I own Blue Bloods… can't wait to start it!!

  17. Kassandra Fuentes

    I love Melissa De La Cruz, and I can’t wait for this book!

    Great interview, and thanks for this amazing giveaway

  18. Amanda

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  24. Carrie A

    Definitely sounds different than the BLue Bloods!!

  25. Bookluvr Mindy

    I <333 Melissa too! I haven't read the first one yet & I'm not going to enter this giveaway because I'll just purchase it myself and let someone else have the opportunity to get it. :)

  26. sarah l

    Great interview! I hope Kingsley gets his happy ending! I can’t wait for Gates of Paradise to come out. And I look forward into starting her other books as well. Melissa is so talented!

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    Awesome interview!

    And thanks for this giveaway!

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  35. Malina

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  37. bn100

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